Am I A God? Chapter 1021

“Ah?” Zhao Yao wondered: “Duel?”

Lao He: “Let’s take a look at the Internet. Everywhere you are saying that you have to fight with Black Phoenix. What is going on?”

Zhao Yao hung up the phone and went online to search for news of himself and Black Phoenix. Immediately there was a big push of news in front of him.

“Shocked! Two of the strongest apostles agreed to a war? Is it for her?”

“Black Phoenix challenged Zhao Yao, the scientists did not dare to announce the truth. Ma Yun stayed after seeing it.”

“The most beautiful apostles are popular, netizens call: Super Wu Yanzu.”

“Super Wu Yanzu?” The floor under Zhao Yao’s feet shattered a bit, and some unhappy continued to look down.

“The reason for the war is that Zhao Yao is afraid that Black Phoenix will continue to grow?”

“The world’s number one throne has finally been challenged!”

“Black Phoenix and Zhao Yao! Who is the strongest apostle?”

Zhao Yao went on and watched the news that he and Heihuang had to fight duel everywhere on the Internet, but it was clear that Heihuang and he himself did not have any speeches, and many media and media from the news were not optimistic about him.

“Rely, don’t say that I am handsome, even if I still look down on my superability?”

Zhao Yao contacted the doll and asked: “Help me check it out. The news that said that I want to fight with Black Phoenix is ​​exactly where it came from?”

In an instant, the doll returned to Zhao Yao news.

After Zhao Yao opened, he discovered that it was a Weibo that could eat the king of the melon. It broke the news that Zhao Yao and Black Phoenix had already fought.

“Exploding a big melon, according to the latest news in the circle, Zhao boss has been unable to sit still.

The hh (black phoenix) rushed up the momentum too much, and now the apostles who are more powerful in the circle are not willing to touch him. Even Zhao boss is afraid to see hh grow up again, and decided to start with strong. ”

“Listening to the recordings of all aspects and the descriptions of friends, the most crucial thing about the situation of the two people is that both sides refuse to bow their heads. One feels that the world is the first, everyone must give him face, and the other feels I have strength, why can’t I go.

Several big sisters have been persuaded to persuade, and they are not allowed to move. You will wait to watch the war. ”

Zhao Yao swept a few microblogs sent by the other party, and found that he was a marketing number, specifically relying on the so-called breaking news to attract attention.

Zhao Yao thought in his heart: ‘Since I broadcast live, the superability has completely appeared in front of people, and everyone’s attention to superability has also increased. ‘

There is a degree of attention, and naturally there is a flow of interest, just as the public pays attention to the entertainment industry. With the public’s attention and curiosity about the super energy world, various matching news, reports, breaking news, super net red, etc. Waiting for his own business.

Naturally, for Zhao Yao, who has always been considered the strongest apostle, and now the most popular apostle, Black Phoenix, their gossips are naturally forwarded wildly.

Just as Zhao Yao looked at it, the doll sent a message: “A group of guys who make money by speculation, breaking news, and enthusiasm, need me to hack their accounts?”

Zhao Yao frowned. “Don’t seal your account and continue to check their true identity. I have to see who is so bold and dare to black me.”

“Tell me their address.”


Huadu, in an apartment.

A middle-aged man looked at the data on the computer screen and said: “The amount of forwarding has exceeded one million! Hahahaha, let’s get fired!”

A young man with glasses on the side said with some worries: “Is it really good to say that we are? Zhao Yao and Black Phoenix will not come to retaliate against us?”

“What are you afraid of?” The middle-aged man sneered: “At most, is it a lawyer to tell us? Can he still come to the door? It is best to hit the door, it is big news.”

The middle-aged man analyzed: “With their strength and status, we must consider a lot of every move. How can we specifically target us? And as long as we have a little brain, we know that we are rumors, forwarded, believed, or seen. It’s not a big deal, it’s just a fool, it’s all insignificant.”

The glasses youth worried: “But I heard that Zhao Yao’s mind is very small, and his revenge is very strong. Should he not use the super-ability to deal with us directly?”

“Congratulations, you got it.”

The two turned their heads and saw Zhao Yao, who was drifting in the wind with a black robe, coming in slowly from the window.

Zhao Yao looked at the two and said: “Which broke the news, did anyone tell you?”

“Zhao…Zhao Yao?!!” The middle-aged man snorted a little, then immediately said: “You don’t want to mess around! I am being monitored by 24 hours here. If you come to chaos, I will expose you immediately, let you go. Hot search!”

Zhao Yao smiled slightly, and the palm of his hand waved gently. The Space Gate on the side had already slammed into it and directly took the two men into the stomach pocket.

The two came to the stomach of the Diyuan stomach. When they saw it, the first thing was that the green and yellow eyes were looking at them.

Seeing hundreds of cats watching themselves, both of them were nervous.

Middle-aged shouted: “Zhao Yao! You are kidnapping! It is illegal detention! I want to sue you!”

“Abduction?” Zhao Yao smiled into the Space Gate and watched the two men say, “You are not willing to kidnap if you volunteer. Come…” He clap his hands and say to the cats on the side: “Feed him. Eat it.”

The middle-aged man was shocked and the next moment he was held down by Ares’s exclusion field. He watched a cat come up and shouted: “You can’t…hey…”

Zhao Yao glanced at the middle-aged man who had a good time, and looked at the glasses and looked at the young man: “Who made you black on the Internet?”

“No…no one.” The glasses man was nervous: “It’s the king’s brother who wants to make a position, all of which are compiled by us.”

“Ah?” Zhao Yao looked at the two incredulously and asked the sheriff on the side: “Is it true?”

The sheriff said: “He thinks the same as he said.”

Zhao Yao looked at the middle-aged again and waved his hand to stop the movements of the cats. He asked, “Are you editing?”

The middle-aged man snorted and spit out the stolen goods in his mouth. He said with anger: “Zhao Yao!! I am not finished with you!!”

“Not finished?” Zhao Yao chuckled, and the Dragon Slayer knife hanging around his neck shook gently. Zhao Yao touched the blade: “I saw it, my Dragon Slayer is eager for blood.”

After a moment, two people with fear on their knees squatted on the floor. Zhao Yao sat on the sofa in front of them and repaired his nails with a dragon knife. He said, “The next Weibo, will you send it?”

The middle-aged man quickly nodded and said: “I know that we know, we must blow you hard…”


Feeling the air seems to be condensing in an instant, the middle-aged man quickly said: “We must seek truth from facts, have one to say one, objectively and fairly evaluate your handsome and powerful.”

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