Am I A God? Chapter 1022

Zhao Yao nodded and said, “What to say, don’t be stressed. Right, that black phoenix gave me… dead black.”

In his heart, he said: ‘If you keep your popularity and attention, it will be too much trouble to come out every time. If you have a bunch of marketing numbers and the water army, it is not bad. ‘

He and the doll said: “Next, you will cooperate with him, give him a billion-dollar repost, 5 billion praise, and the list on the list will be given to me, giving me the second place at least a thousand times. ”

On the other hand, when the middle-aged man looked up, he found that Zhao Yao had disappeared.

Outside the house, Zhao Yao contacted the doll: “Where is that black phoenix?”

Doll: “I am looking for…”

Zhao Yao: “Ready the camera, I will broadcast it later.”

The doll strangely said: “Ah? Why do you want to broadcast live?”

“Crap.” Zhao Yao said with conviction: “Don’t broadcast live, what do I mean if I beat him? How is it famous? How do you force it?”


On the other side, in a villa in California, USA.

“Haha, it’s really inexplicable.” A long-haired youth lay on the sofa and flipped the phone and said, “Suddenly, the news that Zhao Yao and Zhao Yao are going to fight is everywhere. I am even more angry in China.”

A blonde girl on the side said: “Would you like to really challenge Zhao Yao? Anyway, whether you win or lose, your popularity will grow again.”

Black Phoenix shook his finger and his mouth tilted slightly: “No hurry, wait for my ability to strengthen a little and then challenge him. Since you want to fight, you have to win, what will you lose?”

As he said, he turned to look at a cat outside and said, “Yes, Oliver?”

The cat screamed, behind him, and three cats were lying on the sofa, sleeping like a lazy face.

These four cats are the source of confidence of Black Phoenix. Each of them has the power that Black Phoenix cannot imagine, and it can be said that he completely broke his understanding of superability.

It is also with their assistance that Heihuang began to challenge the strongest players, and even had the ambition of Zhao Yao.

The cat blinked and said to the other three cats: “Why don’t we attack the seal world directly? When will this wait?”

The giggling on a blue cat said: “Direct attack on the world of seals is tantamount to fighting the consciousness of thousands of people, and Zhao Yao is in Manipulation, even if we are also suffering.”

The four cats in front of me are giggling and the three companions he has come to. They came to Earth to deal with, Zhao Yao, robbing the world of seals.

However, once I played against Zhao Yao, I realized that Zhao Yao is not an opponent that can be killed casually.

And according to the information they collected, Zhao Yao seems to have mastered the seal world and is still operating.

So giggling is not going to hit the world of seals, and Zhao Yao is hard in it, but intends to find each other in the real world. Four cats besieged Zhao Yao together, and after taking the other side, they will recycle the seal world.

However, after Zhao Yao hides his identity, they have not found it for a while.

So simply use the black phoenix to lead Zhao Yao, ambush Zhao Yao.

A white cat said: “I have already controlled several guys to spread the public opinion online, but this Zhao Yao has not come to find the black phoenix, are you sure he will come over?”

Another Black Cat said: “As the strongest of the entire original planet, in general, the volume will be much higher than ordinary people, he may not find the black phoenix for this matter.”

“No.” Glucked affirmatively: “This little gas… selfish… shameless bastard, he will definitely find it.” He sneered: “But he must have thought that there will be four of our powerful cats ambushing in black. Beside the phoenix, after he appeared, our four cats shot together and he lost.”

The four cats are full of confidence, and the black phoenix on the side is equally confident: “This Saturday won the British speed of speed assassin, my ranking should be able to enter the top three, and I will continue to adapt to this power, I will not be long before Conquer Zhao Yao.”

“But the victory over Zhao Yao is only the beginning. With this power, I can completely control the governments and become the emperors behind the earth.”

Just as black phoenix and giggles are full of confidence, imagining a bright future.

Above the villa, Zhao Yao stood in the Space Gate and slowly moved into the villa.

He looked at the black phoenix first, then looked at the four cats on the sofa.

“lv29, lv25, lv20, lv23.” Zhao Yao’s eyes swept over the heads of the four kittens: “Ideology? Where are the four alien cats? The lv on the head is so bright, and I am also wearing a earth cat?” Is it because you want to ambush me?”

Zhao Yao moved the Space Gate and walked back and forth from the four cats and the black phoenix.

“Fortunately, the cat prince dress absorbed the skills of Mai Mai Dad, and broke your back.” While talking, Zhao Yao had already stopped.

In a still world, lv49’s consciousness spread out of the Space Gate and filled the room.

Dimension blockade!

When time passes again, the conscious dimension of the 100-meter radius has been temporarily blocked.

Zhao Yao, who has the ability to stop the time, did not consider the hidden things at all. The consciousness of lv49 was released without any scruples, and the reaction of the four cats was detonated in an instant.


With a burst of meowing, the four cats want to start the dimension shuttle, but just after the body dissipates, they change back.

“Good conscious!”

“Who is blocking with dimensions!”

Black Phoenix felt a strong pressure to fill the space, but he still did not understand the level of consciousness and dimension to block such skills, saw the panicked four cats, and quickly asked: “What happened? What happened? ?”

After the dimension blockade was imposed, Zhao Yao came out of the Space Gate and said to the four super-powered cats: “You four are short-haired cats? Why come to the earth?”

Glancing at Zhao Yao in front of him, I felt the amazing pressure from the other side. Something incredulously said: “How is it possible? You are Zhao Yao? How can you have such a strong consciousness?”

Zhao Yao sat directly in the sofa in the living room: “I am asking you, replied, or don’t blame me.”

The blonde girl on the side shouted: “Zhao Yao!? What do you want to do?”

Black Phoenix blocked the blond girl and looked at Zhao Yao and asked: “Zhao Yao, the rumors of the duel don’t matter to me, you are looking for the wrong person, and now leave my home immediately!”

Zhao Yao was completely ignorant of the two, just looking at the giggles, the nose twitched slightly, the consciousness around the four like a tentacle swept over the body of the four cats, and finally looked at the giggling: “You give me I feel a little familiar… giggling?”

Glucked and said: “Zhao Yao! The taste of your body is also familiar. This is the consciousness of other cats of short Maozong? Are you relying on other cats of short hair?”

The other three cats also changed their face. If a short-haired cat who is stronger than them occupied the earth and accepted Zhao Yao, they would not be able to do it.

Zhao Yao’s gaze moved: “What about it? I don’t think you are dead, but come with other cats, how? Want to take back the seal world?”

The appearance of Zhao Yao and the four cats, in the eyes of outsiders, is a mutual view, without a word.

Seeing to look at the cat, I didn’t bother to answer my own Zhao Yao. The black phoenix couldn’t help but say: “Zhao Yao, are you listening to me?! Immediately leave my home immediately, or I…”

“Shut up.” Zhao Yao gently pointed to the black phoenix, and the exclusion field had blocked the other’s mouth, then wrapped his body and pressed him directly on the sofa: “Sit well, not yet. you.”

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