Am I A God? Chapter 1023

“This guy!” Black Phoenix felt like his body was pressed by a mountain, and it was difficult to move with a finger on his body.

However, Black Phoenix did not give up, but launched the super-ability that he is proud of.

The consciousness of lv18 broke out directly from his body. Although he could not borrow the power of 100% of the alien cats, it was enough to make him stand out from the super energy world.

Distortion of consciousness! Black Phoenix wants to directly control the body of Zhao Yao.

But when he tried and tried, and defeated the apostle’s ability to launch on Zhao Yao’s body, it failed for the first time.

If you manipulate a famous human being and act as an apostle, it is as easy as breathing and drinking water. Now, after the ultra-ability is applied to Zhao Yao, the feeling of inoperability seems to be driven by one’s own strength. The same as the entire planet.

Ability has been blocked directly, and it is impossible to break through the super resistance of lv49 consciousness.

“You!” Black Phoenix looked at Zhao Yao with horror. He was the first time he encountered such a situation and made him feel overwhelmed.

Zhao Yao turned his head and looked at the black phoenix. He just felt that the other person seemed to show his ability to him, so he directly extended his index finger and gently pointed it out.

The force that is enough to break the steel bar is transmitted along the repelling field to the black phoenix. The latter’s neck is slightly smashed and has been completely smashed.

The power of the black phoenix scatters into the tide, feeling the world that is gradually darkening, and he feels a trace of incredible.

“I’m dying?”

“Just like this… dead?”

“He is like this… kill me?”


“Abominable… hateful and hateful…”

In the endless fear, Black Phoenix felt completely dark in front of his eyes, and eventually became nothing.

Zhao Yao waved his hand, and as soon as the Space Gate moved forward, he ate the black phoenix into the stomach pocket of the yuan. He said to the cats in the stomach pocket: “Take this guy to the front of the door of eternal life, wait. I’ll come over.”

The blond girl on the side saw the black phoenix being killed, and then suddenly disappeared in front of everyone. She screamed and looked at Zhao Yao with a look of fear. She saw Zhao Yao’s face impatient, pointed out directly, and stunned. The girl.

“Well, now we continue to talk about us.” Zhao Yao looked at the four cats and said: “It’s hard for you to come all the way, but as you can see, this planet already has the Lord.”

Giggle nervously at Zhao Yao: “Who is the cat behind you?”

The other cat said: “The sense of consciousness makes the cat very familiar.”

The white cat said: “It must be our short-haired cat. The dimension is blocking this kind of thing, but it can be learned casually.”

“Which short-haired son is here?!”

After seeing a few cats brains and scaring themselves, Zhao Yao couldn’t help but smile and said: “Yes, it’s smart, it’s already a short-haired son, my strength. And skills are his gifts.”

The short-haired son is gray, which is the last time Zhao Yao went to learn the dimension blockade to find the cat, although he did not even see the other side, but did not prevent him from pulling the other side’s flag.

“It turned out to be gray!” Glancing on the faces of the four cats, all flashed a burst of fear.

Zhao Yao said in the heart: ‘This gray name looks quite good. ‘

His eyes kept sweeping through the giggling body. Among the cats, he was most interested in giggling. After all, the other side was the cat that made the seal world in the past, representing the knowledge of the other country. This is one of the things that Yao Yao wants most now.

Giggle and the other three cats glanced at each other, the heart sounds spread wildly with each other, and a paragraph of private chat continued to brush the screen.

“The gray ash turned out to be here?”

“Does this guy also secretly set up a country of consciousness?”

“Crap, the top few short-haired sons, who don’t have their own country of consciousness? Because the country of consciousness is too strong, they are not allowed to set up a country of consciousness for other cats.”

“These saints above form a deterrent with the country of consciousness, and the following saints naturally have to look for opportunities.”

“Let’s sneak away, it’s not good to get rid of gray.”

“In case he wants to destroy our mouth, it will be bad!!”

Giggle cautiously said: “Since the gray ash adults are here, we naturally dare not rob, there is nothing we will leave…”

As said, the four cats immediately jumped off the sofa and ran outside the house, trying to escape from the area blocked by the dimension and quickly fled.

But Zhao Yao naturally wouldn’t let them escape so easily, and the palm of his hand would be lightly pressed, and the majestic power of the mountain would have passed through the exclusion field and pressed on the four cats.

“Wait a minute, you four are gone, there are two cats? When will he hide on the earth?”

“And?” giggled, and quickly said: “We have come to us four times this time, except for us, no other cats come… if any, it doesn’t matter to us.”

The so-called other two cats are naturally ZAO Yao’s giggles, looking at each other’s eyes, Zhao Yao thinks that the other party is really the four people.

Then Zhao Yao said: “When you come to these four kittens, you want to snatch the country of consciousness? Hey, who are you cheating? Let’s talk, who is the cat behind you, who is secretly supporting you? ”

Giggle constantly shook his head and said: “No, except for the four of us…” When it was halfway through, the giggling reacted instantly.

‘If I said that only the four of us know…’

Looking at Zhao Yao in front of her eyes, the other side squatted like a black dead air, constantly entangled with them.

‘If you say so… we might be killed by him. ‘

The tail slowly hangs down, and Zhao Yao, who is giggling in front of her eyes, said, “Well… this planet, we have told Feifei… He knows we are coming.”

When I heard the giggles, the other three cats glimpsed, and the next moment they all reacted. Is this intimidating the other party?

Zhao Yao frowned. If Xiao Maozong really has other cats who know the earth and the country of consciousness, it is really troublesome.

‘You can only temporarily shut them down. The most important thing is to see if you can get the knowledge of the country of consciousness from this guy’s mouth. ‘

Zhao Yao’s eyes glanced, his eyes filled with greed.

After thinking about it, he pointed out that the silver skill Frost Dragon started, turned into four white light and directly hit the four cats in front of him.

‘Dimensional blockade is impossible to maintain 24 hours a day, and there is only one place on the earth where you want to lock the four cats. ‘

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