Am I A God? Chapter 1024

Watching their thoughts temporarily freeze, Zhao Yao stood up and took out four game worlds from the Space Gate and put them on four cats. Then they lifted the dimension blockade and turned on the game console. The cat’s consciousness was all sent to the seal world.

When the giggling of the four cats was working again, they found themselves in a small house.

They feel that their bodies are completely suppressed by the forces filled with the heavens and the earth, and they cannot move. It is the power of the seal world.

Zhao Yao walked out with a smile and looked at it with joy and said: “Let’s have a chat today.”


“Quick stop!”

“Ah! I won’t be able to!”

Half an hour later, Zhao Yao walked out with enthusiasm, although not all of it came out, but he did get some knowledge of the country of consciousness from the giggling mouth, and then he should continue to ask all the questions. .

At this moment, the doll sent WeChat and asked: “What is the problem with the black phoenix? There are already people nearby.”

Zhao Yao thought about it. He just took the house away from him before he took the black phoenix.

So after a while, Zhao Yao came to the door of the eternal life in the depths of the snow-capped mountains. The black phoenix on the ground was almost frozen into a popsicle. Zhao Yao grabbed the other party and threw it into the door of eternal life.

After a while, the dark clouds rolled, and the resurrected black phoenix was spit out.

The black phoenix that fell to the ground was still full of fear of death. After a long time, it gradually reacted, raised his head and looked at the ice world and Zhao Yao in front of him.

“I… didn’t die?”

“what is the problem?”

“what happened?”

Zhao Yao said faintly: “Nothing, that is, you almost died, and then I was saved, it is as simple as that.”

Looking at Zhao Yao in front of him, the black phoenix at this moment has never understood before, and the gap between him and the other party has reached a point that is difficult to calculate.

Black Phoenix looked at Zhao Yao in front of him and asked nervously and frightly: “What do you want to do? If it is a challenge, I will never do that stupid thing…”

He looked at Zhao Yao and said in one word: “All you want to challenge your monster is simply an idiot.”

Zhao Yao smiled and reached out to the black phoenix that fell to the ground: “Be my son.”

“Ah?” Black Phoenix looked up and looked surprised.

Zhao Yao’s mouth is slightly tilted, making the camera that the doll is manipulating is more handsome.

He reached out and said again, “Be my son, black phoenix.”

The next day, Black Phoenix recognized Zhao as the father, and the video of Zhao Yao’s acceptance as a dry son spread throughout the network, completely breaking the previous anecdote.

In the next few days, Zhao Yao came to the dark room of the seal world from time to time, talking to the alien cats inside, chatting, especially from the giggling mouth to constantly set out the country of consciousness. Know how.

However, because of the variety of content, but also to worry about the true and false and verify, the progress is not fast.

As time passed, just as Zhao Yao took the time to study the knowledge of the country of consciousness, Elizabeth was also hung up to lv25, and Zhao Yao chose Bridget as the fifth super cat to be promoted to lv25.

Then, as long as Bridget is upgraded to lv25, the upper limit is broken, and Zhao Yao can finally continue to upgrade the level of Super Cat.

Compared to the power of the cat prince dress borrowed from the alien cat, Zhao Yao still prefers the super cats who signed the book on their own.

This morning, Zhao Yao was fascinating to think that today is the end of the month. Another wave of end-of-month settlement is coming. I don’t know how much experience I can get and how many rewards I have.

However, when he came to Frosty City and Mai Mai’s bedroom today, he saw a nervous wheat, and a red day, black sand dune and other cats with her expressions. slave.

Seeing the appearance of Zhao Yao, Mai Mai looked up: “Guangyu is coming!” She stood up: “Let’s go, the assembly will begin.”

Zhao Yao accidentally said: “Conference? What assembly?”

Mai Mai’s expression is rare and serious: β€œIt’s a war conference, and it’s going to fight again.”

Zhao Yao is even more surprised: “Hiccup?”

The red sun on the side snorted: “Do you even know this? Our short Maozong has been fighting Mao Zedong with Mao Zedong. The battle between the three parties has been intermittent for decades.

This time, after Mao Xiaozong took a rest for two years, he launched an offensive and the war came again. ”

“Oh.” Mai Mai sighed helplessly: “The most hated to fight.”

Next, Mai Mai took the people together to carry out the dimension shuttle. This time, he left the cat heart Satoor and went to another star in the universe.

Short Mao Zong, Wu Mao Zong and Chang Mao Zong ruled the different large stars in the Milky Way, and the cat star Satoor where Zhao Yao is now is also one of them.

And when Zhao Yao followed Mai Mai and returned to the material world from the dimension of consciousness, what appeared in front of him was a planet that looked broken and cracked, covered with magma, and on the outer side of the planet, one was crushed. Most of the moon is still shattering and still rotates around the planet.

“The war planet Heris, the base camp of Maoistong.” Mai Mai sighed: “Go.”

The next moment, a line of cats and people once again entered the dimension of consciousness, flying all the way. When Zhao Yao returned to the material world again, what appeared in front of them was a huge steel fortress.

The fortresses seem to be floating on the surface like the rolling mountains, and the scalp is numb.

In the void, Zhao Yao feels that countless violent consciousness is constantly sweeping the entire sky. Even licking their bodies gently seems to confirm something.

This is a planet that has been completely built into an armed fortress. It seems that Zhao Yao is also secretly taking a breath, and he is the first to see such a magnificent scene.

Mai Mai took the crowd and appeared in a huge entrance. Immediately, several short-haired cat slaves with armor greeted them.

“Is it a big wheat man? The meeting will start tomorrow, how many people should take a break?”

Mai Mai snorted and said: “Take us to our room.”

So then Mai Mai and the cat slaves once again shuttled the dimension of consciousness and have already arrived outside the room.

When Mai Mai and his party were about to enter, they slammed a palm from the wall of the room and grabbed a cat slave beside Zhao Yao. Then they slammed the cat slave and flew out. On the wall not far away, I saw the cat slave screaming and then fell softly on the ground.

The arm slowly took it back, and then a man squeezed his arm and slammed the wall and walked out. He looked at McMurray and sneered: “McMike, this is my coming from Mao Zedong.” What’s the new flesh, how do you feel?”

His eyes swept through Zhao Yao and others, and then looked at the cat slave who was seriously injured by him. He whispered slightly: “The quality of your new cat slave is really bad. I just helped you all to die. “And he said, he looked at Zhao Yao.”

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