Am I A God? Chapter 1025

Zhao Yao’s eyes swept over the man who suddenly attacked them.

‘The height is more than two meters five, the body is not strong, and the skin looks sparkling. It doesn’t seem to be the ordinary cuticle…’Zhao Yao’s heart is darkly calculating the details he saw: ‘just opened mouth Inside… It seems that there are a few long fangs… Is the tooth a weapon? ‘

‘This guy is obviously not an ordinary human, no hairy… use the flesh to fight…’

His gaze finally stared at the other’s head, which was a bright lv38.

‘Lv38’s consciousness? Sure enough, the short-haired Mao’s super-cat is very strong…’

The man seems to have noticed Zhao Yao’s gaze. He looked at Zhao Yao and said with a smile: “McMike, your cat slave looks a little unconvinced. Would you like me to help you with education?”

As he said, he stepped out and reached out his palm, as if he wanted to press Zhao Yao’s head.

“Pippi! Stop!”

The wheat and red days on the side will be blocked: “This is my cat slave, and you can’t take it for you.”

Just as the sword was arrogant, Zhao Yao’s mouth tilted slightly, and the big man in front of him suddenly laughed.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha … leather … Pippi?” Zhao Yao rubbed his stomach in one hand, pointed to the big man and said: “You all grow like this, called Pippi?”

He laughed and said: “Hahaha, laugh at me… No, it won’t work… This name is too stupid… You want to laugh at me…”

Mai Mai: “!” They secretly screamed in the heart: “Oops! Pippi hates being laughed at!”

Looking at Zhao Yao’s sneer, the muscles of Pippi’s body trembled, and a blue vein exploded from his head.


The intense white air spewed out of Pippi’s mouth and nose. His eyes flashed the bloodthirsty light. He looked at Zhao Yao with a word: “Kitten slave, hehe, you don’t understand what you did. What a wrong thing, I want you to…”

Mai Mai shouted: “Enough Pippi, if you dare to move my cat slave, I will tell Dad.”

Red Day stopped in front of Zhao Yao, watching Pippi quickly explain: “Phi Phi, this kid has become a cat slave soon, many rules do not understand, is a ignorant country boy, you do not want to be with him Counting.”

Red Sun looked at the Pippi in front of him with a cold sweat. Although his consciousness borrowed from the other’s father, he was even stronger than the other’s consciousness. But in the short Maozong or no Maozong, people can’t be cats. Shot.

Moreover, here is still the base camp of Mao Zong, the war planet Heris.

Once he is on the skin for the rescue of the light feathers, I am afraid that he will now be killed by other cats or people on the spot.

What’s more, even if the consciousness is stronger than the other side, in terms of the strength of the physical body that is stronger than the regular body, once the red day has a little action, it may be killed by the other party on the spot, and even the consciousness is too late to launch. – The distance is too close.

“Kill a cat slave.” Pippi sneered: “Does the father still blame me?”

As the atmosphere became more tense, and when the wheat and the red forehead had cold sweat coming out, Zhao Yao suddenly began to retreat.

Pippi showed a cruel smile: “I want to escape now, don’t you think it’s too late?”

β€œHey! It’s so stinky!” Zhao Yao licked his nose and kept going back. He looked at Pippi in front of him and said, β€œBig man, you are disgusting, peeing in front of everyone’s face, are you perverted? ”

Pippi snorted a little, then he felt that something was wrong. He looked down at his crotch suddenly. He didn’t know when it was wet and there was a big beach, and there was a smell of odor.

‘How can it be? ! ! ! ‘

‘When do I have urine? ! ‘

‘But there is really no one who has started with me. ‘

‘My five senses have locked them in, and absolutely no one in the presence has any unusual behavior…that is to say…’

‘I really pee pants? ! ‘

At this moment, Pippi, in the absence of any other possible circumstances, inferred the only possibility, and had to wonder if he was really urinating.

Seeing other people want to laugh and dare not laugh, strange and doubtful expression, seeing Zhao Yao’s face disgusting movement, Pippi’s blood rushed up, and the anger was madly exploding in consciousness.

“You kid! I want to tear you!” But the next moment, his face suddenly stiffened, could not help but press his own butt: “How is it possible?”

Zhao Yao smiled and pointed at Pippi and said, “Hey, big man, are you thinking about it now, how is it possible?”

“You!” Pippi looked at Zhao Yao with his eyes wide open: “Is it your ghost?”

“Hey, you don’t want to fall into a good person.” Zhao Yao waved his hand and said: “With your ability, it should be easy to observe that I have just stood here and haven’t moved. I am just from your movements. The new smell on the body, and the panic expression guessed…”

Zhao Yao pointed at the other side and said with a look: “You are pulling on the trousers!”

“Ah!!” Pippi screamed and rushed to tear the other side. As a result, his face changed again, and he looked incredulously at the inflated pants.

“How could this be?!” Pippi’s heart was arrogant: ‘Is it coming again? ‘

‘No…I can’t…’ Pippi’s gaze continually swept away on the faces of people who were surprised, puzzled, and ridiculed: ‘My eyes can see the flow of air, my skin is even the eyes of creatures. I can perceive that in just one minute, absolutely no one is close to me, and no one is conscious, but why…

‘Why am I going to be ass? Is it really my own? ‘

‘Not right… I obviously don’t feel… With this kind of physical sensitivity, even the visceral squirming can be clearly sensed. It’s really my words… It can’t be without feeling unless…’

Zhao Yao pointed to Pippi in front of her eyes and said, “Look at your surprised face. You are incontinent. Because of the relationship between severe incontinence, you can’t feel your own bowel movements.”

Pippi: “!”

Zhao Yao: “First, hey, then urine. Is it that you guys saw me scared?”

Seeing the other person’s anger, Zhao Yao smiled and said: “This strong body is incontinent. Is it a relationship between consciousness and physical dissonance? Is it really responsible for giving you this body person or cat?” Are you having problems now? Will you lose control more and more, will there be other problems? Will it eventually collapse completely?”

Upon hearing Zhao Yao’s analysis, Pippi’s face became more and more ugly. When he heard the last sentence, he violently changed his color and his body slammed. He had already smashed out like Lightning.

“Kitten slave, you give me a wait, come back to pick you up next time.”

Seeing Pippi far away, Mai Mai and Hong Ri were relieved.

Mai Mai: “Scared me to Guang Yu, but fortunately this guy’s body seems to have gone wrong.”

Zhao Yao smiled and said: “There is no problem with his body. I put dirty things in his pants.”

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