Am I A God? Chapter 1026

Red Day annoyed: “Don’t say it, do you know how lucky you are today? But not every time luck is so good, next time you don’t talk to me, offended the cat!”

Zhao Yao smiled and didn’t talk, but her heart was more alert to the power of alien cats.

The original short-haired ideology is already very difficult to deal with. If you have just the kind of body that transcends common sense, the strength is even more qualitative.

Then Zhao Yao and Mai Mai and others stayed in the room together, and Zhao Yao took the time to return to the world of seals again, and they kept talking about it, collecting information about the country of consciousness and the short Maozong and Maoistong. After all, Zhao Yao felt some urgency on the Star of War.

In the seal world, Diana and Ekaterina are both in the clouds in the sky, listening to the cry from the dark room, shaking their heads: “Zhao Yao, what happened? Time is getting more and more hard, it’s a fake Zhao Yao.”

Ekaterina said: “Maybe it is a middle-aged crisis, I am anxious. People who are almost 30 years old, haven’t gotten married yet, haven’t even a girlfriend, don’t trim their edges all day, and know that they are bullying cats when they are lying at home… Really perverted.”

Zhao Yao in the little black house snorted: ‘What do two silly cats know? Not because of these alien cats. ‘

Thinking about his hard work and hard work over the past six months, Zhao Yao feels angry, and the more he works, the more angry he is.

“I have to live in the creed of Laozi, and get something for nothing. I have to be forced to work hard every day.”

He grabbed the giggling in front of him, and the cat hair on the other side was a mad cut: “Not all of you guys!”

“Come on all the information you know, or cut off your eggs.”


One night’s accelerated dreams passed, calm, Pippi did not know where to go, anyway, never came to Zhao Yao.

After a night of hard work, Zhao Yao also learned a lot about the short Maozong, the Maoist, and the Star of War. The knowledge about the country of consciousness was greatly filled.

‘Quickly, according to this progress, if you have a day or two of work, I will be able to complete the analysis of the country of consciousness, and then I will be able to upgrade the world of seals. ‘

The next morning, after Zhao Yao returned to the room, the black sand dunes came up and asked him to come along and prepare for the meeting that began in the morning.

Walking in the steel fortress, Zhao Yao can see a large number of hairless cat slaves working as soldiers. Their heads flash in different grades, the low is only ten levels, high Then it is above lv20.

What makes Zhao Yao secretly surprised is the flesh of these hairless cats.

Almost all of them have a body that transcends common sense, and can even survive in space for a long time by virtue of the flesh.

The cat slaves in the entire war star are filled with superhuman troops.

“Sure enough, like the ones they said, the super-featured cats of Mao Zedong have the ability to strengthen the flesh, transform the flesh, and evolve the flesh. Their apostles, even if they have recovered the ability, are just not conscious, but still have Strong body.”

“And their conscious usage is different from that of the short Mao…”

At this moment, Zhao Yao looked at the short-haired cat slaves who were seen along the way, and his mind kept flashing the information that was said yesterday.

And short Mao Zong is good at using consciousness to carry out various distortions, control consciousness, and attack of attack consciousness. The consciousness of Mao Zong is only used to strengthen the body of the self.

After painstaking training, they reached a state called the unity of meaning and body. The consciousness was completely integrated with the body and never separated.

Their consciousness can’t be made, they can’t be used to attack, and they can’t make a sense of shuttle.

What is sacrificed by so many conscious characteristics is the strong, strong and terrible flesh.

After the combination of meaning and body, through the conscious force to feed on the flesh, their flesh becomes more and more terrible, and at the same time they have far superior resistance to the same level.

“It’s a super sandbag, a long, hard tank.” Zhao Yao said in his heart: “It will be more terrible than the body that Pippi manipulated yesterday.”

At this moment, it seems that the atmosphere is a bit dull. The black sand dunes on the side looked at the broken moon in the sky and asked: “The moon here is really strange. Why is this broken shape? It is encountered. What astronomical disaster?”

The red sun and the wheat are on the side.

The red sun smashed, watching the broken half of the sky, the moon floating in the sky in a fragmented state, whispered: “The moon is broken.”

“Crash!!” The black sand dunes looked at the moon in the sky with a shocked look.

The blue moon that followed the same side is incredible: “How is it possible? Actually… I have given such a big moon…”

The red day complex is complicated: “That was crushed by the Elvis Presley of the previous generation.”

All the people listened with surprise and shock, and the black sand dunes on the side asked: “The satellites of the base camp have been broken. Is it because the cats of Chang Maozong have come over?”

β€œNo.” Mai Mai said, β€œIt’s the battle between the two cats when they competed with the Mao Zedong’s generation of Elvis’ white dwarfs. The muscles of these hairless men, Any problem that wants muscles to solve is really hopeless.”

Seeing how many people were shocked, Mai Mai said: “You can see the battles of Mao Zedong a few times. The body of these guys is constantly evolving, the power is amazing, the super resistance, and the fight against the planet’s ecological collapse. It is a common thing.”

Zhao Yao, on the side, analyzed in his heart: “It is not only a powerful force to crush the moon, but also a huge body, a strong body, and the three are indispensable… Then, no hairy Cat……”

The exclamation sounded in Zhao Yao’s ear, and their location was covered by a large shadow.

Zhao Yao looked up and saw a huge black shadow standing on top of their heads.

It was a hairless cat with a body that was hundreds of meters long.

The giant cat emerged from the void, flew over the heads of the crowd, and then slowly landed on the square not far away.

Gently stepping on the ground directly caused a rumble of vibration, just like a careful earthquake.

The tail swept the air gently, and immediately picked up a gust of wind and blew it on the ground, sweeping through Zhao Yao’s hair.

β€œlv…70?” Zhao Yao looked at the giant cat in front of him, his eyes fixed on the other’s head, the alien cat he had ever seen the highest level of consciousness ever.

From the huge body of the other side, Zhao Yao felt an amazing power, energy and momentum.

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