Am I A God? Chapter 1027

β€œWanted!” Zhao Yao looked at the giant cat in front of him and watched the highest level of consciousness he had seen. He couldn’t help but stir up: β€œWant! I want this cat!”

Thinking about riding on, lying on, standing on such a big cat, Zhao Yao was excited.

“What happened to you?” Mai Mai first noticed the abnormality of Zhao Yao and looked at him curiously.

Zhao Yao quickly suppressed the excitement in his heart and shook his head and said: “Nothing, it is a little excited to see such a big cat.” He turned to look at Mai Mai and asked: “This cat is a hairless What about Elvis?”

“Of course not, it should be one of the eight giant cats without Mao.” Mai Mai said: “The Mao Zedong’s ‘white dwarf’ can be much more than him…” After thinking about it, she raised her hand. Stop the stroke: “A lot better!”

Zhao Yao asked curiously: β€œDo you double? Three times? Or ten times?”

Mai Mai heard the frown immediately, and constantly calculated the difference between the two in his mind. Finally, he said with a grin: “This is confidential! How can I tell you casually!”

Zhao Yao said in the heart: ‘This guy’s math is really bad, even the size can not describe it.

However, Zhao Yao is even more excited when he hears the information of the white dwarf star, but if you think about your current level, you need to work harder to catch those cats.

Then Zhao Yao followed Mai Mai and his party to a huge hall in the fortress.

The entire hall has no ceiling, completely exposed to the night sky, and the length of the large can not see the head, not so much as a temple is a huge square.

Just in this square, it has already been filled with super cats of different sizes and colors, and their cat slaves.

Zhao Yao’s eyes swept over a super-powerful cat and immediately saw countless LVs.

According to the information he got before, the participants in this conference are all important cats in the short Maozong and the Maoist. Most of the strengths are very good. A small number of dozens and 20s are probably like wheat. Mai has such a backing.

However, although all levels of super-powered cats can be seen, but the cats scored, Zhao Yao observed a little and found that before the meeting, the super cats who were present were basically together with the same level of companions. There are very few super-powered cats with huge differences in rank.

The next moment, Zhao Yao suddenly looked at him and saw the Pippi that he met yesterday. The other man manipulated the body of more than two meters five and stood with another super cat.

Zhao Yao looked at their heads, basically LV30 to LV40 cats or people.

It seems that I felt Zhao Yao’s gaze. Pippi turned his head and looked at Zhao Yao with a cruel smile. Then he turned his head and ignored Zhao Yao.

‘This guy is still vengeful. ‘Zhao Yao secretly said: ‘Listen to Mai Mai’s statement that this guy is his big brother, it’s really troublesome. ‘

Mai Mai stopped looking for a place and didn’t look for other super cats to talk. Instead, she held Zhao Yao’s arm and said, “Light feather! Today’s story hasn’t been told yet. Tell the story quickly. story!”

Zhao Yao had no choice but to tell the story of Mai Mai. While telling the story and observing the various cats and people in the hall, I quickly found some special places.

He saw several hundred-meter-long hairless cats squatting like a hill, his eyes turning, and communicating with his heart. The LV70 hairless cat that Zhao Yao saw before was in it.

On the other side, a few hairless cats about one or two meters long were on the ground, and they talked with heart sounds. Zhao Yao swept their heads, and they were all super sixty-seven.

There are other kinds of three-headed cats, eight-clawed cats, cats standing on two feet, and big cats covered with scales…

The physical capacity of Maoistong is not only simply becoming bigger and stronger, but in order to adapt to the evolution of different environments and different battles, it has also resulted in the appearance of super-cats with no hairs.

“I really want to grab it all.” Zhao Yao licked his lips.

As for the short-haired Mao’s super-cat, it looks very ordinary, most of them are the appearance of the earth pet cat, but it looks more spiritual.

Zhao Yao told Mai Mai a story for a while. Suddenly there was a roaring sound. Zhao Yao turned to look at it. Is a gray cat anxious about his family?

Then the cat’s screams rang out, and the super cats and cat slaves who had just talked in the hall in twos and threes had returned to each other, and each of them looked for a mother and became a family.

Mai Mai took Zhao Yao and they also came to their family.

Mai Mai dad stood in front, Pippi also stood not far from the wheat, and the white cat Yaxing that Zhao Yao had seen also appeared.

Seeing this cat that once killed himself, Zhao Yao gave a slight glimpse, and the level on the other’s head changed from LV30 seen before to LV25.

Zhao Yao secretly said: ‘Weakened? No, it should be hurt, is it related to the Cat Hunting Group? ‘

Then Zhao Yao looked at the side of Mai Mai’s father. A scorpion was gray underneath, his hair was shiny and shiny, and there was no trace of the hairy super cat quietly groaning. It seemed to feel nothing to all things around him.

What surprised Zhao Yao was the level of the opponent, LV72, and a super super cat.

In the introduction of the black sand dunes, Zhao Yao knows that this amazing gray cat is the strongest of the Mai Mai family. The grandfather of Mai Mai, the short-haired son, is also the gray cat. It teaches Mai Mai and Zhao Yao about the dimension blockade.

The strongest of the short-haired sects is the white-handed ancestor, who is theoretically the ruler of all the super-powered cats.

Under the white hand, it is the twelve super-powered cat family, and the gray-back family where Mai Mai is located is one of them.

It can be said that Bai Hand and the other twelve families control the fate of the entire short Mao Zong.

During the speech, a majestic consciousness spread from the void, as if the real pressure came to the body of all the cats in the place, the entire hall was like a sudden into the space of 10,000 meters of water, each A person feels that he is filled with omnipresent consciousness.

“This kind of power…” The Red Sun looked at the direction of consciousness: “It is the ancestor!”

With a burst of exclamation, a huge cat shadow emerged from the center of the hall, and the cat shadow flashed, turning into a gray cat lying on the ground.

It was an old cat with almost all gray hair on its body, only the limbs were covered with white hair.

The reason why it is said to be an old cat, because the other side of the light from the appearance, it gives people a temperament.

The gray cat on the body is loose and declining. The muscles on the face look slack and weak, and the head is filled with a touch of white hair. Only four white paws were fine and smooth, and seemed to be Luster white, but still could not cover the aging of the body.

Be aware that from a human point of view, it is difficult to distinguish the age of the cat from simple vision.

But even if Zhao Yao sees the appearance of this cat at the moment, he can detect the old state of the other party.

The gray cat in front of him is the leader of the short-haired ancestors, who lived in the flesh of the cat for nearly fifty years.

Zhao Yao first looked at his head.


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