Am I A God? Chapter 1028

When I saw this cat, Zhao Yao understood that this LV99 guy is definitely the strongest cat of the short-haired ancestors.

“Oops, it’s a feeling of heart.”

Seeing the white-handed ancestor in the center of the hall, Zhao Yao really wants to grab him into his arms and then squatting home and never letting go.

At the same time, a consciousness spread throughout the audience, all of them heard an old voice in their minds, the voice of the white hand ancestors.

“White dwarf, what about your cat? Everyone is here, when are you going to sleep?”

Accompanied by the words of the white hand ancestors, the entire hall suddenly quieted down and could not hear the slightest sound.

The next moment, a series of giant earthquakes came from the ground.

“What happened? Earthquake?” Zhao Yao frowned and felt a series of shocks coming from his feet. He suddenly looked up: “No, not an earthquake, a slight change in gravity.”

“The source of change…”

Zhao Yao looked up at the sky and saw the moon in the night sky. The originally broken moon began to turn, exposing the side facing the planet.

Then I saw the broken moon surface, occupied by an incomparably huge cat head, about two-thirds of the area.

The cat’s face slowly turned its eyes, and the huge erect gaze looked at the cats in the hall with incomparable indifference.

Zhao Yao looked at this scene with shock: “This guy… is too much?! Wait, here is the distance of the moon at least a few hundred thousand kilometers? That is to say, the consciousness of the white hand ancestors has just been broadcasted to hundreds of thousands of kilometers. outer?!

Isn’t this covering the entire war planet and the nearby starry sky? Itโ€™s not right, there is still a difference between coverage and spread, but it can convey the consciousness out of the distance of hundreds of thousands of kilometers… itโ€™s really abnormal.โ€

Many of the cats and cat slaves from the short hairs were also exclaimed. Most of them did not know the news that the white dwarfs have become so big now.

“What did the white dwarf guy do?”

“Have he eaten the moon?”

“So big body size, is it really physical?”

“His body structure at the moment is probably not purely physical.”

The next moment, I saw the moon on the forehead of the cat’s face undulating, like a hill uplift, then the hill gradually turned into the image of a hairless cat, then jumped into the direction of the hall.

This is the white dwarf star directly separated from his own little flesh and blood, turned into a avatar to attend the meeting.

After doing all this, the cat’s face on the moon slowly closed his eyes again, and seemed to sleep again.

โ€œDivided?โ€ Zhao Yao was shocked: โ€œBut this avatar is still too big? This size, this distance, is he going to kill someone at the place?โ€

But the next moment, I saw that the cat had a slight flash, and it disappeared directly into the night sky.

Immediately afterwards, all the cats felt black in front of them, and the entire hall was covered with a huge shadow. Zhao Yao looked up and saw an incomparably huge hairless cat covering almost the entire hall.

Zhao Yao was shocked and couldn’t help but say: “Instant movement? White dwarf has other superability?”

“It’s not another superability.” The red sun on the side said: “It’s a space leap, using the power to destroy the planet to squeeze time and space, folding space, and creating an instant movement.”

โ€œFolding space with physical strength?โ€ Zhao Yao looked at the giant cat in the sky with a sly look. โ€œThe planet with enough mass is able to oppress the space, but a cat… This is unreasonable. Yeah. ‘

At the same time, the giant cat in the sky twitched his head slightly, faintly said: “Still… too big…what…”

The next moment, I saw the flesh and blood of the giant cat twisted and undulating, then quickly contracted and became smaller, and finally turned into a tens of meters high and gently fell on the ground.

“No, it’s not the ground.” Zhao Yao stared at the other’s sole: “If that weight really falls, it will smash the hall, this guy’s foot…”

Zhao Yao can clearly see that the other’s body does not really fall to the ground, but a few meters away from the ground, floating on the ground, the body is surrounded by a wave of twisted lines.

Seeing Zhao Yaoโ€™s doubtful eyes, the red day on the side explained: โ€œThat is the white dwarf star who is using twisting time and space to reduce its influence on the surrounding environment.โ€

Zhao Yao looked at the red sun with a look of ‘I read less, don’t lie to me’, then look at the white hand and look at the white dwarf star.

Can be big and small, hard and soft, flexible and free, really a good cat.

Zhao Yao also understands that the physical strengthening of Mao Zedong is not simply strengthening, but adapting to the universe beyond the flesh.

The number on the white dwarf’s head is more terrible than the white hand, it turns out to be LV100.

However, according to Zhao Yao’s estimation, even if the white hand is dry but the white dwarf star, the conscious dimension shuttle allows him to fight back and fight, and it is more flexible to play. If you want to escape, the white dwarf’s ‘jumping’ is definitely too expensive, not so flexible, is not It is too likely to catch up.

At the same time, he saw the white dwarf star that had successfully landed, blinking his eyes, twisting his neck, half-squatting his pupil, and looking at the white hand without waking up.

“You are…” The white dwarf stared: “Who? Why wake me up.”

The white hand took a sigh of relief and quickly licked his paws to hold back his anger.

On the other side of the hill, the giant cat god ‘red giant star’ quickly came to the back of the white dwarf star. Zhang mouth said with a heart sound: “The boss, Chang Maozong has come over again. Today is the day of our war meeting with Xiao Maozong.”

The white dwarf star squinted, raised his claws and touched his ear, and said, “Ah?”

The white hand impatiently swayed the tail, and the heart said: ‘I have long called the Maoist-free guys not to rely on the fight to choose the boss. Sooner or later, he chose a mental retardation, and I was told. . ‘

The giant cat god ‘Red Giant Star’ behind the white dwarf star is embarrassed to explain: “Sorry, the boss may not have woken up yet, just for a while.”

“Well, what is good, I am not interested in wasting time waiting for him. Do you know how old I am this year? How valuable is my time?”

As he said, while he had already launched his consciousness, he saw the consciousness coming out and turned into a white dwarf.

Furious, insanity, coma, sadness, despair… A series of skills that disturbed the enemy’s emotions hit the white dwarf, enough to blow up the madness of ordinary people in the body of the white dwarf.

After this series of attacks, the white dwarf’s eyes slammed open, his face looked fiercely toward the white hand, and then slowly restored to calm, then squatted on the ground, tilted his ass, and stretched a lazy waist.

With a twist of bones and muscles, oh…the roar of the mountain collapsed throughout the hall.

The white dwarf shook his head and said, “Thank you, I am sober now.”

“Itโ€™s fine when you are awake.” The white hand said: “Now let’s talk about how to fight this time.”

The giant cat god ‘Red Giant Star’ on the side said: “The long Maozong offensive was very fierce. They launched an offensive against our fifteen planets, with more than seven sectors in the direction. The number of cat slaves exceeded three million. We must Take time to gather strength and counterattack.”


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