Am I A God? Chapter 1029

With the words of the giant cat god, his hill-like body undulating, the flesh of the back has turned into a huge star map, indicating the situation of the entire battlefield.

“They are not purely invading and looting this time. According to the news from the battlefield, the guys of Chang Maozong are building the airport, the star gate and the fortress.” The giant cat god ‘red giant star’ dignified: “They want to thoroughly The land occupied the planet that was hit.”

The wars of Maoistong, Maoistong and Changmao have been going on for decades. They have always stopped and stopped, looting the population, resources, or killing each other’s living forces, rarely occupying the planet, expanding The phenomenon of the site.

After all, the strength of the two sides is very close. Even if Mao Zong cannot guarantee that he can win all the time, he will rarely waste resources on the construction of the battlefield.

But now the construction of Chang Maozong has released a signal that he has to eat the planet he has hit.

When I heard the information from the red giant, many super-powered cats were frowning. This is not good news.

“This time, the scale of the war will be bigger than before.” The white hand said: “Everyone here is not spared…”

The sudden tough offensive of Chang Maozong made the short-haired and the Mao-free sects unprepared. The next step was to start counterattacks by Mao Zedong, and rely on the advantage of the dimension of consciousness to harass, delay the offensive and transmit intelligence.

Short Mao Zong takes time to gather strength and drive to the battlefield.

The twelve superpower families of the short Maozong were assigned to different combat sectors, and the Maimai family was also assigned a place.

However, after the internal family meeting, because Mai Mai and his men were not strong, they were not assigned specific combat missions, but were waiting as a reserve force.

Pippi sneered and said: “Father, if Mai Mai is not fighting, it is better to lend me his cat slaves to use it.” His eyes glanced back and forth on Zhao Yao’s body and smiled and said: “I I heard that he has a good qualification for a cat slave. Is it not a waste to stay with Mai Mai?”

Mai Mai looked at Pippi angrily and said with a red face: “My apostle is mine! You are not allowed to grab!”

Pippi did not look at Mai Mai, but looked at his father and asked: “Father and grandmother, the war is imminent, no precious power should be wasted.”

Mai Mai looked at her father with pity, and she was worried that Guang Yu was taken away. She didn’t have a story to listen to, no sanitary napkins were used, especially Guang Yu’s speech was so good, if Pippi refused to return. What should I do?

Zhao Yao can’t worry about Mai Mai. He just thinks about Pippi’s kind of malicious vision. I’m afraid it won’t be a few days. The other party will want to kill himself. When he happens, he will take him back to Xiaohei. Do you want to adjust your education in the house?

Mai Mai’s father showed his thoughts, and the tail behind him shook a few times and said: “Pipi said it’s good, Mai Mai, you don’t want to be willful, now is a war, victory is the most important, Guang Yu’s stay is a bit If you waste it, just lend him to me for a while.”

“Ah?” Pippi yelled: “Father, why…”

Mai Mai’s father gave him a glance and said: “Light feathers can withstand my ability. Isn’t it more useful to lend me than to lend you?”

Pippi bit his teeth and looked at Zhao Yao uncomfortably.

“But…” Mai Mai turned to look at Guang Yu. After all, the other party was a cat slave who had just received it. She did not receive training for too long. The loyalty was not as reliable as that of Red Sun. If it was too strong, it would be too strong. There is a certain danger.

‘So it is necessary to carry out a thorough sense of distortion and reuse it…’

The super strong instinct of the body allowed Zhao Yao to erect the cold hair instantly. He felt that Mali Mai’s eyes showed a very malicious feeling.

‘This guy, I am afraid I want to completely control me…’Zhao Yao’s eyes flashed a little: ‘Can’t resist, so many strong cats on the Star of War, it is awful to be besieged. And there is that guy…’

He turned his gaze and looked at the short-haired son who was in a daze.

Although the other party was in the sky during the whole meeting, I didn’t know what dreams and consciousness dimensions I had, but no one in the field was afraid to ignore each other.

However, with the dialogue between Pippi, Maimai and Mai Mai’s father, all the cats on the scene looked at Zhao Yao more or less.

The Yaxing, who had been thinking about it, swept his gaze. When he saw Zhao Yao, he frowned slightly: ‘This guy… is a bit familiar. ‘

He frowned, but he slowly remembered the identity of Zhao Yao, who seemed to be a civilian who had been smashed by him in Frost City.

Yaxing’s heart secretly: ‘Hey? Didn’t die? After the consciousness is broken, it is restored again? Oh, it’s a bit interesting. ‘

Feeling a pair of eyes watching his own eyes, Zhao Yao said in his heart: ‘But if you fake it and be controlled, I am still sure. ‘

‘But if you want to play, do you want to play a bigger one? ‘

Zhao Yao couldn’t help but squint at the short-haired son ‘grey gray’, and the LV72 on the other’s head was so eye-catching that Zhao Yao felt itchy.

‘The white hand and the white dwarf star… It is too difficult to borrow their ability. First, Mai Mai Dad, they will not want to lose a highly qualified apostle, and will not lend their own cat slave to the white hand. ‘

‘But if you try to borrow the grayish ability, the success rate is not low. ‘

Just as Zhao Yao thought about the details, the task list on BOOK was updated again.

Side quest: daring

Mission goal: LV72 super cat appears in front of you, how can you let it go? Do what you should do.

Mission Reward: By analysing enough power to make your BOOKability richer. Use the super-ability of gray ash in the cat prince dress, after the success, the diamond hall opens a new prop

Failure penalty: none.

Zhao Yao’s eyes flashed, but there have been no new props in the diamond hall. This is to update the new convertible props by analyzing enough powerful consciousness, but he is very much looking forward to it.

‘After failing, you can stop directly and stop at Space Gate. You can also blame the long-haired cat. ‘

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao looked at the cat’s eyes and looked at Mai Mai Dad: “Everyone listens to me.”

“As a cat slave, if you can have the qualification to withstand the cat’s superability, then the more powerful the cat, the more profitable it is.”

Then Zhao Yao stopped when it opened, and then attacked the 49 apostle behind Pippi with the consciousness of LV3. After the completion of the recovery, the ability was recovered and closed.

Under the ignorance of God, he gave an order to the consciousness of several apostles behind Pippi.

So with Zhao Yao saying this, a bearded apostle behind Pippi jumped out and said, “Perfect tolerate the ability? It’s only a rare cat that can only be seen in a hundred years. The whole short hair is not. A few of these people.”

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