Am I A God? Chapter 1030

Zhao Yao said with a chest: “Not bad! But obviously, I am such a cat genius, so I can perfectly withstand the ability of Feifei (Mai Mai’s father).”

“Far fart.” A thin apostle behind Pippi said: “Do you know what it means to be able to withstand the gray ash adult’s ability! It is one of the millions of qualifications! Until now we have only found one! Dreaming You!”

Pippi had just nodded, but in his horrified eyes, another tall apostle, who was ordered by Zhao Yao, jumped out and shouted: “If you have such a talent, you should become a gray man.” The cat slave! The strongest ability is given by the gray ash, then go to the battle! But obviously, you are not.”

Pippi airway: “Shut up.”

Zhao Yao, who is on the side, said: “You don’t want to be angry with Pippi. I think the cat slaves under your hand are very reasonable. I am willing to bear the abilities of the gray and gray, fighting for the short Maozong! Going through the fire and the fire, you will die and die, and love cats and cats, fighting for the rise of the short Maozong.”

The other super-powered cats saw the appearance of Zhao Yao’s eyes slightly bright: ‘This cat slave is really nice to talk. Maybe he is really a rare cat genius in a hundred years. ‘

Mai Mai: ‘I don’t want to be a cat slave in my fancy, but also a sanitary napkin. I really got a treasure. ‘

The three apostles behind Pippi raised their hands and shouted together: “Let him suffer! Let him suffer! Let him suffer!”

Pippi looked sullenly: “You three get out of me!”

Mai Mai’s father glanced at Zhao Yao and asked: β€œDo you know the power of grayishness, and if it is overloaded, you humans will die.”

Zhao Yao: “In order to fight for the short Maozong, I am dead without regrets.”

Mai Mai thought for a moment and nodded and said, “Then I can let you give it a try.” He turned his head and looked at the gray ash that was still in a daze, saying, “Dad, don’t be too upset, there is something to tell you.”

Seeing the gray ash still in the sky, even opened his mouth, began to drool, Feifei helpless, can only get together, smashed the other’s chin: “Dad, will end.”

The gray ash shook a bit, and opened his mouth and yawned: “End? Then you are busy, I will go back first, I have important experiments to do…”

Feifei rolled his eyes and bit the other’s tail: “Wait a minute!”

Next, Feifei said Zhao Yao’s situation and the gray, and finally asked: “Daddy, what do you think? Want to borrow the ability to try it?”

“Well, then try it.” The gray ash suddenly got serious and squinted at Zhao Yao.

Feifei privately chats on the side: “Dad, forget to use the ability to completely control each other.”

After all, the gray ash master is the horrible power of LV72, completely overwhelming the power of the whole family. And if Zhao Yao can really withstand this ability, it means that he became the second-generation force of the whole family.

Such combat power is still a non-family with no blood relationship. Of course, they are extremely vigilant. They must first thoroughly control and confirm that they can use it without any problems.

The gray ash heard nod. “Reassure, I don’t have Alzheimer’s. Right, which one is the light feather?”

Feifei pointed to Zhao Yao, a grayish gray flashing, and already touched Pippi’s head and said, β€œGood boy, weird, try my ability…”

“Dad!” Feifei said helplessly: “That is not a light feather, it is your grandson Pippi.”

Pippi said with a big bald head and said: “Grandpa, I am Pippi.”

“Ah?” The gray ash accidentally looked at Pippi, who turned into 2.5, and said: “Hey, I haven’t seen it for a few years, Pippi, how old are you? How can you not even have hair?”

Pippi reluctantly said: “I was physically dead, and this changed my hairless pilgrimage friend to prepare me for strengthening the body, not the cat body.”

“Hey.” Gray nodded, and looked angrily at Feifei: “The son of the turtle, he is my grandson Pippi, where is the cat slave?”

Feifei reluctantly sighed: “Dad, your body’s aging is getting more and more serious, it has already affected thinking, when is it ready to reincarnate.”

“Ah?” Gray looked at Feifei with a puzzled look: “What are you talking about?!”

Feifei shook his head, went up, took the ash to Zhao Yao, and pointed to Zhao Yao: “He is a light feather, you completely control him, and then lend him the ability to try.”


“Wait a minute!” Zhao Yao said quickly when he saw the other party, “I can make me prepare now. I am a little nervous.”

Seeing Mai Mai nodded, Zhao Yao’s eyes turned to the Space Gate, watching Mocha in the Space Gate and Bai Quan and Zhao Xue, who had just called it, said: “You just understood what you said?”

When the three people nodded and Zhao Yao was about to continue, the body that exceeded the limit and the keenness suddenly felt a strong gaze.

Zhao Yao turned her head and found that it was the white dwarf star in the middle of the hall.

A pair of white dwarf stares at the location of the Space Gate, revealing a doubtful color.

Zhao Yao was shocked: ‘This guy? Can you feel the Space Gate? ! Yes, this is a cat that can distort space with the flesh… But looking at him, he just found something wrong and didn’t really see the Space Gate. ‘

Thinking of this, Zhao Yao knows that the action is going to be faster, otherwise it will not necessarily be discovered by the other party if the time is long.

Then Zhao Yao said to Mocha, Zhao Xue and Bai Quan with consciousness: “Do as planned, don’t be nervous, everything is in my calculations, no problem.”

Then he looked at the ashes and Feifei: “I am ready.”

The gray ash nodded, and the LV72’s ability broke out in the next moment. It was almost instantaneous. Zhao Yao felt that his brain seemed to be caught by the invisible force. The consciousness was boiling, the line of sight was chaotic, countless pictures flashed, and an invisible The voice is whispering something.

Feelings come quickly and quickly. When the gray back is able to recover the ability, Zhao Yao has been distorted and turned into a loyalty to him.

Gray said: “It’s done, then I will give you the ability to try.”

That is, at this time, Mocha after the Space Gate directly launched the time-stop capability.

The whole world was still in a moment, and at the side of Mocha, Baiquan and Zhao Xue, who had been borrowed by Mocha before the time of discussion, also rushed out of the Space Gate.

Target: Zhao Yao!

They want to kill Zhao Yao according to Zhao Yao’s plan before the end of the time limit, and release the control of Zhao Yao through the regeneration of Zhao Yao’s time and space distortion.

Zhao Yao, who was in the middle of the game, had already turned around and looked at the two people in front of him coldly.

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