Am I A God? Chapter 1031

After Zhao Yao’s cold eyes swept, Bai Quan and Zhao Xue both subconsciously paused and stayed in place.

Zhao Xue’s heart secretly said: “For the first time… I saw the scary expression of my brother for the first time…”

The face of Baiquan is extremely serious: ‘Is this the feeling of fighting with a serious boss? I feel like my own brain is boiling like boiled water. The murderous is cutting like a knife on the skin… It’s really hard for the enemy. . ‘

“On Zhao Xue, according to the plan.” Bai Quan said: “Don’t be afraid, the boss said that the ability he can use now only has time to pause. Time suspension we are also using, that is, he is now the only one than us. The big advantage is just physical fitness.”

“I know.” Zhao Xue swallowed and said: “This guy is so scary now.”

But in fact, Zhao Yao at the moment is far less powerful than usual. In order to weaken himself, the reliability of the cat prince’s dress is completely emptied.

In the face of Shiquan and Zhao Xue, who stopped at the time of the exhibition, Zhao Yao can only stop when he is showing, or he will fall into the situation of being slaughtered.

Therefore, at this moment, Zhao Yao, only the ability to stop and superb physical fitness.

As for the series of props such as the Dragon Slayer and the Paralyzed Ring, they were taken away early.

After all, in order to be able to kill himself accurately, Zhao Yao has naturally made detailed plans.

In fact, long before I entered the cat star, I realized that I might have been impaired and then completely controlled. Zhao Yao has designed at least 20 plans to kill myself, and this is just what he remembers…

“On…” Zhao Yao in front of Baiquan, gently pumping a force, first rushed up, Zhao Xue followed, the two turned into two Lightning, one left and one right attacked Zhao Yao in front of him .

Whether it is Baiquan or Zhao Xue, under the long-term exerciseability, the physical quality is far more than ordinary people.

Once the full force erupts, the speed of the body has moved beyond the speed of sound, and the instantaneous burst of hands and feet is several times above the speed of sound.

Under the attack of the two men, I am afraid that it will only take a few seconds to explode an armored combat vehicle and hammer it into scrap iron.

However, in the face of the two men’s offensive, Zhao Yao looked cold, reached out, blocked, and instantly blocked countless Lightning-like hits.

‘So fast! ‘Bai Quan and Zhao Xue’s mind were also shocked at the same time: ‘This guy is on weekdays… Is it also secretly exercising? ‘

The next moment, the two had a flower in front of them and had lost the trace of Zhao Yao.

‘You are…’Zhao Yao’s voice rang behind the two: “Where?”


Between the silent and the vacant, Zhao Xue and Bai Quan’s vests were violently vented in their bodies by Zhao Yao’s double boxing, and the two men flew directly out.

Zhao Xue opened his mouth fiercely and wanted to spit out the blood of the viscera, but he was held tight by the white spring: “You can’t vomit blood, you can’t destroy the scene, and you will find these alien cats find something wrong.”

After hitting two people, Zhao Yao followed up with a step, and the speed of the whole person broke out to the limit in an instant. He rushed to the speed of several times, and caught up with Zhao Xue in an instant.

Then he pointed out, the index finger would be like a super-high-speed armored sniper bullet, and the scorpion shot to Zhao Xue’s eyebrows, and he had to strike Zhao Xue’s head to kill the other party.

Zhao Xueqi’s muscles violently erupted, and his hands were blocked one inch and one inch toward the eyebrows.

No matter how it broke out, how to move, Zhao Xue had no time to block the palm of his hand, only to watch Zhao Yao’s fingers quickly approach his forehead, it seems that the next moment will pierce his head.

‘That’s too late. ‘Zhao Xue’s heart is dark: ‘…The eruption of the older brother is too fast and too fierce…to be inserted…’

Zhao Yao’s sprint and straight stab in the blink of an eye, with Superman’s physical strength erupted the speed of Superman, this moment his fingertips are even more powerful than the tank’s armor-piercing projectiles.

Zhao Yao’s eyes were slightly cold, and the strength of his hands exploded again. His feet continued to accelerate. When he saw that Zhao Xue’s head would be pierced, he saw Zhao Xue flashing in front of him and disappeared without a trace.

“What?” Zhao Yao’s head moved slightly and he immediately responded: “It’s the Space Gate! The Space Gate that I don’t show… They arranged the Space Gate here and waited for me to come over? When? The plan started. Before?

“Bridget was laid out before the timeout was turned on? No wonder the white dwarfs will come over. Is it because the two Space Gates have too much impact on space?”

“There is absolutely a force that can kill me. If I am killed, I can no longer be loyal to the gray ash!”

“Can’t go in!”

“Absolutely can’t go in.”

In my mind, I thought about countless thoughts in an instant. In the eyes of Zhao Yao, a powerful willingness to survive was erupted, and both feet stepped on the ground and tried to stop.

But Zhao Yao is too fast at the moment, and the Space Gate is too close.

Almost as he slowed down, the whole person had slammed into the Space Gate.

While slamming into the Space Gate, Zhao Yao’s spirit has also been highly alert and nervous, ready to face any attack.

However, the front stomach bag was empty and no attack occurred.

When Zhao Yao reacted, he felt a pain in his lower body and looked down. His body had been cut off by the waist.


Zhao Yao continued to rush forward, and the body was cut continuously by the invisible sharp edge. The monster-like body was vulnerable at this moment. Only one head left on the ground, and the spray was full of blood.

Is the continuous application of ‘Space Gate’? ‘Zhao Yao looked at the piece he had fallen on the ground and instantly understood it.

At this moment, the Space Gate in the Dimensional Stomach Bag stood upright, sideways, and diagonally, standing in front of the Space Gate that Zhao Yao rushed in.

It’s like a fish rushing to the kitchen knife with a supersonic speed.

Zhao Yao died on his own speed and the edge of the Space Gate.

“I don’t remember having such a plan…” Zhao Yao said in his heart: “Is it a good idea to plan, I have even eliminated my own memories?”

“It’s amazing, I can think of killing myself like this. I am really a genius.”

“Unfortunately, I can’t see other backup plans this time. I don’t know if there are any other genius tactics to kill myself…”

The next moment, with Zhao Yao slowly closing his eyes, Zhao Yao in front of his eyes flashed, and it has returned to its original appearance like a time back, and stood up again from the ground.

“Rely, did you succeed? You have to kill the old lady.”

Zhao Yao heard the voice turning around and saw Zhao Xue lying on the ground with broken hands and his face twisted.

Although I know the plan in advance, although I have tried to reduce the speed, I have tried my best to dodge.

However, Zhao Yao’s design location and distance are too rough, even if Zhao Xue entered the Space Gate and jumped out, he was accidentally taken away.

But seeing the glare of Zhao Yao’s turn, Zhao Xue’s heart sank.

‘No way……’

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