Am I A God? Chapter 1032

Zhao Yao looked at the cold eyes, Zhao Xue suddenly panicked, and even the pain in his body was temporarily suppressed by fear.

It is really too much pressure for Zhao Yao to bring him, and even dozens of plans to kill Zhao Yao are Zhao Yaoโ€™s own thinking ahead.

This made Zhao Xue really worried that Zhao Yao still left any backhand and was not killed.

“Just kidding.”

Zhao Yao saw a slight flash in front of him, and it appeared at Zhao Xueโ€™s side. He touched Zhao Xueโ€™s head and said, โ€œItโ€™s hard.โ€

“Call! You scared me.” Zhao Xue was relieved, but then she turned red. She almost didn’t scare the urine out. Now it’s so uncomfortable.

“Then go to work soon! Don’t forget to send me to Lucifer, I am going to die!”

When Zhao Xue stopped, the time paused, and the whole person stood still, as if the statue had stopped at the same place.

On the other side, Baiquan walked the Space Gate, looked at Zhao Xue, who was still still, and looked at Zhao Yao and asked, “Get it? Boss?”

โ€œYeah.โ€ Zhao Yao said: โ€œI am leaving, and the aftermath here is handed over to you.โ€

Saying, Zhao Yao has returned to the cat star, then stood back to its original position, with strong memory and physical control, keeping himself back to the action and position at the beginning of the stop.

The next moment, time has flowed again.

The gray ash looked at Zhao Yao in front of him and frowned. “How do I feel, are you a little different?”

Zhao Yao smiled and said: “Maybe I am now, for the short Mao Zong, you are more loyal to the gray gray adult.”

The gray beard shakes a little, but he doesn’t care. He is too confident about his ability. Facing a human being whose consciousness is not as good as his own, and clearly showing his ability, it is unlikely that something unexpected.

So I thought about it, and said: “Well, then I will give you the ability. How much can you get, but if you can’t hold it, you will die.”

“come on.”

The cats on the side were all curiously watching Zhao Yao and the gray, Pippi looked nervous: ‘This guy can’t really succeed, or I can’t get him? ‘

Yaxing thought: “A human being that has been blinded by me can go that step?”

Mai Mai: ‘My sanitary napkin! ! ! ‘

Zhao Yao also looked nervously at the gray in front of him. After all, the other party is a super cat of LV72. He doesn’t know if there will be any problems. If something happens, he will probably only stop when he stops. Ran.

Then I saw the gray ash in front of my head slammed into Zhao Yao’s calf trousers, and instantly rushed to the incredible power, and was suddenly absorbed by the cat prince’s dress.

“Come on!” Zhao Yao was shocked: “Good strength!” Cat prince dress as a BOOK took a year to get out of the equipment, it is not just a simple dress, but an infinite change and Zhao Yao is a unit of symbiosis.

Now, when the cat prince dress is madly consuming the power of gray, Zhao Yaoโ€™s body also has a strong sense of oppression. This is the first time that he oppressed the cat princeโ€™s dress to receive the power of the super cat. Uncomfortable feeling.

Gray gray smiled and said: “It’s quite good to support it, then take it, take it hard, take it hard, how much you can get!”

When the ashes finished these words, the more intense consciousness surged, and gradually…Zhao Yao actually felt that the cat prince dress could not bear it.

‘LV72’s superability… It’s not so good. ‘

Zhao Yao changed his face and said quickly: “Quick stop, I can’t stand it…”

The gray and gray did not hesitate to step back a few steps. Some disappointed to see Zhao Yao said: “Well, it is much stronger than Feifei, but it is far less than me, and it is not as good as the moon.”

The moon shadow is the strongest apostle under the gray, the human being able to withstand most of the gray and gray.

The gray ash now evaluates Zhao Yao, only because Zhao Yao’s cat prince dress only reached LV60.

Having said that, the gray ash looks at Zhao Yao’s gaze with a touch of appreciation. After all, this is already a rare talent.

Zhao Yao said: ‘LV60, this is the limit that the cat prince dress can now withstand, I am afraid that it will be strengthened after strengthening with the strengthening stone…’

Pippi jumped up and said, “I said, this guy may be the kind of talent that is hard to see for a hundred years.”

Mai Mai said seriously: “Grandpa, give me the light feathers, I have great use.”

Mai Mai Dad said: “I still use it for me. I am just missing someone.”

“There is less nonsense, itโ€™s all waste for you.” Gray said that he was angry here, and he was so angry that he patted the table: “Look at these silly cats, I spent so much time teaching you, not to mention arriving at me. At the level, there is not even one of the six stars and five stars.

“Look at the night and night of the next door, and grow up with Feifei, and people have been practicing hard since childhood. Now they are all six stars!”

“a bunch of idiots!”

The cats in the room immediately shrank their necks and didn’t talk.

Gray and gray looked at Zhao Yao with satisfaction: “Well, although not the best, but it is not bad, you will follow me for the time being.”

Mai Mai raised his head and shouted: “Grandpa! Light feather is my cat slave!”

In the short-haired sect, even the best cats can’t rob the cat cats of the inferior cats.

In the face of the screams of Mai Mai, I thought about it: “Then follow me, you are always with your cat slave, and I am not robbing your cat slave.”

“Ah?” Mai Mai’s face was full of dissatisfaction: “Where are you going?”

“Of course, I am going home.” Gray said, of course: “You have to remember, as a cat, stay at home, don’t go anywhere, run out, mix all day. Stay at home is The romance of our cat family.”

The Mai Mai dad on the side reminded: “Dad, you can’t go home for the time being, you have to go to the battlefield, our sector.”

“Ah?” Grayishly looked helplessly, and looked at Mai Mai dad with disdain. “In the end…not that you are not strong enough, you have to be your own dad all day, I am you.” Itโ€™s dead.”

Although Mai Mai on the side is very dissatisfied, but thinking about the sanitary napkins and stories, I intend to go to fight the sector and the gray with Zhao Yao.

However, although the gray ash has no interest in sitting in the war zone, he is still very concerned about his new cat slave.

That feeling, it is like grabbing a small best Pikachu, I plan to cultivate it and see if it will be very powerful.

“Let me think about it…” Zhao Yao, who was looking at the gray, said: “You didn’t have to join for a long time. The number of skills is very small. You must learn more about consciousness skills and learn a few tricks.”

There is also the physical body to be enhanced, otherwise the basic attributes are too low, it is better to play some better… Well, here is just the site of Maoistong, let them strengthen your body. โ€

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