Am I A God? Chapter 1033

Zhao Yao looked at the task on the BOOK and slowly relieved. He also worried that he could not afford the LV72’s ability. The task was not completed.

As the mission was completed, the Diamond Hall on the BOOK also ushered in a change. Zhao Yao felt that the consciousness of the gray-grey in the cat prince dress seemed to be drawn into the BOOK.

Then after some analysis, the diamond hall finally appeared in addition to the explosion card, double experience card and cat princess skirt, new products.

Fortified Stone: Ability to reinforce the equipment produced by BOOK, with a chance to fail, worth 1 Diamond.

Reinforced Hammer: Can make the equipment above +7 not damaged when the reinforcement fails, worth 10 diamond.

Opal: It can be mounted on the weapon produced by BOOK, increasing the power of the weapon 1%, value 1 diamond.

At the same time, the Diamond Hall has finally opened up the recharge function, which can be exchanged for the efficiency of a diamond with 10000 experience points.

Zhao Yao eyes: “I want to burst!” ‘

Since the super-characters who signed the BOOK began to evolve, the diamond hall’s props have become less and less able to keep up with the times.

The eruption card is ineffective for the super cats above LV10. The cat princess skirt is replaced by the cat prince dress. The only thing that is used is the double experience card.

However, because the effect of experience value is getting less and less as the evolution required by LV10, Zhao Yao sometimes doesn’t even bother to use double card.

These days, I get two diamonds that I can get every day, and now I have enough 21.

But seeing the new products that appear in the Diamond Hall now, he really wants to redeem it and try it.

In addition to the evolution of super cats and lottery, BOOK has added a diamond house recharge method. ‘

Although I really want to try it now, but now it is not the time to get this, so Zhao Yao still put his attention on the alien cats.

Seeing that the gray ash has to cultivate itself, improve the attributes, and learn the skills, Zhao Yao is happy again, but also a little worried.

After all, his current physical fitness is already superman level. It is good to stay in a place like Xiao Maozong. If you are inspected by Mao Zedong, who is good at physical strength and evolution, you will be able to find the problem.

However, Zhao Yao has long had a certain amount of countermeasures when he collected the short-haired and hairless information from them.

Then I heard the gray, Zhao Yao responded: “In fact, my body is very powerful. I have been able to play especially since I was a child. I ran fast and my strength was great…” He said, he jumped hard and directly I took out a distance of more than ten meters and saw the cats around me showing the color of surprise.

The reason why Zhao Yao dares to do this is because in the field of short Maozong, there is no human being born with a strong body.

After all, it has been in contact with the short Maozong and Mao Zedong for a long time, and it has been known for a long time before the confrontation with Chang Maozong.

Therefore, because of the powerful human beings who have been reborn by super-powered cats, and the many powerful human beings managed by Mao Zedong, they have left many descendants in the population of Xiaomao.

From time to time, there will be some human beings born with natural flesh.

Zhao Yao also knows this from the giggling, and then dare to say it now and explain his situation in advance.

“Hey? Is your body very strong from an early age?” For the cat slave who was distorted by himself and is loyal to himself, the gray ash has always believed in it. He said directly: “The body is strong, the stronger the more it is good……”

Seeing that Zhao Yao’s body is naturally strong, the gray ash is more happy. The cat slave in his hand is naturally stronger. He is now like Pikachu, who thought he had caught a small best. He blinked and saw that it turned out to be a flash. Like Pikachu, it is even more exciting.

So the gray ash looked to the side of the Mai Mai father and asked: “When did you start fighting?”

“7 is after the order day.” Feifei said: “Everyone needs a little preparation time, so they agreed to launch an attack after 7 order day.”

“Okay, then you are responsible for our side.” Gray looked excitedly at Zhao Yao: “I have to cultivate a new cat slave during this time.”

Seeing the reaction of the gray, Zhao Yao breathed a sigh of relief and knew that he was right.

Mai Mai jumped up and said with a curious look: “I have to go together!”

So the next gray ash with Zhao Yao and Mai Mai flashed, has passed through the dimension of consciousness, went to other places without Mao.

Pippi looked at the disappearing Zhao Yao, biting his teeth: “Cut, lucky guy. Hey, but people are just people, after all, how can we compare to our cat. It will take me long before I will surpass you.”


On the other hand, Zhao Yao left with the gray ash, and once again descended from the dimension of consciousness to the material world, the light and shadow flashed in front of him, and he has already come to a huge cultivation field.

It is seen that hundreds of thousands of human beings are undergoing various exercises, running, weightlifting, fighting, chasing, and beating.

Mai Mai said curiously: “Grandpa, where is this? How can I never know that there is such a place on the Star of War?”

“You don’t know much.” The gray snorted and said: “Here is the Shura field. The hairless cat slaves temper the body and exercise the body. But we are not here to exercise.”

“There is a lot of ability to make the body stronger, but it is mainly divided into exercise, mutation, transformation and evolution.” At the same time, the gray consciousness speaks, and consciousness passes.

After a while, a gust of wind blew, a cat standing on his feet and a tiger-backed cat appeared in front of Zhao Yao and others.

Looking at the hairless cat about three meters high in front of him, Zhao Yao can feel the power of the powerful from the other side.

Each muscle is as marble-like and angular, with a slight movement of the body, which is a piece of flesh and blood.

The other party’s head showed the words LV55, so that Zhao Yao understood the strength of the other side.

Zhao Yao thought: “The shortest hair and white hairless, the strongest white and white dwarfs are lv99 and lv100. The twelve patriarchs and giant cat gods are between LV70 and LV80. ‘

‘In this case, the LV5 super cat in front of you, it is basically the super cat of the backbone. ‘

The gray ash on the side said: “Sunday, this is my new cat slave. I want to strengthen his body and let him use your blood of evolution?”

The hairless cat, known as the sundial, smashed his head, and the keen sense of the five immediately noticed the difference between Zhao Yao and slowly said: “His body is not weak, born?”

The sundial revolved around Zhao Yao’s body, and while listening to Zhao Yao, he said: “A good foundation, just use the blood of evolution?” He said, “I want to think about using consciousness.” Enhance his flesh and blood?”

“Don’t like to be one.” The gray ash quickly said: “He is a short-haired cat slave.”

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