Am I A God? Chapter 1034

Seeing the gray ash rejected his proposal, the Japanese retreat back: “Okay, but the blood of evolution is not Chinese cabbage, what can you give me?”

“Money, what I have is.” Gray said: “How about 1 billion cats? Or a thousand two-star cat slaves.”

‘Dead locals. These guys who play with dreams are really good at making money. ‘The Japanese sighed in the heart, for fear that the other party would repent, and quickly said: “On 1 Billion Cat, the deal.”

Gray: “Let’s get started, money will be sent to you later, you will help my cat slaves first.”

Then I saw a claw sticking out of the claw of my front paw, like a claw of a knife like a sword, gently slid across his chest, and the next drop of hot blood blew on his meat pad. .

The sundial saw Zhao Yao’s inexplicable look and explained: “My blood of evolution, every drop contains the body that is reinforced by my consciousness, and my life information.

The flesh that is driven by the blood of evolution will be eroded by the blood of evolution, your body will become stronger, and your willpower will be polluted by me. If you pass the past, the flesh will become stronger, and after the consciousness is exercised, It will be completely worn in with the flesh, and will soon be able to enter the stage of the integration of meaning and body. If it does not pass…”

The sundial smiled: “Hey, it will become my jealousy.”

Zhao Yao was shocked: ‘So dangerous? ‘

The gray ash on the side said: “Use it with confidence, there is me, there is no need to worry about the spiritual level. He can’t pollute you. You don’t have to use the blood of evolution to exercise your will. Your consciousness will be used to learn our short hair.” The knowledge, the blood of evolution, just concentrate on the flesh.”

Looked at the ash of LV72, and looked at the sundial of LV65, Zhao Yao nodded with relief.

“That started.”

Then I saw the Japanese cat playing the claws, and the hot blood shot like Zhao Yao to a bullet.

With Zhao Yao’s physical quality, she only had time to see a trace of black shadow, and she felt a pain in her chest. A sly heat had spread in his body.

“Hey…” Zhao Yao just spoke up, and his face suddenly changed and he fell to the ground.

The sundial on the side said: “The process of the blood of evolution has a little bit of pain in the process of eroding the body. You can hold back the best, and the longer you endure, the better the effect of physical enhancement.”

Zhao Yao violently pressed his chest, his face was twisted, his teeth squeaked, and his heart continued to scream: “Is this awkward bitter pain? I have to kill him.” Alright!!!”

Mai Mai on the side worried: “He looks so painful, is it really okay?”

“Nothing.” The sun was on the ground, then rolled over, hugged his hind legs and tail, and swayed and said: “The body will only get stronger and stronger, more and more painful, and most of the fainting. Wake up again, nothing.”

Mai Mai said: “Can’t you cut off his pain?”

“Every cell is in pain, how to cut it.” Sundial said: “Compared with this, it is more serious mental pollution, hehe … it depends on your grandfather.”

At this moment, Zhao Yao stood silently in the eyes of a few people, and said with a relaxed face: “Fortunately, I feel that it is not so painful, and it is still in the range that can be tolerated. ”

The sundial looked at Zhao Yao in amazement, his eyes constantly sweeping across the other’s face, seemingly confirming the state of Zhao Yao.

The blood of evolution was originally part of his ability. He deeply understood how painful it was to erode flesh and blood by this thing, but now the man in front of him has suffered without changing his color.

‘impossible? Is there such a hard scorpion in humans? ‘

He couldn’t help but say: “You don’t want to support it. Some people like to support it before, but this kind of thing can’t last long, and it can be a long time to shout out.”

Zhao Yao smiled easily and shrugged and said: “Is there a pain? No feeling.” He said, suddenly his face changed slightly, and the body couldn’t help but squat.

Seeing his ugly face, he said immediately: “Hey, I told you not to support it. How painful it is, I don’t know?”

“Well, it hurts a lot… super pain… huge pain… I am so dead and alive.” Zhao Yao said slowly.

Mai Mai looked worriedly at Zhao Yao: “Light feather, do you want to lie down and rest.”

Zhao Yao raised his hand and felt the cool body that couldn’t move. He said, “No, there is a little pain in the area. How can I let me lie down? If I have a light feather, I have to stand still.”

“Good!” The gray ash admired: “I am a short-haired cat slave, that is to have this momentum, hello, you are very good.” The consciousness of his body poured into the consciousness of Zhao Yao, turned into A protective film is placed on top of it.

Zhao Yao feels that the blood of evolution is like a virus spreading wildly in his body. The blood of evolution contains a will, which is constantly polluting his consciousness through the flesh, wanting to completely manipulate him and control him. .

But now with the help of gray, he feels that his consciousness is like a layer of invisible heavy armor, and all the blood of evolution has no effect on his consciousness.

Gray said: “I will help you to block the erosion of the blood of evolution, you can resist the pain of the body, how long can you endure for so long! The longer you endure, the better the effect of the blood of evolution.”

Zhao Yao nodded and used Lucifer’s Quick Regeneration ability to turn the pain into a sense of coolness.

At the same time, his acting broke out, his face was a little bit painful, a little nervous, a little helpless for the future, and a yearning for bravery and bravery, nodded and said: “Do not worry, a little bit of flesh Pain, I will completely suppress him with my supremacy.”

The sundial looked at Zhao Yao with some appreciation: “It’s a pity that you don’t come to us without Mao.”

The appreciation of the eyes, some like a shovel officer, after seeing that their cats have been sterilized, not only did not cry, but also no cats like you arched in your arms, want to play with you, is really a hard scorpion.

Gray said: “He is mine! Don’t talk nonsense.”

Mai Mai said: “Light Yu Ming is my cat slave! Poor little light feather, do you hurt?” She suddenly took the initiative to say: “Would you like to let Guang Yu enter a dream? This does not hurt?”

“No.” The Japanese said: “Everyone’s limit is different. Pain is also an alarm. If you really don’t feel a little pain, maybe when you come back from a dream, he has surpassed the limit that can be tolerated, the body. It has completely collapsed.”

Zhao Yao waved his hand and said, “Nothing, what is this little pain? Let me tell you the story of today.”

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