Am I A God? Chapter 1035

An hour later…Zhao Yao is alive and kicking.

Five hours later…Zhao Yao is still in the spirit.

Twelve hours later…Zhao Yao felt that he couldnโ€™t stop using his strength.

There are more and more cat slaves around.

“He suffered the blood of evolution? Really fake, he looks as if he is poisoned.”

“Itโ€™s hard! Itโ€™s so painful that itโ€™s all over, and itโ€™s still telling the story to the little girl!โ€

“This is a real man!”

Gray ash and sundial are also looking at Zhao Yao with a look of shock. This kind of consciousness, this kind of steel spirit is the best of the cat slaves. The gray ash feels more satisfied and is going to cultivate this light feather. It is.

After another six hours, the surprise around him has gradually become numb and even puzzled.

“This guy won’t be stupid?”

“Itโ€™s been a long time, he doesnโ€™t seem to have anything…โ€

“It won’t be the blood of evolution?”

In the heart of the sun, he said: “So long time… Is this guy mutated?”

Zhao Yao also understands the truth that he will accept it. Although he can still bear it, although he stops now, he has not been able to maximize the effect of the blood of evolution, but it is almost the same.

Going on, he is afraid of the sundial or gray to dissect himself.

Then he controlled his face to become distorted and painful. Zhao Yao said with exaggeration: “It’s getting more and more painful… I feel like I can’t help it.”

When I heard Zhao Yao say this, everyone in the room sighed with a sigh of relief. This is right, this is the normal reaction of the blood of evolution.

Then Zhao Yao was intermittent, and the fake model was for a while, and finally said that he had reached the limit, letting the sun gain the power of the blood.

As the Sundial regained the power of evolutionary blood, the super cool feeling of Zhao Yao was slowly dissipated. He quickly received Quick Regeneration and felt that he was eroded by the blood of evolution to strengthen the latter.

Then I saw Zhao Yao making a punch in the direction of the sky.

After seeing a punch, the hurricane whizzed out, and Zhao Yaoโ€™s palm was like a shock wave, scaring the cat slaves around him to retreat.

Then Zhao Yao waved his hand at the scared cat slaves, and saw a gust of wind, typhoon, and violent wind fanned out from his hand, directly scraping the cat slaves not far away. Go out and then slammed into the ground.

โ€œThis kind of strange power!โ€ Zhao Yao looked at his body with satisfaction, and thought to himself: ‘If you use it in combination with the exclusion field, it will be great. ‘

Zhao Yao feels that his physical fitness has at least doubled, and now he is even stronger than Pharaoh.

Sundial said: “In the next few weeks, because of the influence of the blood of evolution, you still have a little erosive sequelae, and finally do not have close contact with other people. There are more rest, less effort, everything is completely recovered. Say it again.”

“Remind me, just take the blood of evolution, and your strength will be instantly increased, remember to adapt and control.”

Looking at the back of the other party, the sun shook his head and sighed in the sky: “Hey, why is this guy not our cat?”

After the physical reinforcement was completed, the gray ash took Zhao Yao and Mai Mai to find a place to lie down, and then both of them were drawn into their dreams.

Zhao Yao and Mai Mai returned to the gorgeous dream of learning the dimension of consciousness.

Only this time, this dream host is accompanied by a gray.

“Your body has been strengthened, but the body is just a foundation, and it prevents you from being accidentally destroyed.” Gray said: “As a short-haired cat slave, your most powerful force should still be you. Consciousness.”

The gray ash picks out four skills that he carefully thinks, compares, and deliberately chooses. He looks at Zhao Yao and says: “I have chosen four conscious skills for you. These four skills are mutually auxiliary, both offensive and defensive, learning. The cost is not too high, just right for you.”

“Before you start to fight, you should at least learn one of them, and give me the other three contents and related knowledge.”

When he heard the ash, Zhao Yao nodded, and Mai Mai said, “Itโ€™s so boring, itโ€™s a skill. What am I doing?”

The gray ash snorted and said: “You also learn!”

โ€œAh?โ€ Mai Mai protested loudly: โ€œI donโ€™t want to learn! Iโ€™ve already had a dragon, itโ€™s enough, why do you want to learn.โ€

“You still have a good time to say that it is enough? If you have such a big cat, you will have a skill. You don’t study well all day. If you score so badly, you will know that you can eat and drink, and you don’t have a cat.”

The consciousness of the gray ash broke out, and it was pressed to Mai Mai with a strong sense of oppression: “This time I will study hard here, and I will not be allowed to go out!”

Not to mention the successive protests on the side of Mai Mai, Zhao Yao is eager to learn, even if he does not consider the ideology skills as a trick, but at least learn in advance, with a confrontation strategy, for Zhao Yao too very good.

This time, with the time to carefully observe the dream of gray, Zhao Yao observed while guessing: “This should be the country of gray consciousness. In the short Maozong, only the short-haired sons of all ethnic groups can build The country of consciousness, all other cats who are created, must be besieged.”

In the next few days, Zhao Yao spent most of his time staying in the gray dreams and learning.

It is a pity that the gray dream seems to have no exaggerated time to accelerate the performance of Diana, so the efficiency of Zhao Yao staying inside is not much higher than the outside.

While taking advantage of the exercise, Zhao Yao finally has time to look at the settlement at the end of this month.

On the day of the meeting, Zhao Yao had reached the settlement date at the end of the month, but because of a series of things happening one after another, Zhao Yao felt that it was overwhelmed, which was dragged into today.

Zhao Yao first looked at the experience settlement.

The experience settlement is pure profit, and the net profit per 50000 allows Zhao Yao to get the experience value of 100*2.

With the expansion of Cat Le City into Cat Le Street, with the support of countless powerful people, and Zhao Yao’s own reputation, the monthly income is increasing.

This time, the entire cat music street provided Zhao Yao with more than 20 million yuan in revenue, and also added 42200*2 experience value to BOOK.

The panel also becomes BOOK: Lv8 (85517/100000).

Zhao Yao looked at the experience of the super cat’s experience value, and now the super cats who still need experience upgrades are left with Lucifer and Pharaoh.

Lucifer Lv8 (11400/50000)

Pharaoh Lv7 (12400/20000)

With the new experience value, one can not reach LV10.

Therefore, Zhao Yao has not yet managed to upgrade the Super Cat, but the Diamond Hall recharge can be considered.

However, he thought about it and put his eyes on the lottery settlement.

The lottery settlement comes from the market share of the catnip market, and since the settlement task has been upgraded, the settlement method has become a national draw for every 1%, providing ten sweepstakes.

This month’s Bridget catnip has been repeatedly promoted by Zhao Yao, and the official push, but it has risen again, reaching 41%, which is the number of 410 draws.

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