Am I A God? Chapter 1036

“410 draws, you can always get more good things.”

Zhao Yao licked his lips and planned to drive straight. He couldn’t help it.

Cat spicy strip

Experience value 50

Fortified stone

Cat spicy strip

Experience value 10

Cat spicy strip

Imperial cat armor debris


Zhao Yao’s eyes are red, and it is a slap in the face of BOOK. All of a sudden, 41 has been pumped for ten times. The experience has once again skyrocketed, increasing by nearly 5,000.

BOOK becomes BOOK: Lv8 (94317/100000)

The rest is the cat spicy bar, plus the previous inventory, has reached the 456 root.

Then there are a lot of strengthening stones, plus the number of fortified stones that Zhao Yao currently has reached 52.

There is also Zhao Yao’s most anticipated armored pieces of the emperor’s cat. After this 410, it is also stored in the Emperor’s armored pieces (69/240).

Looking at the prize draw, Zhao Yao is still satisfied.

He has now upgraded in three directions. On the one hand, he hangs up the seal world and evolves to upgrade the level of super cats under BOOK.

This can only be hanged slowly, but then with the knowledge of the country of consciousness that he has provided, he has raised the online limit of the number of people in the world of seals, and the speed of on-hook upgrades should be faster.

The second way to improve is the BOOK-provided props, especially the little accumulated emperor cat armor fragments, as well as the strengthening stone reinforcement equipment.

Zhao Yao thinks this is the next goal that can be worked hard.

The last third method is to learn the short-minded conscious skills. On the one hand, there are more means. On the other hand, when confronting the short-haired attack, there are countermeasures.

However, now Zhao Yao people in the alien cat’s site, there are gray and gray monitoring, can not do the on-hook upgrade and equipment enhancement, can only focus on the study of consciousness skills.

Time flies, and it is soon to the day of the war.

The gray ash pulled Zhao Yao and Mai Mai out of the dream. They looked at the two and nodded and said: “If you work hard, you will have a little achievement. Then let me go to the battlefield.”

During the speech, they have dissipated together in the material world, came to the dimension of consciousness, and rushed toward the battlefield.

Along the way, Zhao Yao can see the dimension of consciousness, just as there are more and more light spots gathered around them, all of them are cat slaves and super cats from different sites of short hair.

When this superpower army crossed the consciousness dimension and came to the destination, it did not immediately fall into the material world.

Instead, when you see the idea of ​​gray and gray, the dimension in front of you is like a creation from the air, and suddenly a palace dream emerges.

This is a semi-permanent dream made by the gray ash. Now, in order to sit on this war sector, I have moved my semi-permanent dreams to the consciousness dimension here.

All the short-haired super-cats and a few cat slaves entered the dream, and all the remaining human cat slaves came out of the consciousness dimension and descended into the material world.

What appeared in front of them was a blue sky, and the sea occupied more than 90% of the surface of the planet.

The first place where these cat slaves came was the largest land on the planet.

At the moment when the first group of cat slaves came, the invisible sharp edge of the air crossed, constantly breaking through the invader’s body.


In the dream, the important cats in the family of gray, fly, Pippi, and Maimai all gathered together.

In front of them is a pool of gray ash summoned by conscious skills. The water surface of the pool clearly reflects the material world on the target planet.

“The first batch of landing troops was hit hard.” Feifei said: “The guys who look like Mao Maozong are ready, and the second wave of pure consciousness troops is ready.”

Zhao Yao is watching this battle, which is the first time he has truly seen the war of super cat power in the universe.

With the beginning of the war, almost one super-capable cat on both sides of the battlefield could not see it. It seems that there is a tacit understanding. No matter whether it is a long-haired or a short-haired sect, the cat slaves are first placed to fight.

Looking at the battlefield displayed in the water mirror, Zhao Yao’s face flashed amazed.

It is seen that the ground on the planet has been occupied by the torrent of steel, and the cat slaves of the Chang Maozong are driving various fighters and Mech Flight in the atmosphere.

The ground is full of fully automatic fire-fighting electromagnetic guns, particle guns, laser cannons and other weapons.

The huge airport and the star gates are on the outside of the atmosphere. There are even a few oval-shaped spaceships that are several kilometers long and float outside the star gates.

‘Chang Mao Zong actually holds such a strong scientific and technological power…’Zhao Yao After seeing the style of short Mao Zong and Wu Mao Zong, I did not expect that Chang Mao Zong turned out to be such a high-tech style.

With strong technical weapons, the short-haired Mao slaves were almost destroyed by the various weapons, particle guns, metal bombs and other killing weapons in the first time of the generals, almost no effort to fight back.

However, this was originally the first troop. With the advent of the purely conscious troops of the short Maozong, there was a lot of confusion in the position of Chang Maozong.

The so-called pure consciousness force means that the body stays in a safe and secret place in the distance to sleep, only consciousness comes to the battlefield.

It’s like the clucking of the earth that came to the earth.

Now, with the advent of purely conscious troops, a large number of cat slaves have been directly controlled in Changmao.

The cat slaves were controlled, the weapons fired at their own side, and the singularity of the various cat slaves also attacked themselves, and the entire army of the long Maozong was in chaos.

However, the advantage of short Maozong did not last long, and it was seen that within the theater, a machine like an electric coil slowly rose up, accompanied by electric fire roaring, and the turbulent soul fluctuations rushed in all directions. A short-haired cat slave who came to the enemy line was directly expelled from the other’s body by this heart fluctuation.

Seeing this scene, the super-cats who watched many of the short-haired sects changed instantly.

“What is this?”

“Can you attack consciousness?”

β€œThere is nothing beyond consciousness that can attack consciousness!”

“What did Chang Mao Zong do?”

“No wonder they have a big attack this time. Do you think you can restrain us? Bastard!”

In the past, the long-haired ancestors faced the short-haired conscious attack, and they always clasped their hands. Only the part of the hand, the dream, the Illusion, the spiritual-related super-cat and the cat slaves can compete.

But now it is obviously different.

Looking at the super-cats of the short-haired Mao, Zhao Yao squinted, but was thinking about the situation on the battlefield.

‘For the time being, this weapon seems to be able to drive away, not to kill consciousness, but even this is very powerful. And this is the first time it has appeared on the battlefield. If this weapon continues to be updated, strengthened, and improved in a few years… The situation of the short Maozong is not good. ‘

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