Am I A God? Chapter 1037

Here Zhao Yao sees the danger of the new Mao Zong’s new weapon, and obviously many of the super cats present have seen this.

The gray ash in the dream slowly floated, and the appearance of being dull became extremely solemn.

“The short Mao Zong guy actually developed this kind of weapon…”

The father of Mai Mai said: “Dad, let the moon shadow go?”

“No, I do it myself.” Gray said seriously: “There is no need to waste time and strength to slowly test, and to eat them all at once, you must force all the intelligence of the new weapon.”

During the speech, the incomparable consciousness surged from the gray body, and everyone in the room felt that his body seemed to have encountered a force majeure, and unconsciously retreated.

The gray ash in front of the eyes has already leaped gently, jumping out of the dream and descending into the real world.

“Dad is going to shoot again.” Feifei sighed: “I look at it seriously. This is the real strength of our short Maozong. It is good to learn a little.”

During the speech, the water mirror in front of the eye moved slightly, and a layer of ripples had been picked up, which changed with the sight of the gray.

Then I saw the blue planet in front of me rapidly expanding, and soon landed from the atmosphere to the surface and came to an underground base.

The coil machine around the base four violently vibrates, constantly releasing a wave of mind to resist the advent of gray.

A sharp alarm sounded in the base, the numbers on the display continued to rise, and the red flash shrouded all corners of the base. Numerous cat slaves stood up and made a loud exclamation.

“Alarm! Alert! Discover super-intensity consciousness!”

“Good conscious!”

“It is the super cat of the Son level!”

“Open all the mind-resistors!”

At the moment, the machine that had just worked was under the overwhelming consciousness of the gray ash, and there was no resistance at all. Not only could it prevent the ash from coming, but it even entered the overload state after shaking, and stopped smoking with black smoke.

In just half a second, with the reimbursement of the soul-resisting device, the base that has just been noisy has been completely quiet.

A cat slave named Mao Zong seems to be standing in the original position and does not move.

“Turn off all machines.”

The next moment, along with the order of gray and gray in the heart, the cat slaves of all the people of Maozong moved again, and the base seemed to have returned from time to time, and the numerous cat slaves of Chang Maozong acted in an orderly manner. I can’t see the slightest abnormality, just like their daily routine.

But the machines in the base were closed one after another, and the cat slaves who had finished these were gathered in the hall, and then they stunned themselves and fell into a ball.

And this is just a base on the road…

On the continent where the battle was most fierce, the light points on the mechs, battleships, Cannon and various bases quickly dimmed, and the darkness was like a harvesting death, spreading rapidly on the planet.

“this is……”

“Dad controls them to turn off all the machines.” Feifei exclaimed: “The consciousness of the Son-level can easily manipulate hundreds of thousands or even millions of lives and conquer a continent, but it is only a moment. thing……”

The effort between the words, the mainland on the front is already dark, all the machines are closed, all the cat slaves have fallen asleep, and the entire army of the Maoist is completely paralyzed.

The next moment, on a spaceship at the Star Gate, the crew fell one after the other on the ground, and the star gate not far away was slowly closed, completely immersed in silence.

For the gray of LV72, if he is not facing the strongman of the same level on the battlefield, he does not need to exert any powerful tricks or horrible skills.

He only needs to come, control, and harvest, just like ordinary people walking on the ground, arbitrarily stepping on the ants on the ground.

The next moment, the voice of gray and gray came from the minds of Mai Mai and others: “Send someone to take over.”

The short-haired Mao’s slaves soon returned to the battlefield and began to clean up the mess. They kept the Mao slaves of Chang Maozong in custody and prepared to interrogate them one by one and get information about the soul-resisting device.

Zhao Yao said in the heart: “Is this the consciousness of LV72? From the picture just now, the gray ash seems to be able to exist in the material world for a long time in the state of consciousness without relying on the flesh. I don’t know how long his limit is. “”

The super-power cats that Zhao Yao encountered before, no matter how strong their consciousness, if they exist in the material world simply by consciousness, they will consume a lot of consciousness. If they do not meet the object of attachment, they will even dissipate consciousness in the heavens and the earth. between.

The gray ash in front of us is obviously different. In Zhao Yao’s observation, the other party seems to be able to float in the material world for a long time, and the scope of spreading consciousness is extremely wide and enormous.

“If he comes to the earth, I am afraid that it will take up to ten minutes to rule the entire planet.”

But when everyone thought that the overall situation had been fixed, the violent explosion was transmitted on the surface.

In just a moment of effort, countless super-fireballs rose up on the surface, breaking the earth, blowing the atmosphere, and burning everything.

The cat slaves had no time to launch the capability, and they were torn into pieces by the sudden shock wave and high temperature, and then burned to ashes.

The entire surface turned into a hot hell in an instant.

The gray squinted his eyes and looked at the battlefield. The beard was also shocked and shook: “Retreat! Let the cat slaves retreat!”

But it was already late, and the microsecond command spread throughout the entire period of the long hairs of electronic instruments, weapons, mechas, and fleets… and then a huge fireball rose from the ground and burned the land. Fire sea.

“These gits!”

The gray ash looked angrily at the continent covered by flames, dust, and radiation. On the other hand, the spaceships in the sky were all turned into the sea of ​​fire. Finally, they exploded like a fireworks in the universe, turning into dust and floating in the void.

“Well,” Feifei said incredulously: “They even did not hesitate to kill their own people and die with our cat slaves. These madmen are simply mad.”

Zhao Yao also looked at the battlefield of the charcoal, and had a new understanding of the sultry of Chang Maozong.


At the same time, many light years away from the dark areas of the stars, thousands of warships floated quietly in the universe.

In the center of the fleet, it is a super-large flagship with a length of more than ten kilometers.

In the flagship command room, a two-meter-high white cat squatted on the cushion. The long cat hair fell to the ground, covered with the surrounding ground, and a pair of ears shook from time to time, accompanied by his movements. Variety.

Several humans are revolving around him, constantly helping the white cat to comb the hair, and two others are kneeling on the ground, carefully grinding the white cat’s claws.

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