Am I A God? Chapter 1038

Another long-haired Black Cat squatted in front of the white cat and said: “McGate, all the troops of Tumen Star have started the self-destruction process, and it is estimated that all the cat slaves at the moment are dead.”

White cat Maggie heard a nod and said: “Good job, the short-haired ancestors of the country must be blown up, hahahaha, I am happy to think that they will blow up!”

The white cat opened his mouth and revealed a smiling movement. A pair of fangs came out and gave off a cold light: “After the next batch of cloned cat slaves are ready?”

“Let their troops prepare for the battle. Since these short-haired geniuses are coming, they will not give up easily. Then the entire Delin Star Cluster will be their place of burial.”


In the dream of gray and gray, countless super-powered cats have already exploded.

There are too many cat slaves in this casualty, but many of them are cat slaves under their hands.

“This time the CCP has more than … three million cat slaves…” Feifei looked ugly: “The enemy’s weapon did not leave one…”

Gray and angry said: “I am not letting them escape? Why are you still so dead?”

“According to some of the fugitive cat slaves, there are unknown weapons on the scene that interfere with their dimension, which has caused a lot of casualties. There are about 50,000 cat slaves returning. I have sent people to the scene to maintain the rescue operation.”

The gray ash said: “Try to search for help! Let the cat slave come back.”

Zhao Yao, on the side, listened to the situation on the battlefield, listening to the countless numbers of life on his mind, and his heart sighed.

The death toll of the cosmic war is obviously much more terrible than the battles in the atmosphere, not to mention the cat slaves have always been regarded as the frontline soldiers, cannon fodder, and more to die.

In this case, Zhao Yao is also slightly frowning.

Cat slaves are still too low for super cats.

Zhao Yao said in the heart: ‘These silly cats, nothing to fight, can only wait for me to receive long hair, short hair, no hair, no need to fight. ‘

The short-haired Mao’s super-cats are obviously not willing to give up, and a large number of cat slaves are dispatched to prepare for the battlefield. Of course, basically only cat slaves are on the battlefield.

After all, every super cat is not easy to cultivate, and it has this high potential and a bright future.

So almost all of the battlefields were borrowed from the cat slaves of super catability, while the super cats hid in the dimension of consciousness and watched the entire battlefield with cold eyes.

This war sector, which is divided into gray ash, is also known as the Delin New Group. It is a cluster of hundreds of stars. It once had a sinister civilization and brought together a large number of humans and super-powered cats.

However, since the short Maozong, Chang Maozong, and Mao Zedong’s war, the Delin Star Cluster has become a battleground for three reasons. The more it is desolate, the almost no resident population.

At this moment, the war has rekindled, and hundreds of millions of cat slaves have been thrown into the battlefield, leaving their lives on a single planet.

Zhao Yao, because of his high talent and potential, did not send to the battlefield, but came to the rear of a planet to learn knowledge and practice skills according to the requirements of gray.

After all, simply in a dream, you can’t really learn and practice those skills, you have to come to the material world.


Jin Yangxing, on a plain formed by green vegetation, Zhao Yao stood in the same place, and the consciousness of LV60 turned into an invisible tentacles, which directly crossed the two hundred meters, and touched the consciousness of Mai Mai.

Mai Mai’s body stunned and said with a red face: β€œLight feather! Pull out! I feel so uncomfortable.”

“Know it.” Zhao Yao resisted the temptation to continue deep, and took consciousness out of the other’s body.

“The transmission of consciousness exceeds two hundred meters. This black skill ‘unparalleled’ is really effective.”

The black skill ‘unparalleled’ is a gray-ash design that allows Zhao Yao to practice first. Although there is no active effect, the passive effect is the range of influence that can enhance consciousness.

In the past, Zhao Yao has been passively raising the scope of communication by raising awareness.

Zhao Yao guessed that gray ash can control hundreds of thousands and millions of apostles in an instant, and raising the scope of consciousness transmission should be one of the important reasons.

On the other side, Mai Mai ran unhappy, and after reaching more than 50 meters, she consciously slammed into Zhao Yao’s body.

Zhao Yao instantly felt that there was an ice-cold tentacle in his body that touched him and shouted to Mai Mai: “Yes, there is progress.”

“You are so far away, I am so.” Mai Mai said very unhappy: “Why are you improving so fast!”

Zhao Yao smiled slightly: “Maybe I am smarter. How, do you still have to practice?”

Mai Mai quickly shook his head and said: “Exhausted, you know that Grandpa is not here today, I have to take a rest…”

“Hey? Isn’t the ash?”

Mai Mai said: “That is, I heard that the troops without Mao Zong are coming. He intends to cooperate with a wave to launch a round of general attack on the fleet of Chang Maozong. Guang Yu! Do you want to play with me?”

“No, I have to practice more.”

Immediately after leaving Mai Mai, Zhao Yao confirmed that there was no one nearby. In order to be careful, he started the time stop in the cat prince’s dress, then switched the Space Gate and returned to the earth.

“I finally came back…” Zhao Yao fell on the sofa and breathed a sigh of relief. During this time, he stayed in the short-haired sect’s stronghold, and often had to be observed and cultivated by the ash, so that he didn’t even have time to return to Earth. Then, there is no opportunity to carry out various operations on the BOOK, and there is no opportunity to upgrade the world of seals.

During this time, when practicing skills under the supervision of gray, Zhao Yao also secretly analyzed the country of consciousness given by the giggling.

But unfortunately, the relevant knowledge of the country of giggling is not complete, only the part of the spiritual energy, and the complete state of consciousness includes a total of spiritual energy, dream proliferation, dimensional transformation, virtual reality and thought rules. Five parts.

‘Unfortunately, according to the knowledge I got, I will increase the load of the country of consciousness to 100 million. ‘

Zhao Yao thought about the grayish semi-cured dream, guessing that the other party can build a country of consciousness, and must know the complete knowledge of the country of consciousness.

But now he can’t think of it. Now he has to raise the upper limit of the country of consciousness, and hang up Bridget, raise Bridget to LV25, and unlock the upper limit of BOOK Super Cat.

There is also a diamond hall to be used, and there are many experience points and diamonds in hand. Zhao Yao can plan to strengthen one wave and improve his own strength.

Just as Zhao Yao was thinking about the plan, he stood up and walked out of the door. He said in his heart: “I haven’t seen it for a few days, and I don’t know if the silly cats think about me.”

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