Am I A God? Chapter 1039

Although I am very concerned about how the cats are under the hands, Zhao Yao is still planning to get the plan on hand.

First call the game company to put a headline that attracts hatred to the official website: “As the only developer of the seal world, everyone, the boss of the game, the old friends of the players.

I decided to upgrade the server of the game with a loss, and raise the number of online users of 30 million at the same time to one hundred million.

After three hours, the connection was closed, the update time was unknown, and the server open time was unknown. ”

After Zhao Yao’s announcement was made, it naturally aroused the sensation of the game circle. Countless people discussed the amazing record of 100 million simultaneous online, discussed the future of the seal world, and cursed Zhao Yao’s father.

After Zhao Yao finished the announcement, he entered the world of seals again and began to update the contents of the seal world based on the knowledge he had previously analyzed.

After three hours, all the players who have not yet gone offline are forced to go offline, leaving only the clucking and others are still in the dark room.

Of course, there are Toms who have been playing with Tom, and Zhao Yao has no T off the line, let them continue to play.

The existence of such a small number of people, for Zhao Yao who has mastered the LV60 consciousness, does not affect his renewal of the seal world.

It was seen that Zhao Yao came to the core control room of the seal world, and the consciousness of LV60 surged out and constantly modified the dream structure in front of him.

“Higher load… faster running speed…”

“There are security systems…protective architecture…”

After spending almost an hour, Zhao Yao finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The seal world in front of us has not changed at all, but his internal dream structure has been overwhelming, and the solidification effect in the consciousness dimension has been greatly enhanced, and it can accommodate more consciousness than in the past.

At this moment, Zhao Yao has completely surpassed the clichΓ© of the country of consciousness and the world of seals, and he is more familiar with the knowledge he has mastered.

After finishing the update of the seal world, Zhao Yao informed the game company that he stayed in the seal world and hung up Bridget.

Looking at Bridget’s evolutionary collection efficiency, Zhao Yao nodded, and as the player went online again, new players rushed in, especially after reaching 100 million people online, the evolutionary speed of the super cats will usher. A new leap.

“According to the current progress, Bridget can reach LV25 for up to a week, and then unlock the upper limit.”

So Zhao Yao stayed in the seal world, hangs up Bridget and starts to operate BOOK.

After the upgrade of the seal world is completed, Bridget will hang up and upgrade on the line. Then Zhao Yao should take a look at the Diamond Hall and reinforcement.

“I have a look, strengthen the stone 52, the first to strengthen, it must be the cat prince dress.”

One of the major shortcomings of the cat prince dress is that the superabsorbable super-ability grade is only LV60, and Zhao Yao first thought of strengthening the cat prince dress.

The current cat prince dress has been strengthened once, is +1 level, and the defense power is increased by 10%.

Zhao Yao Now, after applying a strengthening stone to the cat prince’s dress, a progress bar jumps out in front of his eyes, and a message of reinforcement failure skips in front of him.


“It doesn’t matter, pad cutters must be steady.”

Zhao Yao rushed another piece of fortified stone and failed. Then he used the third piece and finally succeeded.

Cat Prince Dress + 2: Defense Enhanced 20%

“+2 is better than nothing, continue.” Zhao Yao took another piece of fortified stone.

The next two pieces are good luck and directly strengthened.

Cat prince dress + 4: 40% defensive strength, 10% physique enhancement

“When it looks like +4, there will be new special effects, and the physical enhancement 10% is not bad.”

Zhao Yao returned to the material world and immediately felt the cat prince’s dress trembled. The clothes on her body instantly melted into her body, as if countless small hands massaged her body, with every cell, every fiber, every root. The nerves, each muscle, and each bone are tightly joined together.

Zhao Yao was able to clearly see that her body seemed to be more relaxed and her body was stronger.

So then Zhao Yao took another fortified stone… Strengthening failure, Cat Prince dress-1

Looking at the cat prince dress that changed back to +3 again, Zhao Yao was immediately angry, and he also brought -1?

Angry and angry, Zhao Yao took another tough stone.


Looking at the already red-eyed Zhao Yao, one after another, the reinforced stone was photographed, and the cat prince dress in front of me finally reached the level of +7.

Cat prince dress + 7: 70% defensive strength, 40% physique, super-ability + 1

“Can absorb superability + 1?” Zhao Yao’s eyes lit up, this effect is really good.

The cat prince dress originally had the same world, and can store up to two kinds of capabilities. Then Zhao Yao can switch to one of them at random. Although it is already from scratch, sometimes Zhao Yao feels less.

Now, after +4, it is possible to store three kinds of super-ability at the same time, so that Zhao Yao has more choices.

However, when Zhao Yao wanted to take a fortified stone and then jumped out, he stopped.

“Enhancement above +7, can it cause equipment damage after failure?” Zhao Yao frowned: “Do you play so big?”

Seeing this prompt, Zhao Yao remembered the new exchanges in the Diamond Hall. The enhanced hammers required for 10 diamonds were able to make the equipment above +7 hardened without damage.

“The enhancement above +7 is too pit.” Zhao Yao frowned and thought: “It’s time to find a special diamond for a time, and redeem a little fortified hammer to strengthen it.”

He turned his head and looked at his BOOK.

The number of diamonds is 21, and the number of strengthened stones is 19.

The number is still too small, and look at your own luck, Zhao Yao is still planning to make more diamonds to strengthen.

However, it is not enough to strengthen the stone. Think about it, Zhao Yao looks at the dragon sword that he has not used for a long time.

Dragon Slayer + 4: The death of the Dragon Slayer has disabled the ability 50 seconds, causing a weak consciousness.

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao took a fortified stone directly.


Zhao Yao is also a few fortified stones. Anyway, it is not used now. It is not a distressed effect. It seems that the Dragon Slayer has been strengthened to +12.

“I go!”

“Just if you have this luck…”

Looking at the +12 Dragon Sword in front of him, Zhao Yao really didn’t know whether it was happy or sad. However, +12 has two more special effects than the original.

Dragon Slayer + 12: The death of the Dragon Slayer has disabled the ability 100 seconds, causing a weak consciousness. The difficulty of the Dragon Slayer check is increased by 12 times. Can attach consciousness to enhance the killing effect.

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