Am I A God? Chapter 1040

โ€œIs the sense of attachment enhancing the killing effect?โ€

Zhao Yao thought about it. After all, he couldn’t help but pick up the Dragon Sword and released his consciousness against the blade. Then he came to himself.

A few minutes later, Zhao Yao stood up in black and looked at the dragon sword in his hand and carefully closed it up.

“This thing is really…”

Zhao Yao finally understood what it means to increase the difficulty of the Dragon Slayer checkup. Anyway, he didn’t want to try again.

After attaching consciousness, the Dragon Sword has a lethal effect on the super-cats above LV10. Even after Zhao Yao attaches the consciousness of LV60, he can also kill the LV60, and for more than LV60 The above existence, the effect is also gradually reduced due to super resistance, not as completely as before, completely ineffective.

Looking at the Dragon Sword in front of you, Zhao Yao said in his heart: “This stuff… is the strongest killing method I have now.”

I watched the enhancement and only 11 was left. I got the cat prince dress + 7, and the dragon knives + 12. My strength has once again strengthened. Zhao Yao is going to leave the world of seals and see how his cat looks. It is.

Back to the Cat Island Villa, Zhao Yao opened the door and went to the big living room. He looked around and found that no one had a cat.

“Mocha, aren’t they there? I don’t know if there is anything happening on the earth during the time I left.” Zhao Yao took out his mobile phone and looked at it: “Today’s weekend, it’s not a day of reading, just passing through the stomach bag, it seems like Did not see them.”

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao still plans to go back to the stomach pocket and ask other super cats.

Then self-swallowed, Zhao Yao once again came to the stomach pocket of the yuan, just walked a few steps and saw a cat asked: “Lion head, do you see Mocha?”

โ€œZhao Yao?โ€ The lion head looked at Zhao Yao in front of him, and the next moment he fell into a cat hair and looked at Zhao Yao with a look: โ€œZhao Yao!โ€

One grabbed the lion’s head, frowned, and looked at the lion’s head in front of him. Zhao Yao said strangely: “What are you doing so nervously? Am I so scared?”

The kimchi on the side looked at Zhao Yao with a shocked expression: “Zhao Yao is back!” He shouted and he did not go away.

A big drink, the entire time the stomach bag was in a big mess, countless super cats who were still eating, playing games, rolling, and panicked and climbed up, fled and fled, just like a frightened herd, toward everything They think that the safe place to run, it is basically a few Space Gates in the stomach pocket at the moment.

In an instant, there was no cat in the entire stomach of the stomach. Only a lion head and a cat wanted to run, but Zhao Yao stuck his neck and lifted it up.

“What to do, how to see me all by myself is like seeing a ghost.” Zhao Yao frowned, looking at his eyes and closing his eyes, like a lion head that was fainting, shaking his body. Asked: “Ask you, don’t pretend to die.”

The lion’s head opened his eyes and quickly shook his head and said, “I don’t know! I don’t know anything!”

“Cut.” Zhao Yao loosened the neck of the lion’s head and chose a Space Gate to go. If the lion figure did not say, he would go and see for himself.

Then Zhao Yao randomly selected a Space Gate, and after stepping in, the coffee shop was in front of him.

Ning Ning was sleeping at the front desk, and there was no one in the coffee shop.

Zhao Yao took a picture of the desktop in front of Ningning and asked: “Is the coffee shop all right?”

Ningning looked up and saw Zhao Yao’s face disappointed: “The boss is back…”

Zhao Yao is uncomfortable: “What do you mean by this expression, are you disappointed to see me?”

“Ha ha ha ha.” Ning Ning smiled slyly: “No, I am too surprised to see the boss too surprised.”

Zhao Yao asked: “Is there a cat to visit the store recently?”

“Hey, talk about cats.” Ning Ning scratched his chin and said: “Itโ€™s been a long time since I saw no cats coming back to the store. It feels like Iโ€™m missing.”

Zhao Yao frowned, called Baiquan, couldn’t get through, and called Zhao Xue, no one answered.

โ€œWhat to do.โ€ Leave a message to two people, let them get back and go back to themselves. Zhao Yao left the coffee shop again, returned to the stomach pocket, and came to Cat Le Street through Space Gate.

At the moment, on Cat Street, there are many people watching, taking pictures, shopping, and having fun. Most of them belong to tourists, and only a few are members of the apostles or some special organizations.

After all, the current cat street is not like the cat city of the past, but it is a secret entertainment venue for the super cats and apostles.

Because Zhao Yaoโ€™s reputation has proliferated, the newly-built Cat Le Street is also a famous earthquake. Many people know Zhao Yao, and people who know that there is a super-powered cat want to come to Cat Le Street to see the super energy. Cats, it is best to touch and hold.

This has made Cat Le Street also a new attraction in Jianghai. Every day, countless tourists, apostles, and even super-powered cats come here to see Zhao Yao’s super cat.

Zhao Yao appeared at the top of the original cat music city. He glanced at the slow crowd on the street. He smiled and walked back to the office.

“Let me see… what the idiots are doing.”

When I came to Cat City, Zhao Yao strolled around, but I didnโ€™t see any abnormalities in Cat City, but the business was better, the tourists were more, and the windows were seen. The people in the queue had already photographed them from the door. More than three hundred meters away.

There are also a group of guys holding signs making noise outside.

โ€œAnti-pressing cats for cat-colored activities!โ€

“Down with a sweatshop!”

“Arrest Zhao Yao! Save the cat!”

Zhao Yao’s ears moved, and he heard the footsteps behind him and asked directly: “Where are these fools coming?”

Bai Quan stood behind Zhao Yao unconsciously. After the other party came to Cat Le City, he heard the other party’s voice and smelled the other party’s smell.

At this moment, I heard the words, “They are the people of the overseas super-cat protection organization. They prefer to oppose the protest and let the company work for the super cat.”

Zhao Yao asked: “Oh? Who are behind them? Why don’t you call the police to drive them away?”

Bai Quan: “According to the information provided by Lao He, there are more than a dozen super cats behind them. The status of the cats is not low. Anyway, this organization is protesting. There is no excessive behavior. It is up to them. “”

Zhao Yao nodded. “Yes, Mocha, what? Why didn’t I see them when I came back?”

Bai Quan smiled slightly and there was cold sweat on his forehead.


On the other side, just after Zhao Yao returned to Earth, after the news of the seal world was announced. Several apostles on Earth also received this information.

On Mount Everest.

A shirtless blond man walks on top of the ice.

Then he saw that he climbed toward Mount Everest with such a hand, and several mountain climbers on the side held the camera with a look of tiredness and shock.

A member of the team shocked: “It’s too strong, it’s too strong! It’s a new world record!”

“This kind of body is almost terrible than the robot.” Another person exclaimed.

“Ivanovic! The greatest mountaineer on the planet.” One member of the team sighed: “It is said that he used to be a KGB agent. After retiring, he fell in love with climbing.”

“Without the equipment, climbing Mount Everest without replenishment, even if his body has been enhanced by superability, it is crazy.”

“I heard that he was only trying to hone his will, not even notifying any media. If we didn’t happen to meet him…”

Suddenly I saw the blond man stopped and everyone was puzzled.

I saw the blond man standing in the same place, looking up at the sky, not knowing what to look at, after a moment the body turned and went down in the opposite direction.

The crowd was surprised: “Ivanovic, where are you going?”


“What are you doing in Jianghai?”

Ivanovicโ€™s eyes flashed coldly: โ€œChallenge the strongest in the world, then… replace it.โ€

The next moment, Ivanovic saw a heavy jump, and he had already jumped into a blizzard and disappeared completely.

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