Am I A God? Chapter 1041

Two weeks ago.

London, England.

In the magnificent hall, a young black man lay on the sofa.

His right hand held his chin, his eyes swept slightly over his front, and five cats and five people fell to the ground and shivered.

‘I, Sebastian, the heir to the oldest, wealthiest and most powerful family in Europe. ‘

‘From birth, I have understood that I am different. ‘

‘I am different from those mortals. ‘

When they have to pay countless efforts for certain things, pay decades, or even pay for their lives and sacrifice their lives, I can easily get them with one sentence.

This is fate. The rule that people have decided since the moment they were born.

99.99% of people on Earth are just mortals.

And, from the moment I was born, I was destined to become God.

All the things on earth, beauty, wine, whether it is the wealth of the rich enemy, or the dream worthy of people’s pursuit, I can easily own.

In the year when the super-powered cat appeared, I naturally naturally awakened the apostle’s talents.

But that year, there was a person on the earth who should never appear, and there was a dregs that stole my things.

Sebastian’s gaze swept over the apostles and super-powerful cats crouching in front of him, looking to one of British Shorthair and the apostles beside him: “What is the probability of your two?”

“Soft…soften.” The young man who fell to the ground trembled and said: “Our ability can become like a soft mud…”

“Disgusting ability, get out of my palace.” Sebastian frowned, coldly said: “Don’t let me see you again.”

The man and his super-powered cat were taken out by the guards, and Sebastian looked at the beaver cat on the other side and the female apostle beside him.

“What is your ability?”

“Electric… current, I can control the current.”

“Useless things.”

“It’s all useless superability.”

“No, not this cat!”

“Why! Why isn’t there a one worthy of my super cat?”

All the people and cats were retired. Sebastian kicked openly and kicked the coffee table, and screamed with anger: “My super cat! Why is my super cat not here?” !”

He looked at the computer screen on the side and was scrolling with information about Zhao Yao.

Black Phoenix recognizes Zhao as the father…Zhao Yao once again shows the strength of the world’s first…

According to expert speculation…Zhao Yao has strong space capability…free to travel around the world…

According to the latest vote on the INS…Zhao Yao was re-elected as ‘the strongest apostle’ first place…called the man closest to God…

Sebastian bit his teeth and broke the computer screen.

The next moment, the phone rang, Sebastian took the phone: “Hey, Master Sebastian, the lord has decided to cooperate with Baiquan. We will start selling their products in stores all over Europe. , no channel fees…”

Sebastian: “We want to bow to them?!”

“Young Master, Bai Quan personally came to Paris three days ago, the gap… is too big…” Hesitated a little, and then firmly said: “The timely retreat is for the family to last longer…”


Sebastian fell off his cell phone and angered: “It shouldn’t be like this…”


“It shouldn’t be like this.”

“Theseabilities… these capabilities should be mine…”

“I should be a person destined to be God!”

“Why is such a powerful super cat falling in the hands of his scum?!”

“Oh, are you stupid?”

At the moment of Sebastian’s infinite fury, a source from the earth, a force that transcends the earth, poured into his body from outside the sky.

It is consciousness! It is beyond the consciousness of almost all the earth’s super-powered cats!

“this is……”

Feeling the consciousness of the body coming into it, Sebastian’s mind also has a lot of information about the consciousness.

At this moment, Sebastian accepted the consciousness without hesitation and had his own understanding of this power…

“I am awakened to superability?!”

“This power! This is what I should have in Sebastian! Hahahaha…”

“This is worthy of my superability! What Zhao Yao, what white spring, what a cat… I will die for me!”

“What about the super cat? What about the apostle? The ability of Sebastian to wake up is the strongest.”

“Everyone is wrong.”

“Grandpa, he is wrong, we don’t need to bow down like the Chinese.”

“Dad is not doing the right thing. He should put all his resources into me, instead of looking for Mithril’s super organization assistance.”

“But it doesn’t matter, I will let them know and let them know how wrong they are.”

“Use the impediment of my Sebastian.”

“Just wait for me to be thoroughly familiar with this power… How long will it take… How long will it take…”

And when time returned to the present, it was not long after Zhao Yao returned to Earth, and after making a notice to the seal world.

Sebastian, who was sitting in the closet, opened his eyes and looked up at the sky. He seemed to hear a mysterious whisper.

There was a glimmer of strange light in his eyes.

The next moment, he had already opened the door and walked outside the house.

In the hall, Sebastian’s father is receiving several apostles from the Mithril army.

“This time, there are a few people who have helped.”

“Nothing, this is what we should do.”

Sebastian’s father’s eyes were swept over by a few people. The other is one of the best fighters of Mithril. Each one has experienced many battles and is famous in the European super-energy world. Hundreds of hostile apostles.

‘With them, this time things should be fine. Even if Bai Quan comes over again, it should be able to hold the scene. ‘

Just then, the door of the living room was kicked open, and Sebastian’s father yelled: “Sebastian, what are you doing?!”

Sebasti’s eyes were empty, and he looked at the apostles of several Mithril, faintly saying: “The Mithril people?”

“Go, the Camian family doesn’t need you.”

Several apostles of Mithril changed their face, and Sebastian’s father yelled: “Sebastian, what are you talking about? Immediately apologize to several gentlemen?”

“Why do you apologize to the garbage? What do you say?” Sebastian’s brows were slightly clustered. Between the thoughts, several of the Mithril apostles had distorted their faces and then fell to the ground. Say to Sebastian: “I am sorry… we are just rubbish, you don’t care about us.”

The people around the four people looked at the scene with astonishment, and saw Sebastian who turned and walked. Sebastian’s father couldn’t help but ask: “Sebastian, where are you going?”

Sebastian stopped and said: “Go to China and take back what should belong to me.”

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