Am I A God? Chapter 1042

Zhao Yao looked at Bai Quan and licked his neck and said, “Well? What happened?”

The cold sweat on Baiquanโ€™s head kept staying and hesitated and said: โ€œWell… they proposed to raise the salary, increase the rest day, work only 1 hours a day, and want to re-sign the contract…โ€

Zhao Yao said: “You will not agree?”

“I certainly refused this unreasonable request.” Bai Quan said quickly: “Then they went on strike.”

โ€œStrike?โ€ Zhao Yao bounced his fingers, and the air at his fingertips gave a sharp whistling sound. He said slowly: โ€œWho is the head?โ€

Bai Quan said slowly: “It seems to be…YuanYuan…”


Jianghai, a huge venue that was rented by people.

A super-powerful cat squeezed in and the cat’s head twitched.

I saw a huge photo of Zhao Yao being placed in front of the cats.

YuanYuan stood in front of the big photo. He walked up with a super-powerful cat who was thin and looked at the cat. He said, “You can see, this nephew is Aqiang, three months ago, he Still a cute and strong scorpion. Look at his previous photos.”

I saw that the projection on the stage changed, showing a fascinating white cat.

Seeing this cat and the cat that YuanYuan is holding now, the super cats in the audience are exclaimed.

“Three months, in the short three months of working in the cat music city under Zhao Yao, Aqiang became like this.” YuanYuan shouted: “More than six hours of work a day, day to night Can only eat cat food, but also endure all kinds of human sexual harassment, discrimination and verbal abuse.”

Under the stage, a terrified voice was heard. A female cat shook her head and rubbed her eyes with her hand.

Next YuanYuan sent A Qiang up and took Mango up.

“This blue cat is called Mango.” YuanYuan exclaimed: “Just a month ago, he was still a smart and lively kitten, still happily reading the first grade, but because his parents owe Zhao Yao Money, he was sold to the cat city.”

YuanYuan touched Mango’s head and sighed: “But one night, he was caught by a group of people in the cat’s box. A dozen human females touched him for three hours, when Mango fell. When a hair came out, he was already crazy.”

YuanYuan directed the camera closer and projected Mango’s facial close-up, showing Mango’s tongue and a silly expression.

“An adult strong cat has become a sick scorpion, a healthy kitten, forced into a madman, how many cats have to be sacrificed?!”

YuanYuan pointed to Zhao Yao’s photo and said, “You still want to be crushed by him!”

Eggboy shouted underneath: “Don’t want to!”

YuanYuan went on to say: “You still have to be pulled by a human being on our heads?! Also look at a cat being persecuted by him?”


YuanYuan continued to mutter: “It is the time for the super cat to rise! We want to show our determination to Zhao Yao! Let him know that we are serious this time!”

The cats under the stage were serious and raised their small claws and shouted: “Serious!”


โ€œLet Zhao Yao see what we are!โ€

“Can’t let him do whatever he wants!”

YuanYuan nodded with satisfaction, and said in the heart: ‘Hey, wait for me to absorb your super-energy factor and sell it to Zhao Yao in the backhand, not to fly. ‘

X shouted in his heart: ‘Hurry up! Hurry up and let me touch these cats! ‘

YuanYuan: ‘Don’t remind me, this thing has to come slowly, can’t be anxious. ‘

X controls YuanYuan’s hand on the ground: ‘Hurry up! I can’t help it! ‘

“Know, don’t move.” YuanYuan pointed to the huge photo of Zhao Yao behind him and shouted: “Good! Today we will make an oath and fight against Zhao Yao tyranny! The earth belongs to the super cat!”

“Revolt against Zhao Yao tyranny! The earth belongs to the super cat!”

YuanYuan went on to say, “Okay! Everyone is coming up, every cat is urinating with this photo! We are a family cat in the future!”


“To pee against Zhao Yao’s photo?!”

When I heard YuanYuanโ€™s words, the cats in the audience were shocked.

The entire venue was quiet for a moment, and all the cats were shrunk back and did not dare to come out.

‘A group of waste! ‘YuanYuan smiled coldly and looked at the egg under the stage. The egg boy turned his head and screamed: “Oh, I have eaten something bad for breakfast, and suddenly my stomach hurts!”

‘One one can’t stand it!

YuanYuan shouted: “This is the name of today’s vote. Since everyone is a bit shy, let me be the first one!”

Said, YuanYuan has come to the picture of Zhao Yao, with the ass aligned with the photo in front of him.

The super-powered cats under the stage were all excited, picked up the mobile phones one by one, and pointed them in the direction of the stage.

Mocha is excited: “Hurry up and take your mobile phone! My mobile phone!”

The cat on the side said: “Here, here, I took it!”

Mocha was excited: “Haha, wait for me to send this video to Zhao Yao, YuanYuan, this guy is still not killed!”

Looking at the stage, at least dozens of cats pointed at the phone with their mobile phones. YuanYuan stood for a while and immediately said, “You guys, all of them are facing me with their mobile phones, I can’t get out of it.”

“Take me the phone!”

Under the repeated urging of YuanYuan, the cats in the audience had to put the phone down one by one, but they were always ready to pick it up and photographed YuanYuan.

However, after waiting for a long time, YuanYuan still did not pour out, Mocha could not help but press the scorpion and said: “How can I still not urinate! Is it kidney deficiency!”

Cannon shouted: “Yes! In the end, the urine does not urinate!”

Lightning on the other side said: “If you don’t pee, just leave.”

โ€œGive me shut up!โ€ YuanYuan groaned, then whispered, โ€œItโ€™s just not urinating…โ€ He looked at Mango and said: โ€œLet Mango come first.โ€

Mocha took the lead and slammed into a piece.

Just then, a Black Cat jumped onto the stage and said, “Wait a minute, let me come first!”

YuanYuan’s eyes lit up and went forward: “A good cat, what does this brother call?”

Black Cat slowly walked up and said with a smile: “My name…”

The next moment, his body swelled and suddenly made his body bigger than the tiger.

At the same time, the mouth opened to more than one meter high, and the sly suddenly swallowed YuanYuan in front of him, then jumped again, and swallowed Mango, who looked silly.

The huge mouth stretched out the scarlet tongue and licked his mouth: “Is this Zhao Yao’s super cat? Hey, isn’t that good?”

The next moment, he glanced at the super-powered cats who were stunned. He whispered, “Tell Zhao Yao, let him wait, I will put his super cat one by one… Eat only one place… and he… can only wait quietly in fear, fear and despair…”

After all, I saw the giant cat on the stage jump, broke the wall and ran out.

Under the stage, Mocha blinked and looked at the cat and asked him: “That guy… just swallowed Mango?”

The cat said: “It seems to be awkward.”

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