Am I A God? Chapter 1043

Like a black panther, the figure jumped rapidly in the high-rise buildings in Jianghai.

“Hey Hey.”

The big cat ran and excitedly laughed.

“It’s too easy.”

“The cats under Zhao Yao are not alert at all. Is it really too long in a comfortable life?”

“When I eat them all…”

And when the big cat rushed into the city building, it was above the tens of thousands of meters above the ground.

The satellite lens is crossing the atmosphere, constantly tracking his figure.

“Confirm the target.”

“He swallowed Zhao Yao’s two cats.”

“All the troops are on standby, keep up with him, don’t fight with him.”

In front of the big screen of the command room, Lao He looked at the constantly moving figure on the screen and turned to ask: “Notify Zhao Yao over there?”

“White Spring took the call and said they already knew it.”

Why did the old man nod? “Take them over.”

Next to Lao He, a middle-aged soldier frowned and his face was dissatisfied: “Why, why wait for Zhao Yao to come over? You should immediately launch the cofferdam to reduce the loss before the two cats are swallowed.”

He said: “Zhao Yao’s cat is still in his stomach after all. It is best to wait for Zhao Yao to solve it himself. Here is Jianghai, they will arrive in an instant.”

“Now is this time to consider these?” Military.

Another Russian military general on the side said: “This arrest is a cooperation between our two countries. What, you may not understand how terrible ‘death’ is.

The cat worship in Russia has almost triggered the collapse of the whole country. This cat…whether his ability or his thoughts is very dangerous, he must be eliminated in the first place…”

The demise is a super-powered cat from Russia.

It is also a cat-minded thinker who opposes human beings and wants to overthrow the existing system of the human world and lead the super-cats to transform the world.

After creating the cat worship, he also changed his name to ‘death’, which means the old social system and the rules of the human world.

The old man said to them: “Since he is so dangerous, how did he escape? The details of this cat, you are reluctant to disclose, which makes us doubt the determination of your cooperation.”

The generals from Russia are ugly, and it seems to recall the horror scene three weeks ago: “In theory… he should be unable to escape… he is not a cat who is good at fighting, his ability, It is a three-view that can subtly change a life…”

β€œChange three views?” Old He was surprised: β€œPermanent? Or temporary?”

The other party sighed: “Permanent … human beings who have changed three views, some have been mentally treated for more than two years, but they have never been used…”

Because of the thoughts and influence of demise, the power of worshipping cats has expanded dramatically. In just two years, thousands of super-powered cats have been attracted, and because of the deceptive nature of cat-teaching, these super-powered cats Also carried a large number of apostles.

In order to completely eliminate the cat worship, the local government has spent a lot of power and even shaken the country’s operation.

So after grasping the demise, Russia was very cautious and careful about his disposal, and he was detained in the secret underground prison of Siberia.

Locked into the dying cell, it is built by superalloys. It is a underground fortification against nuclear bomb attack. The inside of the prison has a standing lethal gas. The burning weapon with more than 5,000 degrees of high temperature can supply oxygen and extract the vacuum of all the air. The device, as well as more than 150 tons of liquid nitrogen, is ready to be frozen and destroyed.

There are more than 300 apostles on the periphery and a complete armored force resident.

That is to say, in this underground prison, the Russians held the other side, and at the same time conducted various tests on the demise, in order to study the other’s ability and find ways to use the other’s ability.

However, it has not been successful for many years. The demise has an unimaginable willpower. No matter how tortured or tortured, they can’t even lend the ability to humanity.

However, although the experiment has not been successful, the demise has not been able to escape. The prison staff always abide by the rules, do not engage in any dialogue with the demise, do not engage in any physical contact, and all the actions are done by the machine.

Even so, the days of this steady containment have changed three weeks ago.

The Russian general sighed: “Three weeks ago, the extinct body had an unknown lesion, and the bones, muscles and nerves on the body began to collapse. But when we want to treat him…”

On the day of the ruined flesh, the Russians were surprised. The high-temperature weapons, electromagnetic weapons, and poison gas were all ineffective. The small Black Cat directly dig through the five-meter-thick alloy armor.

Just as the demise was about to escape from the prison, 150 tons of liquid nitrogen dumped, directly transforming the entire underground prison into the hell of two Baidu.

Just when everyone thought that the demise was completely trapped, the ruin directly dug a hole more than two hundred meters and ran to the ground. The local garrison was directly killed, and the ordinary earth apostles could not fight him.

After confirming that all means were ineffective, the military had to launch three tactical nuclear bombs, turning the area above the prison into a hot hell.

“You fired a nuclear bomb to kill him?!” He was shocked: “No wonder, is it the so-called exercise three weeks ago? It turned out to be for this cat…but…” He turned his head and looked still under satellite tracking. The demise of high-speed movement.

“The nuclear bomb did not kill him?”


On the other hand, Baiquan flew a series of afterimages according to the position given by the old man.

This time he borrowed Cheese’s ability to quickly fly by manipulating his clothes.

However, at the low altitude of Baiquan, when he came to the outskirts of Jianghai, a black shadow slammed into his side. After a loud noise, Baiquan’s slamming fell on the ground, while his feet stepped on the ground. Along with the strong ups and downs of the earth, a large pit was directly oppressed.

At the same time, the man who attacked him fell in front of him and said with a smile: “White Spring is, I heard that you are the first dog of Zhao Yao, and you are starting from you.”

In his heart, he said: ‘Hey, there is a Flight ability, there is such a strong body, this guy… Is it the same thing as me that eroded the body? ‘

Bai Quan patted the clothes on his body and looked at the man with dark skin and a length of more than 2 meters. He said: “It’s really hard for you to follow it all the way from Cat Le Street. What is your name?”

“Ha ha ha ha, have you discovered me already? Something.” The man smiled and said: “Remember, Lao Tzu is always aunt, come over today, kill you first, then kill Zhao Yao, or be killed by you.” ……”


The back of Baiquan was instantly hit by a laser from a few hundred meters away. Under the speed of light, he couldn’t even make a reaction.

At the same time, Chang Haotian, who was on the front of Baiquan, had already sprinted and came to the front of Baiquan. His fist was whistling with whirlwinds, like countless giant pile drivers, heading towards Baiquan.

“Get out of hell, don’t blame us for besieging you! This is the real battle…”

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