Am I A God? Chapter 1044

On the cat island, a small figure was hiding in the dirt, and his hands continually dig the sand in front of him.

The hard and stable hands are like a steel shovel. Under the operation of Juli, the soil in front of the eyes is continuously excavated, so that the short figure slowly advances in the ground.

“Hey, a group of idiots.”

This underground excavation is an old man with a white spot on his face, full of wrinkles, short stature, and a white hair. The green eyes and the large hook nose show his foreign identity.

But this is an old man who doesn’t seem to know how many years old. At this moment, the muscles on his body seem to be cast in steel, and the earth and stone are dug like a cream.

“After suddenly, I got a lot of power, and I all thought I was invincible.”

“But I don’t know whether it is the war in the past or the current superpower battle. The most important thing is to live first.”

“If you don’t think about winning, you will lose it if you lose it first.”

“This is the secret of the old man’s victorious battle.”

The old man named Oliver was the European soldier who participated in the Second World War decades ago.

At that time, only a teenager, who was trained for two weeks, was pushed to the most ferocious and bloody battlefield in history in ignorance.

Also on that battlefield, he found one thing.

He has the talent to kill.

I look forward to new battles every day, and I like to watch life pass by in my own hands every day.

Whether it is a gun, a chariot, a grenade, or a spur, a long knife, a rope, whether it can be killed anytime, anywhere, or anyone can kill him anytime, anywhere, everything makes him so excited.

But happy days are always so short.

On the day he declared the end of the war, he felt the incomparable loss.

So, at the cocktail party that night, he killed all the 28 comrades who fought with him.

The old man who excavated the soil suddenly stopped, and then his head twisted and bent, and a pair of ears pressed against the ground above.

Between the vagueness, he could hear a rhythmic crash coming from above.

“According to my estimation, it should already be below the villa.” The old-fashioned green eyes turned strangely: “Is it a footstep?”

He carefully turned his body and began to open the sand above.

The old man is very patient, as if he had sneaked a target and waited for three days and three nights at the other’s bed. At this moment, he cleaned the sand above little by little, as if he was dealing with an art. Product.

“Be careful… patience… come slowly…”

“The mysterious person who gave us such a powerful capability must have an ulterior purpose behind it.”

“And he let the Zhao Yao we attack, must also have enough strength for this guy to value.”

β€œIt’s the hardest strategy to be hard.”

“There is a tendency to attack it, and it will be saved.”

“Let me use the Chinese military law to obliterate this Chinese.”

In order to arrest Zhao Yao’s parents, Oliver came to Jianghai two weeks ago.

Then taking advantage of the opportunity of the double eleven, he came to the express center, found Zhao Xue’s parcel, and determined the location of the cat island and the villa through the locator installed in the other parcel.

Then, with his incomparably powerful body, he swam all the way to Cat Island, dug a hole and buried himself, while sleeping, waiting for orders.

After a mysterious message was generated in his mind today, he slowly digs down the corner of the cat island in the direction of the cave.

Oliver dug for a while, put his head up again, and began to listen to the footsteps from above.

“This footstep…light, full of vitality, strong and powerful… According to intelligence, Zhao Yao has strong physical and melee skills. Is it Yao Yao?”

Oliver frowned, and began to estimate whether he had the opportunity to attack Zhao Yao, or to hijack his parents after the other party left.

After thinking about it, his eyes still flashed two cold lights, quietly stopped the body, breathing became longer and longer, and the whole person was as soft as a snake in a hibernating cave.

He still chose to wait for Zhao Yao to leave.

An hour later, Oliver listened and felt that there was no sound, and continued to dig.

He carefully unloaded the last floor tile, and the whole person climbed out of the hole like a python without bones.

But in the next moment, in the light of two screams, Oliver was slammed, and the whole person vomited a blood, and then slowly fell to the ground.

Zhao Xue walked in from the door with bare feet. While holding the stone in his hand, he looked at Oliver, who fell to the ground. He said in his heart: ‘I just felt that something was moving in the ground, but it was dug out by the individual? I thought it was the super-ability of the bandits. ‘

Zhao Xue looked at the other side and looked at the ground and did not move. The heart said: ‘The stone I just lost should have penetrated his stomach and chest. Let Bai Quan come and clean it up. ‘

At the same time, she had picked up the phone and called Baiquan’s mobile phone.

“How no one picks up.”

Just as Zhao Xue looked at the phone, Oliver fell to the ground and slammed open his eyes. His body twisted like a python, bursting out with the power of a spring, and slammed into Zhao Xue’s body.

Zhao Xue’s face changed: ‘This guy…’

She crossed her hands and defended Oliver’s hands, kicking her feet up and down, and hitting Oliver’s stomach with a gust of wind.

However, the old man in front of him was slamming into a group. While avoiding the attack of Zhao Xue, it was like a whirlwind. In an instant, he brought up thousands of fists and palms, and completely engulfed Zhao Xue in front of him.

Zhao Xue took a few tricks and immediately wanted to pull back and reorganize the battle, but found that the other side seemed to stick to himself like a python, and he did not retreat. The offensive was like a storm.

“You Chinese people are very contradictory, and they like to say that they are poor and chasing…”

“I also like to say that the grass is rooted.”

“Hehehe, but I still like the last sentence, the grass does not remove the roots, the spring breeze blows again.”

The old man spoke clearly, and an authentic Mandarin penetrated the air, and the words were reflected in Zhao Xue’s ears.

When I heard this, Zhao Xue changed his face: ‘This guy, can you still have such a steady breath when you attack me? His physical strength is above me? Can no longer let him continue to gain the upper hand, to find a way to fight back. ‘

The old man’s straight fist fist spurred like a siege, and Zhao Xue slammed a sigh of relief. He wanted to use the abdominal muscles to block it, smash it and take the opportunity to fight back.

But only to hear a bang, the other’s fist directly ran through Zhao Xue’s stomach.

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