Am I A God? Chapter 1045

鈥滀粈涔堬纻锛佲 濊 濊 濊 ︻殑鐪 ︻殑鐪 鐪纴杩欐墠鐪嫔埌瀵 鐪纴杩欐墠鐪嫔埌瀵 鐪纴杩欐墠鐪嫔埌瀵 鎸囧 鎸囧 鎸囧 鎸囧 鎸囧 鎸囧 鎸囧戝寱棣栵细鈥樿鈥樿瀹瀹扎鈥[€〉垰鍒氱粷瀵规病链夌殑鈥[€“€庝箞钘忕殑锛熲€

涓 鎷涘缑 鎷涘缑 鎷涘缑 鎷涘缑 嬶纴 嬶纴 嬶纴 呭 呭 呭 璁 璁 璁 璁 璁 璁 缃¢ 缃¢ 缃¢ 缃¢ 缃¢ 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二 二嚜宸 殑澶 殑澶 吙镫犵嫚鎶 吙镫犵嫚鎶 吙镫犵嫚鎶 吙镫犵嫚鎶 鍑哄幓锛屽ソ 鍑哄幓锛屽ソ 鍑哄幓锛屽ソ 鍑哄幓锛屽ソ 鍑哄幓锛屽ソ 鍑哄幓锛屽ソ 鍑哄幓锛屽ソ 忎竴鏉¢灜瀛愪竴镙 忎竴鏉¢灜瀛愪竴镙 纴鑴 纴鑴 纴鑴 纴鑴

涓よ 呯殑闉吙鐚涘湴鎾炲 呯殑闉吙鐚涘湴鎾炲 呯殑闉吙鐚涘湴鎾炲 鍦ㄤ竴璧 鍦ㄤ竴璧 纴杞 纴杞 纴杞 澹 澹 澹 澹 澹 璧 璧 璧 璧 璧 璧 璧 璧 璧 璧ぇ鐗回矞琛 浠庡ス镄勫ぇ 浠庡ス镄勫ぇ 綅缃垎鏁 綅缃垎鏁 綅缃垎鏁 綅缃垎鏁 寮 寮 寮 鏉ャ 鏉ャ 鏉ャ

璧 鐪 鐪 鐪 鐪 潧鐪嬬潃瀵 琚渿鐖呜 琚渿鐖呜 琚渿鐖呜 琚渿鐖呜 瀛愮殑澶 吙涓婏纴涓 吙涓婏纴涓 吙涓婏纴涓 吙涓婏纴涓 吙涓婏纴涓 吙涓婏纴涓 吙涓婏纴涓 茬殑阍 茬殑阍 茬殑阍 茬殑阍 茬殑阍 茬殑阍浜嗛挗鏉 笂銆

灏 槸锲犱 槸锲犱 宁 潃鍏ㄥ姏鎾炲 潃鍏ㄥ姏鎾炲 潃鍏ㄥ姏鎾炲 潃鍏ㄥ姏鎾炲 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五

鈥树篃鏄獊鐒跺嚭鐜dressing ability 涔堚€[€[€ 栾 栾 ︻溂涓棯杩囨棤绌 ︻溂涓棯杩囨棤绌 殑镐掓剰锛 樿 樿 樿 樿 樿 佷笉 佷笉 佷笉姝荤殑鈥[€[€

鐪 湅镌 瀵 瀵 瀵 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 鍒掔牬绌 鍒掔牬绌 鍒掔牬绌 鍒掔牬绌 鍒掔牬绌 鍒掔牬绌 鍒掔牬绌 鍒掔牬绌 鍒掔牬绌 潵锛岃 潵锛岃 潵锛岃 潵锛岃 潵锛岃 潵锛岃 潵锛岃岃€屾槸瀹屽ソ镄勫彟涓€鍙︼吙鐢ㄥ姏韪忓湴锛屾暣涓﹄汉链濆悗绐滃幓銆

Key 佽 呰 呰 涓 娆 娆 娆 嵈鏄 嵈鏄 嵈鏄 嵈鏄 嵈鏄 嵈鏄 嵈鏄 纴 纴 纴 纴 纴 纴 纴 纴 纴 纴戣兘澶熶粠绌洪棿琚嬮噷鎷垮嚭涓€浜涘ソ鐜╃殑鐜╁叿銆傗€

璧 镄勭溂镌涘 镄勭溂镌涘 镄勭溂镌涘 镄勭溂镌涘 寰湳璧 寰湳璧 纴鑳 纴鑳 纴鑳 纴鑳 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬

Key 佽 呮檭浜嗘檭 呮檭浜嗘檭 呮檭浜嗘檭 嬮噷镄勯噾灞炰笣锛 沧瘮濡傝 沧瘮濡傝 沧瘮濡傝 沧瘮濡傝 沧瘮濡傝 沧瘮濡傝 涓︻撼绫 涓︻撼绫 涓︻撼绫 涓︻撼绫 噾灞炰笣锛屽彧瑕佸姏 噾灞炰笣锛屽彧瑕佸姏 忚 忚竴鑹 啖鑸 啖鑸 啖鑸 篃鑳 篃鑳 銆 銆

镊 簬 簬 簬 忔垜浠 忔垜浠 镙 镙 殑寮 í í í 変綋锛岃嚜鐒 篃鍙 篃鍙 篃鍙 篃鍙 篃鍙 篃鍙 篃鍙 篃鍙 篃鍙 锛屼笉杩 锛屼笉杩 锛屼笉杩 锛屼笉杩 锛屼笉杩 锛屼笉杩 锛屼笉杩 锛屼笉杩 锛屼笉杩 锛屼笉杩 锛屼笉杩呜 涓纴浣嗘槸浣犱笉鐢ㄦ嬁璧 涓纴浣嗘槸浣犱笉鐢ㄦ嬁璧 涓纴浣嗘槸浣犱笉鐢ㄦ嬁璧 涓纴浣嗘槸浣犱笉鐢ㄦ嬁璧 箞锛熲 箞锛熲

鈥滆倸瀛愶纻鈥濊 鈥滆倸瀛愶纻鈥濊 ︻殑闱 (4) 壊涓 鍙桡纴鍒 鍙桡纴鍒 鍙桡纴鍒 垰鎽 垰鎽 悜 悜 悜 悜 悜 瓙锛屼 钖埌杞 钖埌杞 澹 澹 澹 澹 澹 澹 澹

灏卞湪鍒氭墠锛岃 佽 呭墫寮 呭墫寮 镶 镶 镶 镶 镶 璧 璧 璧 璧 璧 濉炶繘铡荤殑 濉炶繘铡荤殑 濉炶繘铡荤殑 濉炶繘铡荤殑 濉炶繘铡荤殑 濉炶繘铡荤殑


鐤妫镄勭棝 箣涓纴璧 箣涓纴璧 箣涓纴璧 娴戣 娴戣 娴戣 娴戣 娴戣 娴戣 娴戣 娴戣 娴戣 娴戣 娴戣 娴戣 娴戣 娴戣 娴戣 娴戣 娴戣 娴戣繁繁广€

Key 佽 呭緟鍦ㄨ 呭緟鍦ㄨ 澶勫苟娌 ° ° ° 锛屼 锛屼 锛屼 镙 镙 镙 镙 镙 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五Simplified

杩欐槸濂ュ埄寮椾娇鐢ㄧ殑绌洪棿琚媋bility 銆

浠栧垰鍒 悇绉嶆鍣ㄣ 悇绉嶆鍣ㄣ 侀 侀 侀 侀 侀 侀 侀 侀 熷姪杩欎 熷姪杩欎 熷姪杩欎 熷姪杩欎 熷姪杩欎 熷姪杩欎 熷姪杩欎 熷姪杩欎 熷姪杩欎 绌 绌 ility ility ility ility犵潃杩欎 绌 绌 flooding bility 锛屼粬 嶈兘鏆楃畻璧 嶈兘鏆楃畻璧 銆 銆 銆

杩欎釜ability 铏 劧涓嶅儚娆 劧涓嶅儚娆 鑳冭闾 鑳冭闾 鑳冭闾 鑳冭闾 鑳冭闾 鑳冭闾 鑳冭闾 鑳冭闾 鑳冭闾 鑳冭闾 鑳冭闾 鑳冭闾 鑳冭闾 敤钖勭姝 敤钖勭姝 敤钖勭姝 敤钖勭姝 敤钖勭姝 敤钖勭姝宸茬粡澶 宸茬粡澶 ぇ鎻愬崌浜嗗ゥ鍒╁紬镄勬垬鏂楀姏銆 ぇ鎻愬崌浜嗗ゥ鍒╁紬镄勬垬鏂楀姏銆

鈥沧垜璇翠綘浠 Umbrella 浜涘 杞讳 杞讳 杞讳 鍟婏纴涓岖煡阆 绫诲拰锷ㄧ墿 绫诲拰锷ㄧ墿 绫诲拰锷ㄧ墿 澶 澶 澶 澶 澶 澶 澶

鈥滃 ammonia鏄敤涓岖敤宸ュ叿鍟娿€傗€

Key 佽 呯洰鍏夐槾瀵掑湴鐪嬬潃鎶 呯洰鍏夐槾瀵掑湴鐪嬬潃鎶 潃 潃 潃 潃 瓙鎯ㄥ彨锛屾渶钖庣紦缂撹 瓙鎯ㄥ彨锛屾渶钖庣紦缂撹 瓙鎯ㄥ彨锛屾渶钖庣紦缂撹 瓙鎯ㄥ彨锛屾渶钖庣紦缂撹 瓙鎯ㄥ彨锛屾渶钖庣紦缂撹 瓙鎯ㄥ彨锛屾渶钖庣紦缂撹 瓙鎯ㄥ彨锛屾渶钖庣紦缂撹 瓙鎯ㄥ彨锛屾渶钖庣紦缂撹 瓙鎯ㄥ彨锛屾渶钖庣紦缂撹 瓙鎯ㄥ彨锛屾渶钖庣紦缂撹 瓙鎯ㄥ彨锛屾渶钖庣紦缂撹 锷ㄤ笉锷ㄧ殑璧 锷ㄤ笉锷ㄧ殑璧 锷ㄤ笉锷ㄧ殑璧滆丹嬬┖鎷嬬┖鎷嬬┖鎷湴灏湴灏€€€

鈥滀笉鐢ㄨ姝讳 锛屼竴棰楁 锛屼竴棰楁 姒 姒 姒 姒 姒 濊 濊 濊 濊 濊 呮 呮 呮 浣忛挗阍堬纴缂撶紦鍦 浣忛挗阍堬纴缂撶紦鍦 浣忛挗阍堬纴缂撶紦鍦Fine 鈥沧斁蹇冨惂锛屾垜涓崭 缁欎綘 轰 轰 轰 轰 轰 镄勶纴杩 镄勶纴杩 傗 傗 傗 傗

鐪 湅镌 湅镌 佽 佽 佽 佽 呭 呭 呭 呭 呭 呭 呭 呭 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五简镊繁镄勮剳钖庛€

濂ュ埄寮楀疀濡 鎯婄殑 鎯婄殑 鎯婄殑 鑸纴鐬棿灏嗘 鑸纴鐬棿灏嗘 鑸纴鐬棿灏嗘 鑸纴鐬棿灏嗘 涓殑鏁 € € €

鍣 噷鍟暒镄勮剢鍝崭箣涓纴阍 噷鍟暒镄勮剢鍝崭箣涓纴阍 (5) 拡鍒 牬绌 牬绌 牬绌 牬绌 牬绌

‘With my strength, the power of each hairpin is thrown out, no less than an armor-piercing projectile. And at such a close distance, this guy is dead…”

But when Oliver turned around, he saw Zhao Yao standing behind him with no expression, holding his arms in his arms and watching him quietly.

‘Zhao Yao! ! ‘Oliver’s face changed slightly, but when he saw the steel needles that fell to the ground, those seven twists and turns, they really exposed the shock.

‘I actually took the steel needle that I shot at close range. Is the next move by hand at high speed? Or is the dress on the body strange? ‘

Oliver’s body arched, like a beast of vigilance, with his limbs picked up and staring at Zhao Yao in front of him.

Zhao Yao didn’t look at him. He looked over Oliver and looked at Zhao Xue who fell to the ground: “Hey, is it okay?”

Next to Zhao Xue, Lucifer licked his lips and took back his cat’s claws. He looked at the wound on Zhao Xue’s body, and his eyes sparkled with excitement: ‘Zhao Xuezhen will play. ‘

Zhao Xue screamed, and the injury was rapidly regenerating. She only heard her shouting: “Don’t move him! Leave the old guy to me!!”

“Bullying me, I just didn’t have superability.”

“I want to kill him!!”

Zhao Yao nodded and glanced at Oliver. After seeing the LV25 on the other’s head, his eyes moved slightly and he looked at the changing taskbar.

Branch task: mutation

Mission Objective: The apostles above LV10 suddenly appeared on the earth. Are they fromability? Investigate the truth behind this.

Mission Reward: Experience value 10000 points.

Failure penalty: none.

“The experience of 10,000 is really good, but the guy of LV25 seems to be a Maoist-free type that uses consciousness to enhance the body.” Zhao Yao said in his heart: “Is there a hairless sect? No, this is not like It’s a hairless style, where is it? Short hair? Why not directly control others with the distortion of consciousness?”

Just as Zhao Yao thought about the inside story, Oliver on the other side kept staring at Zhao Yao from the beginning to the end, watching Zhao Yao’s line of sight, listening to the dialogue between Zhao Yao and Zhao Xue, and he secretly said: ‘He didn’t care about me? ‘

‘Going away? ‘

Looking at Zhao Yao’s thoughts, he felt in his heart: ‘Human is not a machine, no matter how strong, how tough, human beings are human beings, it is impossible to concentrate on 24 hours a day.

In the normal human mental state, the spirit is absolutely concentrated for fifteen minutes. It is already a limit. It must be relaxed for a few moments before it can continue to concentrate. ‘

‘And even if we have a super-physical presence like ours, the spirit is absolutely focused and it is impossible to maintain 24 hours. ‘

‘This is that people have missed, and the horse has a hoof. ‘

‘Zhao Yao Because of my contempt, because I care about my sister’s injury, at this moment… the spirit didn’t focus on me…’


If Zhao Yao just appeared, Oliver still has some tension and retreat, then at the moment when Zhao Yao is distracted and talks with Zhao Xue, the old man has adjusted his mentality and put aside the idea of ​​temporarily withdrawing. The preparation for the attack.

A series of thoughts flowed through his mind, and the old man’s body bounced in front of Zhao Yao. His feet slammed hard, and a large basin of mud had risen to the sky, blocking the sight of Zhao Yao.

Then the light flashed in the hand, and the nanowire was already in the palm of his hand, facing Zhao Yao’s neck.

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