Am I A God? Chapter 1046

‘No action! ‘

‘This guy really didn’t react! ‘

The old man’s eyes showed a very exciting color. At this moment, he clearly felt: ‘I can kill Zhao Yao! ‘

The next moment, the nanowire has been wrapped around Zhao Yao’s neck.

In the eyes of the old man, the light is soaring, and his hands are pulled.


The silk thread was stretched straight and wrapped around Zhao Yao’s neck, even emitting a metal-like sound.

The old man’s muscles rooted in his hands, and the white air spewed in his mouth. At this moment, he broke out his full strength, but the nanowires in his hand did not say that Zhao Yao’s neck was cut off, and even a trace of blood could not be found.

It seems that it was pulled to the neck, Zhao Yao slowly turned his head and looked at the old man and said: “Hey, Zhao Xue, I want to leave him to you, but he always wants to do it to me?”

Zhao Xueyu was on the ground and yelled at his stomach: “Do not kill!”

Zhao Yao’s mouth is slightly tilted.

The next moment the old man felt that there was a slight breeze in front of him, and then there was a sharp pain in his chest. His whole person had already flew out.

In the loud rumbling of the rumble, the old man smashed three big trees in one fell swoop, and finally fell on the ground and tumbling, breaking a large rock, which finally stopped.

He just looked up and felt a sharp pain in his chest.

‘Broken three ribs…’ He barely looked up and looked at Zhao Yao, who still had his hands on his chest and floated slowly: ‘Is it just kicked out with your legs? Right leg? Still left leg? ‘

Zhao Yao said: “You better stand still, wait for Zhao Xue to kill you…”

嗖 …… The old man’s body is half a squat, like a spring accumulator. It instantly breaks the inch of the ground under the foot, and then blasts, and has already come to Zhao Yao’s face, the light flashes from the space bag. The two alloy spurs removed in the middle have been smashed toward Zhao Yao’s chest.


Like a dreamy black shadow flashing, the old man’s brain can’t make any reaction. The steel thorn in his hand has been deformed and cracked by Zhao Yao, and the stomach has a pain. Zhao Yao has once again squatted in the stomach. The one flew out and slammed directly on the ground, then rolled all the way and dragged a track that was more than ten meters long.

Wow! The old man vomited a bloody blood: ‘Tummy… the large intestine is broken…’

‘Gap… too big…’

Zhao Yao floated slowly, her hands clasped her chest, and said with a helpless face: “If you don’t move, you won’t kick, how can you just don’t understand?”

The old man’s figure flashed, but this time he wanted to escape.

But Zhao Yao seems to be in the same shape, and instantly appears behind him, and it is a foot.


The old man’s right hand instantly broke his bones and collapsed softly.

what! After a big drink, he violently took out a flash bomb from the space bag, in the infinite light, he rushed back in the direction of the sea.


Zhao Yao is still keeping up with the foot. The light of the flashing bullet seems to be completely ineffective for him. The right leg is like a whip and is smashed on the old man’s lap. The old man’s calf is twisted like a twist.

But the old man still did not give up at this moment, because he understands that the moment has come to life and death.

Then he saw his face, his eyes bursting, fear, fear, regret, nervousness, excitement, fury… all kinds of emotions mixed together, let his adrenaline secrete quickly.

“If you can’t escape, you will die… you must escape… the gap is too big…”

“But why… why am I afraid?!”

渚 渚 湅鍒 湅鍒 竴 竴 竴 竴 佽 呯寷鍦 呯寷鍦 呯寷鍦 呯寷鍦 呯寷鍦 呯寷鍦 呯寷鍦 呯寷鍦 鍦ㄥ湴涓婏纴鍓╀笅镄勪竴 鍦ㄥ湴涓婏纴鍓╀笅镄勪竴 鍦ㄥ湴涓婏纴鍓╀笅镄勪竴 鍦ㄥ湴涓婏纴鍓╀笅镄勪竴锛屽疀濡傛槸鎱屽紶璺戣矾镄勯镫椾竴镙凤纴纴濈潃杩滃镄勫ぇ娴濈潃杩滃镄勫ぇ娴妫濂旇

boom! boom! boom!

浣嗗 濂 濂 儚鏄鍦ㄥ 儚鏄鍦ㄥ 儚鏄鍦ㄥ 儚鏄鍦ㄥ 儚鏄鍦ㄥ 儚鏄鍦ㄥ 儚鏄鍦ㄥ 儚鏄鍦ㄥ 镙 镙 镙 纴涓嶈 纴涓嶈 纴涓嶈 纴涓嶈 纴涓嶈 呭浣曟姌 呭浣曟姌 呭浣曟姌 呭浣曟姌 呭浣曟姌鍑 纴鐪 纴鐪 墠镄刏 hao Yao 灏 灏 灏 鑴氲涪杩囧幓銆 鑴氲涪杩囧幓銆

鈥滃杺锛屽埆璺戜 锛屽啀杩欐牱瑕佹妸浣犺涪姝讳 锛屽啀杩欐牱瑕佹妸浣犺涪姝讳 锛屽啀杩欐牱瑕佹妸浣犺涪姝讳 銆傗

鍐嶆涓€鑴氲韪(一)洖浜嗗师鏉ョ殑浣岖疆锛岃€佽€呬竴鑴哥柉镫效湴鐪嬬潃Zhao Yao 锛气樿樿樿瀹瀹扎锛佲€


鍓嶆墍 湁镄勭緸杈 湁镄勭緸杈 湁镄勭緸杈 劅鍜屾亹鎯 劅鍜屾亹鎯 佽 佽 佽 Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z嬩竴闂纴鐩 嬩竴闂纴鐩 帴浠庣┖闂 帴浠庣┖闂 帴浠庣┖闂 帴浠庣┖闂 帴浠庣┖闂 屾帍鍑 屾帍鍑 屾帍鍑 屾帍鍑 屾帍鍑 鏋氭垬 鏋氭垬 鏋氭垬 鏋氭垬 € €

鈥涞hao Yao 锛屼笉瑕佸姩锛佲€

Zhao Yao 镄勯 鑹 鑹 伞 伞 伞 伞 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒 佽 佽 佽 呬 呬 呬 呬 呬 呬 呬 呬 鍙戠幇镊 鍙戠幇镊 鍙戠幇镊 杞 杞 杞玓hao Yao 鎷垮湪浜嗘落屻屻€

Key 佽€呭搱鍝堢妫绗戣捣鏉ワ纴涓€鑴鑴Zhao Yao 锛屽弻鐪 箣涓叏鏄涓濓 箣涓叏鏄涓濓 鈥沧 鈥沧 鈥沧 鈥沧 夌敤镄勶纴鎴戝湪琛屽姩涔嫔墠锛屽凡缁忓紑钖 镙 镙 镙 镄勫 掕镞讹纴灏 掕镞讹纴灏 掕镞讹纴灏 掕镞讹纴灏 槸涓 槸涓 槸涓 槸涓 槸涓 阒 阒 阒 浠诲姟澶辫

杩欓鎴樻湳镙 镄勫▉锷涜 镄勫▉锷涜 镄勫▉锷涜 镄勫▉锷涜 皬宀涳纴鎴戠煡阆 皬宀涳纴鎴戠煡阆 皬宀涳纴鎴戠煡阆 皬宀涳纴鎴戠煡阆 皬宀涳纴鎴戠煡阆 皬宀涳纴鎴戠煡阆汉锛屼綘镄勭尗閮借缑姝伙紒鐜板湪鏀湪鏀垜绂诲紑锛屾垜鍙forging婅瘔浣犫€[€[€

Zhao Yao 镄 镄 镄 湁锛屽弻 湁锛屽弻 湁锛屽弻 湁锛屽弻 鐪嫔悜 鐪嫔悜 鐪嫔悜 鐪嫔悜 鐪嫔悜 呰阆掳 呰阆掳 呰阆掳 呰阆掳 呰阆掳 呰阆掳 呰阆掳 呰阆掳 呰阆掳 呰阆掳

渚 渚 湅鍒 垰鍒氱殑镙 垰鍒氱殑镙 宸茬粡鍙樻垚浜嗕竴鍦 宸茬粡鍙樻垚浜嗕竴鍦 宸茬粡鍙樻垚浜嗕竴鍦 宸茬粡鍙樻垚浜嗕竴鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦

Key 佽 呬竴锷ㄤ笉锷纴澶 呬竴锷ㄤ笉锷纴澶 鍦 Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z婃渶寮 殑鎷嗗 殑鎷嗗 殑鎷嗗 涓揿锛屼篃涓嶅彲鑳 涓揿锛屼篃涓嶅彲鑳 灛闂 灛闂 曟媶鍒 曟媶鍒 曟媶鍒 曟媶鍒 曟媶鍒 曟媶鍒 曟媶鍒 曟媶鍒 曟媶鍒轰粈涔堚€[€[€

鍙 竴杈癸纴 竴杈癸纴 瀹屾瘯镄勮 瀹屾瘯镄勮 瀹屾瘯镄勮 瀹屾瘯镄勮 瀹屾瘯镄勮 ︼窇浜呜 ︼窇浜呜 ︼窇浜呜 ︼窇浜呜 ︼窇浜呜€佸瓙杩欐阌ょ垎浣犮€傗€

濂ュ埄寮楃殑鐪 潧鐪 潧鐪 潧鐪 璧 璧 潵锛屼 潵锛屼 镞佺殑 镞佺殑 镞佺殑 镞佺殑 镞佺殑 镞佺殑 镞佺殑 镞佺殑 镞佺殑 hao Yao Yao Yao Yao Yao Yao Yao Yao Yao Yao Yao Yao鍑虹数璇濆紑濮嬫墦鐢佃瘽浜嗐


镰 紒鎷 紒鎷 ご鍜屾妩澶 ご鍜屾妩澶 璧 璧 璧 璧 璧 阍 阍 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一纴鍙 竴镞佺殑璧 竴镞佺殑璧 宸茬粡涓 宸茬粡涓 宸茬粡涓 杈 杈 杈 杈 杈 杈 杈 ご锛屼竴杈 ご锛屼竴杈 ご锛屼竴杈 ご锛屼竴杈 ご锛屼竴杈 ご锛屼竴杈 ご锛屼竴杈 ご锛屼竴杈 镄勬妩澶浜嗕笅铡汇€




鐪嬬潃杩栾 琚 琚 琚 ︻柉镫傛毚 ︻柉镫傛毚 撶殑濂ュ埄浣涳纴婕傛 腑镄刏 腑镄刏 腑镄刏 腑镄刏 腑镄刏 腑镄刏 腑镄刏 腑镄刏 腑镄刏 腑镄刏 腑镄刏 腑镄刏 腑镄刏 腑镄刏 腑镄刏 腑镄刏滃▋濞冿纴鍏朵粬浜粬浜庝箞镙庝箞镙庝箞镙

姝f槸濞冨▋阆嶅竷鍏ㄥ矝镄勬満姊 mixed 櫕瀵熻鍒 鐚矝鍒涓婄殑寮 鐚矝鍒涓婄殑寮 鐚矝鍒涓婄殑寮 锛孼 锛孼 锛孼 Yao Yao 杩欐墠鎶撶揣镞堕棿璧跺埌鐚矝涓婏纴宁姪璧甸鎴樿儨浜嗗鏂广鎴樿儨浜嗗鏂€



鈥滆瀹変笢灏硷 鏉ヨ嚜鏄熺尗镄勪紶阃佺尗锛夋妸娉曡 侀 侀 侀 佽 Yao Yao Yao Yao Yao 鐪嬩 鐪嬩竴镞佸 鐪嬩竴镞佸 Yao Yao忚鏆存弽镄勮€佽€咃纴LV25镄勬剰璇嗗姏澧炲 涓嬬殑 涓嬬殑 涓嬬殑 夎 锛屾瘮璧 锛屾瘮璧 b b b b b b b b b b b b b b撹兘寮虹殑涔熸湁闄愩€

鈥滃ソ镄勶纴鎴戣窡浠栦 鍙戞秷鎭 鍙戞秷鎭 銆傗 濆▋濞冮 濆▋濞冮 濆▋濞冮 浜嗛 浜嗛 璇撮 璇撮 璇撮 € € € € € 竟 竟 竟 竟 竟戠洰镙 锷ㄤ 锷ㄤ 锛岃缮 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬 浜哬

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