Am I A God? Chapter 1047

After the demise swallowed YuanYuan and Mango, all the way to high-speed movement, and soon came to the suburbs of Jianghai.

And just in the belly he is now screaming, YuanYuan is soaked in the stomach acid.

“Even even my YuanYuan dare to eat, this cat is really his mother kicked the iron plate, x! Get him!”

Said, he put the cat’s claw on the other’s stomach wall, ready to absorb the other’s super energy factor.

After a while, x shook his head: “It is a super-character with consciousness. I can feel that his super-energy factor is actively absorbing the power of other dimensions.”

β€œAh!” YuanYuan panicked. β€œIs it a new cat from Zhao Yao? Is Zhao Yao finally going to start with me? No…” YuanYuan shook his head again: β€œZhao Yao wants to start, won’t So troublesome…”

x said: “Don’t think so much, cooperate with me to capture his super energy factor. Let’s get this guy first.”

Suddenly, in a bang, Mango’s head on the side slammed into YuanYuan’s stomach.

β€œHow is Mango here?!” YuanYuan was surprised. When he saw Mango’s frowning silly, he immediately calmed his heart and said: β€œDon’t be angry, Mango, wait a moment, I will take you out right away.”

On the other side, the dying continuation of running was suddenly stopped when it ran to a corner.

He licked his stomach and hesitated: “How do you feel… the stomach is a little uncomfortable? Is it psychological?”


I heard the squirming figure in my stomach, and I ended up with a handful of chrysanthemums: ‘Is it really uncomfortable? Is it because of the relationship between breakfast? I think the quality of the cat food fed to Stray Cat is too bad…’

Turned around and looked at the surrounding environment, and walked along the alley, thinking: ‘In short, find a place to solve it casually. ‘

Desperate to find a corner position, pick up the buttocks, when I was planning to be convenient, a scream and scared him back.

He jerked his head and saw a beautiful short standing on the wall, looking at him with a look of discomfort.

Fishball looked at the demise and shouted: “Hey, big man, do you want to urinate anywhere?”

The demise of annihilation, if it is human, he may have died, but the comer is a cute super cat, he did not start first.

It’s just that a very normal thing is described by the other person’s use of ‘defecation’. How can he feel that something is wrong?

When I thought about it, I nodded and said, “Do you have something?”

“Do you have paper with you? Do you know where to go?” Fishball looked at each other with a look of anger, “I know, look at your look is no preparation! You know I don’t know if Jiang Hai is not allowed to urinate with the cats everywhere!”

Destruction: “Ah?!”

Fishball said with anger: “You are the group of cats that are urinating and urinating. I am always being shackled. Recently, there have been a lot of cases in the community. Are you doing it?”

Desperate without words: “How can I do such a boring thing, and…”

I thought about it, I wanted to correct the concept of this cat, and I should not let him be bound by human thoughts. So he said: “Let’s go anywhere… It is our nature, it is God’s right to give cats, why are you? Want to listen to human rules?”

The enchanting voice sounded in the mind of Fishball, which was the demise of launching its own superability.

He has to wash the three cats in front of him and let him understand that the temperament is the natural right of the cat family.

Fishball felt his head dizzy in an instant, and suddenly thought: “It seems that there is nothing to pull around… Why don’t we let us pull anywhere?”

At this moment, the mobile phone in the backpack sounded, and the Fishball was awakened in an instant. He quickly pulled out the mobile phone and saw that someone had sent WeChat.

People you can’t master: “Well, no? How come out for so long? Is it Lahula outside?”

‘You can’t master the person’ is Xiaoyu’s new screen name. When I saw the news from Xiaoyu, Fishball quickly returned: “No! I saw a cat urinating everywhere, I was persuading him!”

He said, he looked up and said, “Hey! Go to the toilet without bringing anything, or I will report you.”

The demise of a glimpse, once again launchability said: “Why go to the toilet? Don’t be bound by humans, release your nature, embrace true freedom…”

Fishball said: “How much is your fart? Can’t go? Don’t go to my police, do you know where I cover it?”

The demise looked at Fishball with astonishment. His ability was like smashing a spoon with force. The moment of smashing was when the other side’s three views were modified by him.

But at this moment, he felt like he was smashing the steel bars of a tall building.

“This guy’s willpower is strong, and he has a great obsession with this matter.” In his heart, he said: “I still say that he lost something important because he urinates and defies? So he is not willing to let go?”

The demise is still changing the three views of Fishball with the ability. In the mind of Fishball, there are constantly appearing small fish.

Looking at the big cat still motionless, Fishball said with anger: “You don’t go to the public toilet? Don’t call me a cat!”

The demise of not being able to believe in your own will be unsuccessful, and as Fishball continues to launch the ability, he will start and say: “Think about your nature, feel your heart, think about what you really want…”

Fishball is angry, this cat is not only disobedient, but also swears at himself.

“I want you to go to the public toilet and go to the toilet. Is it so difficult? How can you have such a cat?”

“How is it possible?” The demise of shock: “Why didn’t he change three views?” ‘

The demise of this moment is not known. He accepted the inheritance of Mao Zedong, united in meaning, possessed consciousness and strong flesh, but the ability was not enhanced.

Instead, Fishball had a strong consciousness bonus at this moment, which made him hold on to the three-view revision of the demise.

“I’m really angry!!” Fishball was angry, so he screamed in the sky, a screaming cat, four walls, grass, balcony, roof, under the car… a pair Bright eyes were attracted and looked over.

When the brow of extinction wrinkled and wanted to leave directly, it slammed and the legs softened.

Looking around and looking at his own cat’s eyes, the face of the dead is black: ‘No…’

On the other side, the rough face screamed and ran over. After seeing the Fishball, he shouted: “Fishball, what are you screaming? Light rain makes me call you back, you haven’t finished your homework today.”

But in the next moment, the rough face slammed openly, and looked at the crackling sound of the smashing, Fishball slammed out, and after a burst of curry, even YuanYuan and Mango were killed. come out.


Thanks to ‘but the road is cool, a good autumn’ million rewards, thanks to Da Yu.

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