Am I A God? Chapter 1048

YuanYuan raised his head blankly.

“What a joke?”


YuanYuan slowly climbed up from the ground and looked at the extinction with empty eyes: ‘I was pulled out by this guy? Fortunately, no one has seen…’

The next moment, the sound of rubbing and rubbing accompanied the flashing light, and numerous super-capable cats silently took out their mobile phones and started taking pictures.

YuanYuan suddenly became stalemate in the same place, and her eyes seemed to have become two stones.

‘My cat is born…’

X reluctantly said: “Hey, YuanYuan, just pulled out like a cockroach, don’t have to be so pessimistic. I had to pull out my thoughts at the beginning. Now I am still living a good life. I can play the glory of the king every day.” ”

YuanYuan: ‘The whole world knows that I was pulled out by another cat like a lame. How can I be a cat in the future…’

X advised: “It’s okay, now the netizens have only three days of memory. After two days of sealing the world to update, the alien cats attacked something, and no cat remembers your business.”

Just then, Fishball shouted to YuanYuan: “YuanYuan! Don’t be afraid!”

YuanYuan’s body was shocked and moved to the Fishball.

I saw the sharp light of the Fishball, and immediately took care of YuanYuan, then shouted on the phone and shouted: “YuanYuan! Laugh one!”

YuanYuan’s eyes were hollow, and the whole cat fell to the ground like a mud.

But the next moment, with the help of Mango ability, his ass shook, and it was a while.

This time, completely destroyed the remaining dignity of YuanYuan, let him stop thinking, his eyes are like two black holes, can not see the slightest look.

The rough face swayed and the tail ran up, and said with a look of concern: “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, I will give you a jealousy, and you will be clean.”

Fishball looked back and fell to the ground. He had already fainted the demise of the past. He sneered: “I was scared out by me.” He said, he turned his head and looked at YuanYuan like a fossil: “First Take a few photos and say.”

On the other hand, the doll that just finished the screenshot from the video said to Zhao Yao through the mobile phone: β€œThe cat that has eaten YuanYuan and Mango has been solved. Would you like me to recycle it?”

“Put it into the stomach pocket and close it.” Zhao Yao looked at the old man who was fighting Zhao Xue: “This is also the case after this is over.”

I saw that Oliver was lifted up by the blood of Zhao Xue. He said weakly: “Wait, I surrendered…”

“Stop!” Zhao Xue said angrily: “I haven’t seen the information before looking for us? Here, after losing, it is just beginning.”

In the snoring sound, Oliver was slammed into Zhao Xue’s knee, then fell softly on the ground, completely fainted.

Zhao Yao turned around and said to the phone: “There are two so-called suspicious people?”

The doll said: “Video connection, I will send it to you now.”


On Cat Street, Sebastian frowned slightly, and the crowds on the street felt a little annoyed.

‘China here… how many people are there. ‘

‘It is said that Zhao Yao is here, but I can’t find it at all. ‘

Sebastian said in the heart: ‘I thought I would just like to die directly. It seems that I still have a way to find him. ‘

After thinking about it, he walked into an unmanned alley, and then his body flashed slightly, and he entered the dimension of consciousness, and then came to a luxury villa dozens of kilometers away.

Back in this villa where you can pick and then encroach, Sebastian has already regarded this place as a stronghold in Jianghai.

For him, especially after he has mastered consciousness, everything in the whole world belongs to him. The only difference is whether or not to take it.

Open the computer on the side and start searching for information about Zhao Yao.

β€œWell, I heard that Jiang Hai’s person in charge of the super cat is familiar with Zhao Yao?”


On the other side, in the woods on the outskirts.

Bai Quan jumped in shape and escaped the attack of the other side. He wanted to fly to the sky again.

He didn’t want to fight with each other. After all, YuanYuan and Mango were taken away, and the things over there were obviously more urgent.

However, he was just in the sky, and the laser that had just attacked him had already hit it again, almost covering his face in an instant.


The man who just claimed to be a frequent stalker jumped up and grabbed the foot of Baiquan, like a windmill, throwing it toward the ground.

Among the loud rumblings of the rumble, Bai Quan brought a series of afterimages and squatted directly on the ground. With the ups and downs of the earth, a large pit was pulled out.

Slowly crawling up from the pit, Bai Quan frowned, his eyeball was hit by a laser attack, and his vision was almost infinitely close to the scorpion.

Although it has a powerful body, the eyeball is still a relatively fragile organ.

Laser attack, as a speed of light attack, once there is aiming, there is no room for dodge.

“The liquid in the eyeball has just been boiled.” Bai Quan said: “There is no way to lose sight. This is no way, it is a bit of a hassle.”

His ears shook slightly, and he looked at Chang Haotian and said, “So, you are not willing to let me go, right?”

Chang Hao Tianxiao opened his mouth and smiled: “Either I killed you, or you killed me, but now it looks…”

Hey! With the broken ground of the earth, Bai Quan has already rushed to the front of Chang Haotian, pointing to his brain.

“Hurry!” Chang Haotian was taken aback. The left hand was in a grid, blocking the attack of Bai Quan. The right hand seemed like a huge drill bit, tearing the atmosphere and stabbing it toward the chest of Baiquan.

The two men became a group in a blink of an eye, and at the same time, the laser passed through and continued to leave a piece of burn on the body of Baiquan.

But the more fighting, the more shocked the heart of Chang Haotian.

“While he is fighting with me, he still maintains an irregular high-speed displacement. Is he trying to avoid laser strikes?”

“This guy is so strong, whether it is strength, speed, reaction, or fighting skills, it is stronger than me.”

“Good insurance.” He was fortunate enough to think: “If it is not the beginning of his eyes, I am afraid it is still more troublesome.”

“But now, the blind man is a blind man. Even if you can hear my voice to judge my actions, can you still judge the action of the laser…”

At the same time, I saw that Chang Haotian’s body changed a bit, super-ability was launched, and flesh and blood directly turned into transparent diamonds.

In the next moment, the laser cannons in the distance are pouring out. This time, the target is aimed at Chang Haotian.

When the laser passes over the diamond body of the ordinary sky, it passes through numerous reflections and refractions, and finally it is enhanced into countless light needles, and lasing in all directions.

Chang Haotian made a slight movement, and the light needle spurred in the same direction as the ball of the ballroom. After sweeping over the body of Baiquan, he left a wound.

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