Am I A God? Chapter 1049

“Every slice of this diamond body, every shape, is carefully designed by me.”

“After the continuous injection of the laser cannon, the power will not be weakened, but will be enhanced and turned into countless light needles sweeping in all directions.”

โ€œAnd as I moved, the light path changed, and the range of light needles was almost irregular, making it difficult to dodge.โ€

“But the speed of light shooting is not the speed of light, but the speed of the sweep after the light is visible to the naked eye, the real master must be able to dodge.”

“Unless… he is a blind man.”


With the constant stepping out of the sky, countless lasers swept away in all directions with his body as the center.

The unprepared white spring was almost instantly swept across the body by countless lasers, leaving a large burn on the body, bursting with white air, as if it were just cooked meat.

“What attack?” Bai Quan felt the place where he was injured. He was shocked: “Suddenly a lot of lasers, almost hit at the same time, and other companions? Are they laser-ability?”

“White Spring at this time must be thinking if there are other people attacking.”

Chang Haotian sneered and continued to rush toward Baiquan. The two men touched each other and kicked a whip leg at the same time, like a long whip made of two steel bars.

In the explosion, the melee was equally divided, but the body of Baiquan was severely burned again, and the chest was even more black, and the strength and speed continued to drop.

The white spring that lost sight was completely unable to evade the laser attack from Chang Haotian and was completely defeated.

‘No, this will go down. ‘White Spring dark frowns: ‘It can only be like that…’

Just in time for Baiquan to change a tactic, try to see if you can defeat your opponent.

In the sky at the moment.

A Space Gate slowly opened, and Bridget’s head stretched out from the inside. Next to him was a star cat sent by Bridget to send the cat – Anthony.

Pharaoh: “Let’s let go.”

The sly laser passed through the portal and scared Bridget and Anthony to hurry back.

Pharaoh frowned at the battlefield and said, “Is it here?”

Bridget and Anthony hid behind, pointed out their heads and hurried back.

“Oh, it’s ugly.” Pharaoh shook his head in the direction of the battlefield, standing on his feet, carrying his hands, and stepping out of the Space Gate leisurely, like a huge rock, falling rapidly toward the earth.


Chang Hao Tian turned his head and looked at it. He saw a meteor-like figure descending from the sky, kneeling on the ground and directly pulling out a big pit.

Among the big pits, a small figure slowly stood up.

Bai Quan was slightly surprised, turning his head and sensing the direction of the sound: ‘This breath…’

“Teacher, are you here?”

In recent months, in order to continue to improve his strength, Baiquan has to go through the portal to the snow-capped mountains every day to find the pharaoh borrowing ability.

While borrowing the ability, he will also ask the Pharaoh for some tips on physical exercise and physical combat.

Because of the realm that the other party has mastered, he is amazed.

“Don’t… don’t call me…” It felt like a hoarse voice stuck in the throat from Pharaoh’s throat: “…teacher.”

Platinum surprised: “Teacher, can you talk?”

“Yeah.” Pharaoh touched his throat and continued: “Not for the sake of…and…and…you humans are really troublesome. Who told you that you can’t hear the heart sound? I have specially changed some body structures.” “Between the words, Pharaoh is more and more slippery.”

He put out a paw in the back, twisted his head, and then looked at the distant Chang Haotian and said: “Hey, if you escape now, I don’t chase, after all, I am not the kind.” See a young cat who kills people.”

Chang Hao Tian stunned and looked at the pharaoh in front of him.

‘This cat… Itโ€™s weird. ‘Looking at the hairless cat that descended from the sky, I couldnโ€™t help but raise all kinds of ridiculous feelings in my heart.

He couldnโ€™t feel any hostility from the cat, and he didnโ€™t even feel the catโ€™s existence.

But on the contrary, since the appearance of the cat, his heart has risen uncontrollably and raised fear.

It is like a rat before the earthquake, and an antelope that is stared by a cheetah.

At the same time, the two opposite emotions appeared in his heart at the same time, and the feelings of Chang Haotian felt very twisted.

‘teacher? This white spring is called this cat teacher? So are the super-ability of super-physical energy? And should this cat be stronger than Baiquan? ‘Chang Haotian looked at Pharaoh, and said in his heart: ‘Simple physical strength can’t be faster than laser, and it won’t be harder than diamonds. He won’t be my opponent…’

On the other side, Pharaoh frowned. “The killing of the body is still not scattered. It seems that you are not willing to give up.” Then he saw Pharaoh stretch out his palm, and the hairless claws, arms and backs deformed and swelled. With the intense contraction of the muscles, the blink of an eye has become like a dragon claw.

Pharaoh said faintly: “White Spring, remember, fight with people who are super-ability, the most important thing is…”

“โ€ฆโ€ฆOne hit kill.”


Chang Haotian glimpsed a little, and the next moment felt his body empty, his face showing a look of uncertainty.

He looked down and found that he could not do this.

Because at this moment, his head, dry, and limbs have been divided into six parts, flying into the air.

In a flash, he was split into six pieces by Pharaoh and directly threw them out, and then slammed into the ground.

At the same time, Pharaoh, who had just disappeared from his eyes, slowly came out of the woods and dragged a young man to the ground, apparently being an apostle who had been hiding in the outer laser cannon.

Going to the side of Baiquan and throwing the other hand on the ground, Pharaoh slowly said: “One hit will kill, don’t give these apostles the opportunity to use capability.”

Bai Quan pointed to Chang Haotian, who was divided into several parts. “Teacher, he doesn’t seem to die.”

Chang Haotianโ€™s head rolled on the ground and looked scared. He seemed to want to run away in the distance.

“I want you to talk too much.” Pharaoh’s palm flashed a trace of the afterimage, and in the slamming, Bai Quan squatted down his stomach.

Pharaoh glanced at the diamond head that rolled on the ground: “So it’s really troublesome to say that your messy ability.”

Then he shouted to the portal in the sky: “Remove them all.”

Looking at the message from the phone, Zhao Yao nodded: “So…the last two are left.”

“Dolls, have you found them?”

Doll: “These two guys can all move through the dimension of consciousness, and I can’t keep track of it. But one of the guys doesn’t mean to hide himself…”

The next moment, Zhao Yao’s figure flashed and disappeared.

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