Am I A God? Chapter 1050

Sebastian seemed to walk into his own house and walked into a building.

According to the information he found, here is the office of the Jianghai government on super-cat management.

Going to the front desk, a girl politely nodded and said, “Hello, please, can I help you?”

After the consciousness was distorted, Sebastian came to the hidden elevator position under the guidance of the other party.

Security, security, office staff.

All the defenses that Sebastian encountered along the way, all kinds of personnel, all controlled by his ability, became his own.

“The defense on the Chinese side is too weak.”

It’s like walking into the top of the building as you enter your own home. At the moment, there are hundreds of people behind Sebastian.

Pushing open the door to the office building’s roof, Sebastian took everyone through.

But behind the desk, the sofa chair slowly turned over, revealing the figure of Zhao Yao: “In fact, I don’t have to worry about finding me, just give me a message on Weibo.”

Sebastian smiled and said: “I said how come up so easily. It turned out to be waiting for me.” He said, he looked at Zhao Yao and said, “Take all your super cats.” Give it back to me, I can let you go alive and let you continue to be an ordinary person.”

β€œAh?” Zhao Yao touched his head: β€œYou kid looks like a dog, and if you say it, it’s like a fool.”

Sebastian’s gaze suddenly turned up and glared at Zhao Yao. “This is what you are looking for.” He directly launched the distorted ability and wanted to completely control Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao looked at the LV15 on the other’s head and casually withstood the attack from the other side: “So let’s talk about it, your ability, where is it?”

“Ineffective? Impossible.” Sebastian looked at Zhao Yao with no slight change, and once again, he launched his own ability again.

But if ordinary people, and even ordinary apostles, after his distorted ability is like a room that can be entered at will, it is easy to enter each other’s consciousness and control the other’s consciousness.

Then Zhao Yao in front of him is like a bank vault, so that he can’t get into it with all his strength.

“It seems that you still don’t understand.”

Zhao Yao said by pressing his eyebrows: “The gap between us…”

Saying, the crowd of followers Sebastian came in and spread out, and he had completely dragged out his control.

“What?” Sebastian looked back at the scene and was surprised: “You broke my ability? No…” He tried to control these people, only to find that they were being forced by a stronger force. Controlled.

Sebast looked around and looked at Zhao Yao and asked, “Your ability…”

“Ah, do you say distorted consciousness? Or consciousness? The same ability as you, but stronger and more advanced.” Zhao Yao shrugged and said: “Probably the difference between monkeys and people.”

“Monkeys and people?” Sebastian looked at Zhao Yao with reluctance, and when he was about to launch a capability attack again, he felt that his body was stiff and had been controlled.

‘Even if I am… even I am under control. ‘

I thought that I was awakened by the unique ability, swept all the apostles, and now it was easily broken by Zhao Yao, even with stronger and more powerful ability.

Sebastian’s self-confidence was severely hit at this moment, and the whole person seemed to be standing in the same place as the lost soul, not answering any questions of Zhao Yao.

But even if Zhao Yao controlled him, he couldn’t ask anything, because Sebastian himself didn’t know what information.

“There is only the last person left.” Zhao Yao turned to look at the government member who was slowly retreating. He looked at the LV18 on the other’s head and said, “Are you going to leave?”

The staff looked at Zhao Yao with a blank look: “What happened to Mr. Zhao? I don’t understand what you mean.”

Zhao Yao pointed to his head and said: “Don’t pretend, you are in front of me, just as conspicuous as the red name, you sit down, don’t force me to hack.”

The next moment, the staff in front of the scene crashed into the ground and lost consciousness. Zhao Yao could feel a sense of consciousness coming out of the other side, and left.

“Want to escape?”

Zhao Yao waved, Space Gate had swallowed Sebastien in front of the collapse, and then flashed, and chased the past.

When Zhao Yao followed the other side to the material world again, he found himself in a pet shop.

A Russian big man stood silently at the table and looked at him. Zhao Yao looked at the LV18 on the other’s head and understood that the other person was the one who had just escaped.

Then he looked at the other side of the other side, a seemingly ordinary Asian youth sitting in a chair, a young man’s long hair casually draped, he did not care, just concentrated on the hand book.

And around him, a normal cat either lays down, or flips, walks, or runs, and even one lies in his arms and slumbers.

“Deliberately lead me? Want to ambush me? Not like…” Zhao Yao looked at the cover of the book, “Three-body”, and he looked at the other person’s head above: “LV59? First? If you should, you should be able to solve each other quickly.”

His consciousness micro-microwave moved and began to exert a dimensional blockade.

The long-haired youth seemed to be ignorant. After reading a book, he looked up and looked at Zhao Yao and said, β€œZhao Yao, have you imagined encountering an alien scene?”

Zhao Yao yelled: “What does this guy mean?”

Seeing that Zhao Yao did not pay attention to himself, the long-haired youth did not stop, but continued to say: “Imagine such a scene.”

“Suddenly one day, a group of aliens came to earth.”

“Because the power of aliens far exceeds humans, it easily defeats the human army and rules the earth.”

“And human beings, like former dogs, pigs, cows, and sheep, have become ordinary animals by aliens, from the top of the original society to the same existence as pigs and sheep.”

“You are arbitrarily raised, slaughtered, some are used to eat like cattle and sheep, some are used to play like cats and dogs, and some are used to torture like mice.”

“Of course, some human beings have received the favor of aliens. They are kept in cages. Of course, there are also some aliens who have not loved small animals. It is like a cat abused a dog. Being flooded into the water, it was directly fired and thrown into the universe…”

“The status of people and cats is completely interchangeable.”

The young man closed the “Three-body” and looked up to Zhao Yao: “Imagine such a scene, do you feel fear?”

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