Am I A God? Chapter 1051

“This kind of scene is the relationship between super cats and humans.”

โ€œItโ€™s like getting the foie gras, the geese are tied in a small space, and they are fed a lot every day.โ€

“In order to take the bear bile, the bear was cut open and cut off the gallbladder.”

โ€œFor higher weight, the cow is inserted into the nasal cannula and water is poured for a few hours.โ€

“In order to have fun, the cat was thrown on the elevated and was taken off the eyes…”

“At this time, as human beings, we can pity them, we can pity them, and we can leave some crocodile tears.”

“But when the situation turns the other way around? How do humans treat animals, and how super-power cats treat humans.”

“Do you know that Chang Maozong has begun to use cloned humans to fight…”

The manโ€™s eyes are blurred and seem to fall into the memories of the past.

“The absolute gap in power, the total difference in race, makes humans have no rights in front of the super cat. It is a scene of despair.”

Zhao Yao silently completed the layout of the dimension blockade, and then gently spit out a breath, then looked at the other party and said: “What do you want to say?”

The man did not speak directly, but touched the cat in his arms and said slowly: “The battle between humans and super-powered cats is endless, there is no room for relief. This is the life between two races, and you intend to stand. On which side? Which side can you stand on?”

Zhao Yao looked at the other person and said, “Are you a cat hunting group?”

“Short-haired ancestors are not just an anti-cat organization for the Cat Hunting Group. There are not only short-haired sects in the three sects.” The other party said faintly: “Zhao Yao, I checked your intelligence and read the history of your planet. You are very fortunate to have been born on a planet dominated by humans.”

“But the land under the foot has already ushered in a crisis, and the short Maozong will come to the planet at any time.”

Zhao Yaoโ€™s eyes narrowed and he was a product. The other party was to recruit him.

Then, in this case, the apostle who attacked him before was the piece that the other party used to test.

Moreover, the other party also pointed out that the short Maozong, Zhao Yao wants to come and think, can think of the possibility of the earth leaking news, that is, the line of Tom and the clucking.

Giggle once told Zhao Yao that he had told Feifei about the earth. Although Feifei was also called Feifei, it was not the father of Mai Mai, but the top of the family.

But this should not be true, otherwise other super cats should have come over.

Seeing Zhao Yaoโ€™s thinking, the young man said: โ€œThis is a bit complicated. First of all, we must start with the source plan of the short Maozong…โ€

โ€œSource plan?โ€ Zhao Yao frowned. โ€œIt doesnโ€™t sound like a good plan.โ€

“Of course, in short, this is the plan of the short Maozong to resist the very long Maozong, in order to develop new super weapons. It is the responsibility of the gray-backed family in the twelve families, that is, the ones you caught. A family of short-haired kittens.”

The young man said slowly: “First of all, what do you know about Chang Maozong?”

Zhao Yao simply sat down and the other person may have mastered a lot of useful information, so he is now planning to talk to the other person: “I don’t know anything, can you introduce me?”

At the same time, he had already stopped once and wrote a new task in the stomach pocket.

The ultra-thin cats in the stomach pocket and the material world acted together, and evacuation began inside and outside the building. The dolls sent a large number of robot cats to the building.

The young man said: “The short Maozong masters the power of consciousness. Each generation of them is born with the ability to communicate consciousness and can control other lives.

The Maoist is mastered by the power of flesh and blood. Each generation can enhance the body with consciousness, compete with the body for super-ability, and even immunity most of them lower than their ability. โ€

“And long Mao Zong, they can use consciousness to enhance the ultra-ability. In addition, each generation of their cats will be born with random awakening of different superability.”

“The source type plan is a huge plan that the short Maozong has arranged to steal the strength of the long hair. The whole content of the plan is one of the top secrets of the short Maozong, even if we only know one small one. section.”

The young man looked at Zhao Yao and said: “Short Maozong arrested a group of cats from Chang Maozong 20 years ago. They want to enhance the strength of the short-haired sect by capturing the power of these cats, even for the short-haired ancestors. The offspring provide more capability.”

“But you should understand that short hairs are longer than the field of consciousness. They can use ideology to make all sorts of incredible things, and even develop techniques such as the country of consciousness, so that they can exist in the high-dimensional world for a long time. Among them.

But for the power of Chang Mao Zong, they studied too little.

Therefore, the plan was not smooth, and the long-term research did not produce a large number of super-powered cats who were naturally conscious and awakened with different abilities.

In the face of unsatisfactory planning, some of the short-term Maoโ€™s top executives proposed some special methods. One of them was to put some experimental cat larvae on several planets, let them breed quickly, and got a lot of After the individual, slowly check to see if it is useful.

The efficiency of the plan is low, but the key is no cost. โ€

‘X! ‘Zhao Yao is in the heart: ‘X is the product of the short Maozong plan? ‘He looked at the young man in front of him, and he quickly thought about it: ‘Does this guy know more than giggles and Tom? It seems that they are better mixed in the short hairs than I thought. ‘

‘No, don’t think about this, if this statement is true…’Zhao Yao’s mind raised information about X: ‘Then shows that the alien cat still has the compoundability, and even used the hairless cat. The flesh? Only this kind of experiment body can’t have consciousness. ‘

Zhao Yao said his doubts and got a positive answer from the other party.

โ€œA year ago, a super-powered cat called Destruction Day was recovered from your planet, which greatly accelerated the progress of the experiment. Afterwards, several batches of super-powered cats did not return the audio. There are already other super-energy. The cat suspected that it was here, but it was temporarily suppressed by us.”

The young man said: “But sending a new super cat to come here is only a matter of time. Your planet is about to usher in an unprecedented crisis.”

Zhao Yao touched his chin and said slowly: “Let me think about it, then, do you want to recruit me?”

“We are your only choice. Besides choosing our help as human beings, can you still go to the super cat?” The young man said slowly: “I know that you have become the ash of the twelve sons.” Gray apostle, but even if he can’t help you keep a planet, you are, for him, just a human being.”

“If I don’t join?”

The youthโ€™s eyes exude a faint cold light: โ€œAlthough this possibility is taken into consideration, I advise you not to do this.โ€

A few minutes ago, in the stomach pocket of the yuan, it had already completely collapsed, and even Sebastian, who was in a coma, slowly opened his eyes.

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