Am I A God? Chapter 1053

In a completely static world, everything stopped.

I can only see Zhao Yao standing in front of the youth, holding the Dragon Slayer, and cutting it out with one knife and one knife.

With the knife and his knife, the hair on the young man’s head was shaved down.

The reason why I just cut off my hair is Zhao Yao and I don’t want to let the other person know the mode of attack.

So he now cuts off a little bit of hair from each other to trigger the attacking effects of the Dragon Slayer, instead of directly licking the other’s body.

After even cutting more than a hundred knives, Zhao Yao reached out and moved along with the movement of the Space Gate, and all the hair that had been cut down was included in the stomach pocket.

Then when the time stopped running again, Zhao Yao had already returned to the original position and shouted at the young man with his hand: “Dragon breaks!”

The young man was amazed: “Dragon breaks? What attack? Why didn’t you feel the fluctuation of consciousness?”

But the next moment, before he reacted, he felt that his eyes were black, and when he blinked again, he had already appeared in a hospital bed.

+12’s Dragon Slayer has the conscious consciousness of LV60 in the moment when Zhao Yao LV60’s consciousness is attached.

Although it is impossible for every young man to be reinforced by BUFF to LV60 at this moment, it is impossible for Zhao Yao to cut his more than 100 knives after the special stop.

“A new patient is coming?”

“It hasn’t opened yet.”

“There is someone coming again.”

The youth felt that they were tied to the hospital bed and struggled, but they could not move.

“What happened?” He was shocked: “What is this attack? Is it space transfer? No, my ability can’t be used, is Illusion skill?”

Among the many skills of consciousness, there are also skills like Illusion.

The weaker Illusion is to convey some illusion to the other’s consciousness. The stronger Illusion is to directly pull the other into the dream dimension of consciousness, everything is dreamy.

โ€œI was pulled into the other’s dreams?โ€ The youth calmly analyzed the situation in front of him: โ€œBut why can’t you use skills and superability? Dragon… Broken… Hey… Does Short Mao have this skill? โ€

The next moment, I saw the white scorpions around me gathered up and directly stripped the young clothes.

The young man sneered: “Hey, want to insult me, ridiculous, the means of a little down-and-coming wants…”

However, the calm of the youth soon began to disappear.

I saw that the white coat reached out and took out a kit, which was a strange thing like a wrench, a wire, a screwdriver, or sulfuric acid.

The youth frowned: “What are you doing?”

โ€œWhat are you going to do?โ€ The white smirk smiled. โ€œWe will use this wrench, wire, screwdriver, sulfuric acid, hemp rope and other 12 tools to cleanse you and enjoy it.โ€

“Clean body?” The doubts of the youth did not last long, and a scream of screams was made after a while.

Hey! A large piece of blood was sprayed on the clothes of the white coat, and then the entire ward was sprayed with large pieces of blood, and the whole room soon became like a slaughterhouse.

“Come me down!”

“Kill you! You are waiting for me! I will kill you!”

“I beg you, don’t get it, beg you…”

When the net body was not easy to finish, the young manโ€™s eyes were black and he opened his eyes again. He found himself back in the clean ward before.

He has just been cut down by the Dragon Slayer, and the natural effects will not be successful.

Looking at a few white coats slowly coming up, the youth’s face was ugly: “No…” He struggled with his body, but his consciousness dimension shuttled, various conscious skills, and strengthened body. Yeah, at this moment, I have not been able to play a role, and I can only passively bear it all.

I don’t know how long it has been. I don’t know how many times I was tortured. When the youth opened their eyes again, saw the office, and saw the material world, tears flowed out of their eyes.

Even seeing Zhao Yao, which was originally annoying to him, has become so cute at the moment.

Zhao Yao shook his head and went up to touch the other’s head and comforted him: “Don’t cry, it’s okay, it’s over.”

The young man was excited: “Do you know how I have been inside?!!”

“I understand, I understand.” Zhao Yao patted the other’s back and said: “The first condition of the dragon’s practice is that he is the first bearer. In order to cultivate this gray skill, I don’t know how to eat. How much has been suffered and how many crimes have been suffered.”

When I heard Zhao Yaoโ€™s words, the young manโ€™s eyes looked at each other differently immediately: ‘Are someone taking the initiative to bear all this? This is a monk. ‘

“Wait, you said this is a gray skill?” The young man looked at Zhao Yao in shock. He just wanted to say that this skill didn’t seem to be powerful enough. The next moment suddenly reacted, and his consciousness was sealed.

โ€œIs it the shortest gray skill of the short-haired sect, and it has abolished my consciousness?โ€ The young man looked at Zhao Yaoโ€™s eyes more differently: โ€œIs the gray ash even the ash skill taught to you? It looks like he I really value you very much.”

“For the time being, just a few minutes will be fine.” Zhao Yao patted the other’s shoulder and said: “But you made me a little disappointed, so weak, can you really fight against those cats?”

Zhao Yao looked at the taskbar on the BOOK, and the task of the other party has been completed. It is the experience value of 5000*2.

When the young man heard Zhao Yaoโ€™s words, he was not angry. Whether Zhao Yao defeated him or the otherโ€™s gray skills, the dragon breaks, the value of Zhao Yao in his eyes has greatly increased.

Itโ€™s as if the elementary school students are forced to work in front of you and Ma Yun is in front of you, the effect is naturally different.

And he just saw the performance of Zhao Yao, and he was so embarrassed about himself. He really thought that the other person was not particularly concerned about family and his own cat.

So the young man looked at Zhao Yao and was very polite: “I am not the strongest of us, our strength is not weak, and the key is that we can help you continue to conceal the existence of the earth, join us, Zhao Yao, You will be our hope to beat the super cat.”

‘Is this guy being convinced? That is to talk about joining. ‘Zhao Yao looked at the other side and said: “I haven’t known what your name is for so long? What is your organization called?”

“My name is Baiyueguang.” The youth said with pride: “Our organization is called the Cat Leather Association. It was originally created by the three largest anti-cat organizations in the Short Maozong. Our lord and two deputy heads, They all control the super cats of the Son class.”

โ€œHey?โ€ Zhao Yaoโ€™s eyes glimpsed: โ€œThe so-called mastery means that you used the short-haired sensibility to distort the ability to control the three super-hairs of the short-haired ancestors?โ€

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