Am I A God? Chapter 1055

Zhao Yao: “Dead cat, why are you so loud with me?”

Mocha: “Sir, the brothers are desperately here, you stop and stop, you have to stop the cat!!”

Zhao Yao: “I am not letting you stop. I am letting you follow the rules. Don’t mess up like before, pay attention to the impact.”

“We are chaos?” Mocha dissatisfied: “I am working hard with my brother all day, and you are promoted and made a fortune. What about us? Now we still dismiss our hands too dark?”

Zhao Yao: “Do you think I am telling you?”

Mocha: “…”

“I don’t know which bastard, I always send my black material online.” Zhao Yao said: “I have made my current reputation very stinky, so you should also pay attention to the impact, less chaos.”

Among the stomach bags, Sebastianโ€™s scream came: โ€œZhao Yao? Zhao Yao is you? I surrendered, I surrendered, let me go.โ€ Just said a few words, I was Mocha. A large cat grass came in: “You shut me up.”

Zhao Yao comforted: “Don’t be nervous, frankly wide, resisting strictness, your affairs are finished, they will let you go out.”

In the other corner of the Dimensional stomach bag, Zhao Xue pointed to Oliver and said: “How can the blood of this guy stop? Lucifer, come over, I think he is going to die, you can give him some chance.”

Lucifer looked at Zhao Xue’s screaming look and couldn’t help but rolled his eyes: ‘This is not what you are playing. ‘

In the groaning voice, Chang Haotianโ€™s diamond head suddenly rolled out of the Space Gate and saw Zhao Yao hold his face:

“You are a little professional, especially Bridget. Every time you enter, you have to check the access permissions of the Space Gate. Anyone can come in and out. Is it a public toilet?”

Bridget said with disapproval: “When you put them in, why don’t you set up a blacklist? You humans are all the same. I know which one is which.”

Zhao Yao sighed: “A group of waste, if you are not there, you will not know when you are killed or not. How many times have I told you, professional, professional, especially when fighting, don’t give Enemy opportunity. Superability This kind of thing, a negligence may be that you are dead and alive…”

He looked down at the head that rolled to his feet and comforted him: “You can rest assured that you have not done much, and you can do it well. You can go back in a few days.”

Baiquan embarrassedly walked out and grabbed the head of Chang Haotian. Chang Haotian shouted to Ivanovic on the side: “Help! Help me!”

Ivanovic quickly lowered his eyes and looked like he didn’t dare to look up.

Mocha saw the usual day of being placed back, and quickly stuffed a rag into the other’s mouth.

Bridget said: “What is the smudged smear? Anyway, it is useless to break his throat in the stomach pocket.”

โ€œItโ€™s not professional,โ€ Mocha said. โ€œI didnโ€™t hear Zhao Yao calling us professional.โ€

Zhao Yao rolled his eyes and shouted at the Space Gate: “Mute, mute, don’t pass the sound out? I can hear it here and mute the Space Gate.”

The Russian big man on the side is getting more and more nervous, and there is always sweat on his head.

Zhao Yao glanced at him and said, “Don’t be nervous, your problem is not big, go ahead, and send you out in a while.” He said, pointing to the Space Gate in front of him.

Ivanovic heard the news, looked at the black lacquer, and continued to have a bloody smell of Space Gate, suddenly shouted to Zhao Yao: “Don’t destroy my mouth, I know the rules, I can work for you, Assassination, extortion, protection, and catching cats, I can do it.”

Zhao Yao yelled: ‘This guy looks so tough, how is it so embarrassing. ‘When I heard what the other person said, he was immediately unhappy: “I am very happy to come to work here, but we are a regular company here, not doing what you said.”

Ivanovic nodded and blinked at Zhao Yao: “I understand, I used to do a lot of ‘regular’ work in the KGB.”

Zhao Yao sighed and waved his hand and said, “I am not missing people here.”

Ivanovic stunned, and then saw Oliver’s bloody body crawling out of the Space Gate: “Let me go out!” But the next moment I was caught by Zhao Xue.

Zhao Xue was embarrassed to smile at Zhao Yao: “Give him treatment, and let him run out accidentally.”

This was after Lucifer loaned the ability to Oliver for a while. The guy wanted to run a little better. After being regained by Lucifer, he was beaten by Zhao Xue.

Ivanovic groaned and looked at Oliverโ€™s already deformed head, and said in his heart: ‘What the fuck is in treatment? This is killing people, it is killing! ‘To Zhao Yao’s face, seriously said: “Boss, let me work for you.”

“No need.”

“I beg you.”

“Really, I will let you go in a while.”

“No, I don’t want to go, I want to work for you!”

Zhao Yao sighed and looked at Ivanovic in front of him. He didn’t really want to let the other person work for him.

“But since you insist on it, let’s go, then you work for me. No wages.”

“I don’t want money.”

Soon after, Ivanovic began working under Zhao Yao. Sebastian and other people honestly explained everything about Baiyueguang, and they were eliminated and lost.


Zhao Yao walked into the stomach of the Diyuan stomach, picked up Mango, and touched the other’s head.

Looking at Mango, who is staring at himself and constantly making a squeaky voice, Zhao Yao recalls the process of the other party’s battle.

‘Mango is not conscious. In theory, his superability should not work for XL10 or above. ‘

Zhao Yao said in the heart: “But that only perished, and the white moonlight used the unknown method to strengthen the body and consciousness, but it was recruited instead? Why?”

Zhao Yao looked at Mango in front of him and was puzzled.

With doubts, Zhao Yao returned a short Mao Zong, and planned to see if the gray ash came back. By the way, I asked about the war.

But when he passed, he was called in the past.

After studying the progress of Zhao Yao’s cultivation, the gray ash was nodded with satisfaction: “Yes, the distance and efficiency of consciousness transmission have improved. You really work hard, keep up the good work, don’t be lazy.”

Then the gray ash and the face, looking at the side of the wheat: “Mai Mai, you are lazy, right? You look at your level, even the individual can not match, next time I come back, if you have nothing more Progress, you will be with me to fight.”

Mai Mai hangs his head, and does not dare to move, shaking his ass, as if shaking his tail when he was a cat, he whispered ‘ๅ–”’.

Zhao Yao nodded, and changed the question in his heart to a question. He asked: “Gray, how is the war going? The super cat like you, the super Mao Zong.” Can cats, their ability should be ineffective for you? After you get on, is it sweeping?”

Gray smiled and looked at Zhao Yao and said: “Light feathers, you think it is simple to operate superability. Indeed, many super-abilitys that directly affect the target, as long as the other person’s consciousness is not as good as me, it is difficult to make a difference. .

But if the super-ability of the other party is to enhance itself, or to act on the material world, then it will not be affected, such as self-acceleration, such as instantaneous movement, and changing the environment, igniting the entire spacecraft, then they are not conscious, Can pose a threat to my body. โ€

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