Am I A God? Chapter 1056

Zhao Yao knew this too, but she didn’t expect Mango to go. After a grayish reminder, he suddenly reacted.

‘I always thought that Mango’s ability was to work on the target, just like Elizabeth’s control and Illusion, so it can’t work on a high-level super cat. ‘

‘But Mango’s ability, maybe not directly at the target? But changed the phenomenon of a certain material world? Itโ€™s like creating an earthquake, setting off a hurricane, changing gravity, and these changed physical phenomena canโ€™t be immune even if theyโ€™re high in consciousness…โ€™

The gray ash also guided Zhao Yao, and once again rushed to the battlefield to support the short Maozong.

Zhao Yao returned to Earth with Mango’s questions.

“Maybe you can experiment.”

Zhao Yao intends to experiment with Mango’s ability, but he still dare not borrow it himself, so he hired a new employee, Ivanovic.

“Mango.” Zhao Yao touched Mango’s head and pointed to Ivanovic saying: “Try to lend the ability to the other party, ability, understand?”

Mango looked at Zhao Yao with his eyes wide open and looked blank.

Zhao Yao continued to try to guide, patted Mango’s body, pointed to his butt, and continued to point to Ivanovic.

Mango rubbed his head and opened his mouth, which seemed even more confusing.

Zhao Yao patted Mango’s ass: “Take your ability…” and then pointed to Ivanovic: “Let the other party! Give it to the other party, all to the other party, don’t understand?”

Mangoโ€™s eyes suddenly lit up and walked over to Ivanovic.

Zhao Yao said: “Successful?”

Then Mango walked over to Ivanovic, picked up his ass and pointed it at the Russians, and then pulled a sneak peek at the other side.

Zhao Yao sighed: “Trouble, Mango is like this. If you sign up directly, you are a little risky. I am afraid that the side effects of this ability are too big. But I have to borrow it to experiment…”

He looked down at Mango, who couldnโ€™t stop beside his calves. “Itโ€™s not easy to understand the complicated commands.”

Mocha, who was on the side of his feet, suddenly said: “You can ask YuanYuan, YuanYuan has trained Mango before, and it is said that Mango can directly launch capability.”

“Oh, yes, YuanYuan…” Zhao Yao said: “He seems to have been hit hard this time? I heard that I am autistic?”

A few minutes later, Zhao Yao came to a cat litter on Cat Island. He stretched his head in and saw YuanYuan head down and squatted on the floor.


no response.

Zhao Yao reached out and poked the other person’s body, still no response.

“Please eat fried chicken with YuanYuan.”

Still no response.

“Hey, you secretly do things when I am absent, do you think that you can forget it?”

Zhao Yao turned YuanYuan over and saw that the other person’s eyes were like two black holes. It seemed to stop thinking completely.

YuanYuan’s knowledge of the depths of the sea, in the darkness, saw YuanYuan lying on the ground motionless.

On the side of X, he turned around and persuaded: “Enough, YuanYuan, when are you going to be decadent?”

YuanYuan: “In any case, I am a shackle that has been pulled out. What is decadent and decadent?”

X: “Don’t be so entangled! Isn’t the dog already cleaned up for you? It’s cleaner than taking a shower.”

YuanYuan’s mind recalled that after returning to the Dimensional stomach bag, Elizabeth, Diana, Lion Head, etc., they looked like garbage.

“After I came in, no cat would swear at me. I was still dead and reborn.”

X has no words: “Have you forgotten our dreams? Say good rule Zhao Yao, do you rule the world?” He grabbed the other side and swayed: “Look, Zhao Yao is coming to you!” Come up to me, go out and give me Zhao Yao! Think about your dreams!”

YuanYuan’s body is allowed to shake the other side and does not say a word.

X airway: “You don’t want to live, then I have to grab your body!”

YuanYuan turned his head and said: “This kind of garbage stuff, you just use it.”

X gas is itchy: “Do you think I dare? I will take your body!”

Seeing the other side fainting, X airway: “Autistic again!”

In the real world, Zhao Yao shakes YuanYuan’s body and says, “Hey, when are you going to lie down, isn’t it just being pulled out as a cockroach? Who hasn’t had such a shame, if it doesn’t Get up, I won’t let you continue to manage the cat factory, or I will let Caesar delete your memory…”

The YuanYuan eyes on the ground suddenly became clear, and the body stood up as a roll.

Zhao Yao looked at the other and said, “Okay?”

YuanYuan didn’t answer, but looked at her hands and feet with excitement.

Zhao Yao stood up and said, “When you wake up, come over and work, let Mango give it to others.”

YuanYuan’s body trembled and watched Zhao Yao honestly nod and said: “Okay, I will go.”

But then no matter how YuanYuan guides, there is no way for Mango to successfully lend the ability to others.

Zhao Yao shook his head and could only choose to stop.

“Maybe the next time you sign up, you can consider Mango?”

Zhao Yao shook his head and returned to the world of seals.

In the next few days, Zhao Yao returned once or twice a short hair, and most of the time was spent on the earth, while hanging up for Bridget, evolutionary level, doing tasks and accumulating experience.

He found that in the world of seals, it is also possible to trigger tasks, help others, and hang up and level up, and the momentum is more than enough.

For a time, the entire world of seals circulated GM’s four shots, abusing the legend of the players.

At the same time, Zhao Yao also practiced the backup of the personality from the cat leather to prevent himself from being controlled by the powerful super cat.

After more than a week, Bridget finally reached LV25, and the task of the upper limit was finally unlocked. Zhao Yao’s super cat finally managed to evolve and upgrade.

So Zhao Yao thought about it, or first hang up Mocha. After all, in terms of attack power, the consciousness of Dragon Sword and LV60 is enough, and I can’t expect my super cat to catch up in a short time.

On the contrary, it is the defense and auxiliary aspects. Mocha’s time-stop capability is getting better and better. After each upgrade, the acceleration multiplier can be increased, which is equivalent to increasing the relative time of the stop, and reducing the cooling time of the re-generation of space-time distortion.

“Standing only has output, Laozi is smashing the end, and the output is by the props.”

But this time Mocha hangs up, and Zhao Yao finds that the speed of evolution is much lower than before LV25.

โ€œWell? What are you doing? Why is the upgrade slower?โ€

Then Zhao Yao looked at BOOK carefully and found that after the level cap was unlocked, an update message was left on it.

In general, after LV25, the super cat wants to continue upgrading to have higher requirements for purity.

Because of ordinary life, they have almost no consciousness. They absorb their dissipated spiritual power through the seal world, and there are too many impurities and the efficiency of upgrading is declining.

Therefore, in the future, LV25 wants to upgrade quickly. It must be in the country of consciousness. The more super-powered cats are conscious, the stronger the consciousness, the faster the speed.

“If you pull the short Mao Zong guys into the game, the upgrade speed must be very fast.” Zhao Yao touched his chin and thought: “The current seal world is giggling, Tom, and a few super cats under my hand.” Conscious, too slow.”

“It seems that you have to find a way to grab some extraterrestrial cats to play games.”

After continuing to hang up on the earth for three days, Zhao Yao returned to the short Maozong side, but immediately felt the difference.

One cat slave, one super cat looks hurried, and there seems to be invisible pressure on them.

Zhao Yao was immediately screamed again by the gray, and he looked at Luster’s exclamation point on the gray head, and he knew that he was coming again.

“There is no shortage of masters here. Guang Yu, your progress during this time is very obvious. I borrowed my ability and just went to the battlefield to practice it.”

Gray pointed to a piece of stellar system on the map: “The average strength of this theater is not high, you should try your hand first.”

Zhao Yaoโ€™s eyes lit up and the opportunity to catch the cat came.

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