Am I A God? Chapter 1057

Side line task: catching cat

Mission Objective: Go to the vast starry sky to catch the super cat, and become the strongest magic cat trainer! Constantly catch powerful super cats! (The mission time lasts until the end of the three wars)

Mission reward: Every time you catch a super cat, you get 10,000 points of experience value, which can be settled anytime and anywhere.

Failure penalty: none.

Seeing the new mission, Zhao Yao was excited.

He now has too many places to use experience, LV10 below the super cat upgrade experience, BOOK upgrade experience, diamond hall recharge, strengthening stone, reinforced hammer, ruby ​​… all need experience.

At the moment of seeing this mission, Zhao Yao’s eyes seemed green.

The gray ash on the side suddenly felt the temperature seemed to be a little cold, and looked strangely to Zhao Yao: “How do you feel the temperature is low?”

β€œIs there?” Zhao Yao smiled. β€œWhen did you go? Is there a super cat with a long hair in this battlefield?”

“I don’t know, the battle of this planet is not very fierce, and Chang Maozong’s main force is on other battlefields, even if there are not many words.” Gray said: “If you are ready, you will enter the city of dreams. Someone there will explain the next battle with you.”

The city of dreams is the gray and conscious country. He solidifies the exclusive personal dream in the dimension of consciousness. One does not know how big a giant dream is.

It is also one of the short positions of the short Maozong in this war.

“Oh, yes.” The gray ash suddenly pressed Zhao Yao’s chest and again transmitted a wave of his own ultra-ability, trying to help Zhao Yao delay the duration of the ability.

This time, Zhao Yao is still receiving it with the cat prince dress, but it feels different. It seems that the performance is more dead and quieter.

Gray said: “The ability given to you this time has the consciousness attached to me. He will let the ability to be dormant in the case of non-active use. It should allow you to spend more time.”

Zhao Yao nodded and silently tried to remove the newly borrowed ability from the cat prince’s dress. Look at the gray ash and it didn’t react. The heart was more reassured. The other party should not monitor his thoughts.

Half an hour later, Zhao Yao rushed to the city of Dreams, and under the guidance of the gray, appeared in a conference room.

Looking at the few cat slaves who had been waiting in the conference room, Zhao Yao looked at the numbers on their heads, all of which were LV30 to LV40. It seems that the war intensity of this battlefield is not so high.

When I saw the appearance of Zhao Yao, several people nodded politely. A big man said: “This is the light feather adult. I can’t think of the gray slaves who will come to support our battle. My name is Black Sheep. Please give me a lot of advice, let me introduce you to the situation here.”

With the status of gray-haired cat slaves, the cat slaves present are very polite to Zhao Yao. Of course, Zhao Yao doesn’t know what he thinks, and he doesn’t care.

I listened to a few people’s comments, and he also got some information about the situation in this theater.

This is a livable planet called Essex. Most of the planet is made up of Gobi, snow-capped mountains and deserts. The planet was originally home to tens of millions of humans and a dozen super-powerful cats. It belongs to the site of the short Maozong.

However, as the war progressed, the super cats and cat slaves above had all withdrawn their short-haired ancestors, and the rest of the humans had basically escaped.

Now the entire Essex planet has been occupied by the Chang Maozong, and established a base, star port, and star gate on the surface and outer space, becoming one of the bases of this sector.

Zhao Yao Their goal is to completely remove the nails on the planet and relieve the pressure on the main battlefield.

A similar battle is everywhere in the Delin Star Cluster, which is responsible for the entire gray ash.

The Black Sheep said: “Before our troops and their strength are quite the same, it has been difficult to completely remove them, but this time with the help of Guang Yu, you will be able to thoroughly clean up the long-haired enemy on this planet.”

Zhao Yao nodded and said, “Okay, let’s go, I can’t wait.”

The Black Sheep was helpless, and worried that Zhao Yao was on the battlefield for the first time. He was too negligent and caressed. This took Zhao Yao together and crossed the countless distances, and then came to a strange place. local.

Zhao Yao looked at the corridor in front of him and stepped on the soft ground. He said: “Where is this?”

“The interior of the comet cat here.” Black Sheep explained: “The hairless cat is the second largest in size than the giant cat god.

Each has the ability to make a super-long-distance space jump, and has mastered the strong physical folding ability, mainly for the super cat that evolved for interplanetary navigation. However, although it is huge and very resistant, it is not very destructive. ”

Zhao Yao nodded. This is not a cat-shaped spaceship, but now it is in the other’s stomach, but I can’t see how many levels of this cat.

Next, under the leadership of Black Sheep, Zhao Yao followed the command room.

One LV44 Black Cat, one LV42 hairless cat, and one LV35 white cat, the three of them are the commanders of this unit.

LV44’s Black Cat is called convex convex. He looks at Zhao Yao and says, “Are you a gray-haired adult’s cat slave light feather? You just came, in the next battle, you don’t have to worry about it, for a while. The shadows together gave me the strongest human being, and their commanding cats, don’t let them run.”

Not far from Zhao Yao’s side, a stout hairless cat slave nodded slightly toward Zhao Yao, and he was the shadow of the convexity.

Looking at the LV58 on the other’s head, Zhao Yao understands that he and the shadow should be the highest individual strength in this army. Sure enough, the battle intensity is not so high.

On the front main battlefield where the gray ash is responsible, there may be dozens of cat slaves above LV60. In such a combat environment, even the current Zhao Yao will feel dangerous.

After ordering Zhao Yao, LV44’s Black Cat shouted: “All the troops attack!”

Consciousness is centered on his body and is transmitted in all directions.

In the void of the universe, twelve giant cats, like the size of a mountain, opened their mouths and made a burst of silent crying, accumulating strength.

Thirty minutes later, after the power was completed, their bodies flashed together and space began to leap.


Outside the space of the Essex planet, a long-haired cat’s star port is like a satellite of the Essex planet, floating quietly in the black void, slowly spinning around the planet.

On the outside of the spherical star port, more than a dozen space warships are suspended, and they are connected to the Star Harbor for daily maintenance work.

Suddenly, the white light flashed, and ten mountain-sized comet cats have already jumped out. Like the ten big tigers, they rushed toward Star Harbor.

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