Am I A God? Chapter 1058


The huge cat claws slammed on the surface of Star Harbor, directly tearing the plasma shield of the outer shell, and then squeezing it with the force of the mountain, the inner superalloy was also shattered by layers, letting the cat of the comet Five claws slammed into the depths of the surface of the Star Harbor tens of meters.

The alarm sounded through the entire Star Harbor in an instant, and countless lights rose. A shuttle-shaped fighter rushed into the sky, and the comet cats emitted a beam of particles from the comet, and bombarded them on the giant cat’s skin.

Roar! A giant cat squatted in the sky, and the giant claws banged and shot a fighter.

With the advent of fighters, humans wearing armor also rushed out of Star Harbor and besieged towards the comet cat. They are the armored units of Chang Maozong, armed with high-tech humans, while assisting their superability.

Then he saw a man in a mech jumped into the sky, his armor glowed with golden light. With the help of a careful nuclear power engine, his super-ability was greatly enhanced, and his hands slammed brightly. The violent collision of atoms, the burning light, and finally turned into an incandescent flame, and smashed toward the comet cats.

The giant cat in the middle of the roar screamed, and the stratum corneum, which was enough for aerospace travel in harsh environments, began to become burnt, steadily falling off, and soon revealed a big hole.

If you just want to attack, these comet cats will soon be turned into a huge body floating in the universe.

So the ten giant cats were long and sturdy, and one of the catless slaves was spit out of their mouths.

These cat slaves from Mao Zedong have amazing physical qualities and have been learning various combat skills from the moment they were born.

At this moment, they are covered by exoskeleton organs, and the bones extending from both hands and feet are violently oscillated, emitting white light.

They are the leader of the Maoist-free cultivator, with super-physical strength and exoskeleton armor, and a melee fight after the comet cat landed.

They don’t perceive pain, they don’t have fear of life and death, they have strong self-healing ability, anti-toxicity and vitality. The high-frequency bone spurs that extend from the hands and feet can cut off most of the material in the universe and can be up to kilometers per second. Fighting speed for more than an hour is a nightmare for countless enemies.

I saw these embarrassers jumped to the ground as soon as they appeared. They sprinted along the armored decks of the giant cats and slammed into the interior of Star Harbor at several times of speed. With the flying of metal debris, they smashed a block. Metal wall.

A Star Warrior’s mech warrior reached out to the rushing sergeant, and the plasma flame spewed out, but was directly escaped by the singer who was able to move at supersonic speed, and then he slammed into the armored warrior. The high-frequency bone spurs instantly pierced the other’s armor and cut off the other’s head.

At the same time, in the belly of the giant cat, the short-haired Zong slaves also launched the capability, directly conscious of the body, and attacked the troops of the Chang Maozong.

The driver of a fighter jet was confused in the eyes, and the next moment he began to fire at his troops.

For a time, the entire Xinggang fighters were in chaos and landed or returned to the base. Numerous mental repellents inside Star Harbor started up and began to resist the attack of short-haired cats.

The short-haired sect of the cat slave army is also known as the time-space force. After all, in the war, the time-space force is always stronger than the cat slave army.

Before the long Maozong invented the spiritual resilience device, the time-space force has always been the nightmare of countless long-haired soldiers, and it is the biggest reason why they can’t attack aggressively.

But now they finally have the means to counterbalance. Under the interference of countless soul resilience devices, the short-haired squadron’s time-space forces can’t go deep into the enemy’s line, and can only follow the leader’s body and push forward layer by layer.

The hairless slayers tore open a layer of decks, specifically looking for a soul-resisting device to destroy, and fighting with the long-haired squadron’s mechs, like a huge meat grinder.

As the battle with Star Harbor became more and more fierce, the two remaining giant cats waited quietly in the void, and did not rush to rush.

The convex convex shared the vision from the comet cat, observed the battlefield, and ordered: “Send two to deal with their battleship.”

I saw the warships outside Star Harbor slowly start, ready to launch an offensive against the comets on Star Harbor.

Two comet cat fish jumped up and jumped hundreds of kilometers in an instant without the need for a power-saving leap.

These comet cats can carry out an interstellar jump beyond the distance, and the fold within thousands of kilometers does not require power.

I saw a comet cat flying directly on the battleship, opened his mouth and bite it, then opened his mouth and spit, then sent the squadron into the battleship.

In just a few minutes, the interior of the battleship turned into a hell, and there were countless explosions.

After the other comet cat just jumped on the battleship, it was hit by numerous plasma beams, electromagnetic guns and laser guns, and the body was swallowed by a huge fire.

In the screams, he opened his mouth, and a scorpion was spit out like an electromagnetic gun. He rushed toward the battleships that were docked around him.

The entire battlefield was fierce to the extreme in the first time, and Zhao Yao, who shared the battlefield information through consciousness, also looked frowning.

The wars of Chang Maozong and Xiao Maozong and Mao Maozong were mainly divided into two kinds of battles.

One aspect is the grassroots units, that is, the high-tech, super-compatibility units of the long-haired sect of the starship, the mech-apostle, etc., to fight against the short-haired troops of the short-haired ancestors, the cats and cats of the Maoist sect. Ability.

The average strength of the short-haired and non-hairless troops is actually stronger, but they often cannot stop the Maoist as a tide-like offensive.

Whether it is a cloning army or a high-tech force produced by various assembly lines, it is a huge capital of Chang Maozong that can be an enemy.

In addition to the confrontation between these grassroots units, the top apostles and super-powered cats have played against each other.

A strong apostle or super-powered cat, with the power to fight the battleship and defeat Star Harbor, is enough to change the outcome of the local battle.

Moreover, such an individual is extremely powerful and very difficult to be killed by conventional weapons. It is a nightmare for countless ordinary fighters.

Of course, if the number of ordinary troops is enough, then even if it is as strong as the saints and cats, the frontal death is very dangerous.

Zhao Yao looked at the situation on the battlefield. Although Chang Maozong’s leader’s troops suffered heavy casualties, the record was amazing. They have destroyed a large number of soul-resisting devices, and the short-haired sects are deeply and step by step. Gradually took the upper hand.

Just then, the Black Cat embossing of LV44 said: “Be prepared, the shadow, the light feather, the guy should come out soon.”

Not long after the convex bulge was finished, he saw a crimson figure rushing out of the Essex planet. The blazing light spread behind the other side and turned into a blood-red light wing.

Tens of thousands of degrees of high temperature plasma is a kilometer long whip, extending from the palm of his hand, smashing toward a comet cat, and then injecting a large amount of plasma, destroying the comet The internal structure of the cat.

At the same time, countless spots of light emerged in the other’s blood wing, spurting thousands of high-energy rays, completely covering the comet cat in front of you.

During the violent explosion and burning, the hit comet cat fluttered in the blink of an eye, mourning to fall to the ground, and the starry harbor trembled.

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