Am I A God? Chapter 1059

Looking at the picture of the comet cat on the battlefield being hit hard, Zhao Yao looked helpless.

‘Rely, this kind of destructive power is much stronger than me… The gray ash guy actually let me join this battle as soon as I come up, really don’t want to be me? ‘

Although there was a little nervousness in his heart, Zhao Yao did not mean to retreat.

The opponent’s super-ability matches the high-tech armor, and the combat targets are all battlefields of the universe. Whether it is destructive power, range of attack, etc., it far exceeds the battle of Zhao Yao.

However, although the destructive power and attack range are not comparable to each other, if it is a sneak attack, a siege, or a slapstick, Zhao Yao feels that he still has a lot of voice right now.

In particular, this time, the apostle who belonged to the Maoist-free ancestor gave himself a meat shield, and he was more relaxed.

The comet cat who saw the sudden death was suddenly slammed and said: “Immediately retreat when I am seriously injured, do not confront the blood god, and hand him over to the shadow.”

Along with the command of the convex and convex, the cat of the comet that fell to the ground after a serious injury flashed and jumped thousands of kilometers away, floating in the vacuum of the universe, slowly recovering its own injuries.

The attack of Blood God almost killed him half-hearted. I am afraid that he will not be able to participate in the battle again in the next few months.

The blood god who repelled a comet cat did not pursue it. He only aimed at other comet cats. He had to repel the comet cat on the Star Harbor and solve the Xinggang’s encirclement. Consider the pursuit of things.

The four surrounding cats also began to fold and began to retreat.

In the command room, he said: “Blood god is coming, you will go up and entangle him. You can find a chance to attack him. It is best to seize this apostle and take him back to brainwashing. If it doesn’t work, he will kill him.”

The film was finally excited, and the muscles of his body squirmed, and he saw the white bones stabbed out of his skin and quickly covered her body.

“Then I am gone.” Zhao Yao, who looked at the same side, smiled and said: “You will help me as much as possible, and be careful not to die, or we will be bothered by the gray-grey blame.”

After that, he saw a burst of space around the shadow of the shadow, and the next moment he launched a leap, appearing on the battlefield.

The LV58’s fascination has been able to use the body to display powerful folding techniques. Although it is not as far away as the comet cats who specialize in space, it is enough to fight on the battlefield.

I saw that he had more than a dozen flashes in a row, and he had already appeared in front of the blood god, and his fist slammed into the head of the blood god.

“Blood god! I will blow your head out today!”

Whether he wins or loses, the shadows will first increase their morale.

The blood god on the other side is calm and calm. He has been stationed on this planet for several weeks. He and the shadow have already handed it a hundred times. It is already an old rival. He is very clear about the other side’s routine.

‘This guy is a personal meat sandbag. I am neither fashionable nor strong. If I run fast, I will kill you. ”

“Look at me slowly kite you this time.”

I saw the blood wing behind the blood god trembled, and it has turned into a violent ray that goes to the mascara. It is a wave of bombing and deceleration.

The blood god’s ability is very simple, that is, it can turn the blood in your body into tens of thousands of high-temperature plasma. If it is just a one-to-one conversion, then this ability is not terrible.

But by reaching the blood of LV56, his ability is enhanced by consciousness, and every drop can be turned into a lake-sized plasma.

Whether it is used as a mech energy or as an attack, the power is amazing.

Then I saw a layer of plasma rays covering the shadow of the body, the shadow of several consecutive flashes, directly in front of the blood god, punched out, squatting on the head of the blood god.

boom! The crimson figure instantly fell to the ground, and after running through the armor plate of hundreds of meters, it rushed out again, carrying tens of thousands of plasma long whip, and pumping away to the shadow, tens of thousands of meters of space. In order to become a burning hell, the temperature of the surface has risen sharply, and the layers of metal plates begin to soften and melt…

Zhao Yao carefully observed the two sides of the battlefield, you can see two red and white figures and fight and walk, every second has brought amazing damage, a large block of shock waves sweeping around There have been large-scale fires, explosions and earthquakes in Xinggang.

‘The two guys, if there is no army encirclement, really let them let go of the attack, maybe they can really remove the entire Star Harbor by their own efforts, which is more effective than me. ‘

The convexity on the side looked at Zhao Yao with concern and asked: “How about light feather? Are you sure?”

Zhao Yao touched his chin and said, “Let me wait.”

The convex and convex dissatisfaction said: “How long do you have to wait? Every moment, Star Harbor is dead, whether it is a cat slave on our side or a cat slave on the other side. Every death is a loss, it is money!”

Because of the existence of short Maozong, in the three wars, the short-haired and non-hairy sects are the cat slaves who can constantly capture each other, and then convert each other into their own cats through the distortion of consciousness. Slave.

So every time they want to capture each other’s vitality as much as possible, instead of fighting annihilation.

In the face of the convex dissatisfaction, Zhao Yao slowly said: “Don’t worry, wait for me to observe.”

Convex airway: “When you want to observe, we have been fighting with the garrison of Essex on the planet for hundreds of times. We are very clear about the strength of the other side. We are a little better than the regular troops. Even if you win, you will suffer heavy casualties.

But if the blood god is defeated, the shadow and the combination of the regular forces, you can win the other side, and capture a large number of cat slaves…” The convex screamed and fell into a beautiful illusion: “So much If the cat slaves are all well-trained, they will be able to sell a good price. ”

“I know what you said…” Zhao Yao’s gaze still stared at the crimson figure on the battlefield: “I will shoot when I shoot.”

There was cold light in the convex eyes, and the heart was dark and angry: “This guy! Is it awkward?”

I think it is very likely that the other party is in contact with the Star Wars for the first time. It seems that it is very possible to see such a fierce battle. The convex bulge still remembers when he first went to the battlefield, but he commanded the whole battle while he was urinating. He was praised by the ashes and he was calm and courageous.

On the other side of the battlefield, the battle between the shadow and the blood god became more and more intense, and the super-ability of the two people broke out in an all-out way. Every punch and every foot of the shadow broke the land of Star Harbor, and the layers of metal were plated. There was also damage to the universe’s garbage, even the blood god’s mech.

The blood god is constantly squinting, and while dragging away the distance, the plasma around it is accompanied by more and more battles, the sharply increasing temperature, and the ubiquitous plasma, all the pressure of the shadow The bigger the coming, the more sprints, the more out of each boxing, the enormous burden on the body.

The mood of the shadow is very bad. He understands that his strength and the other party are half-pounded. If you continue to fight, even if you can win the game, I am afraid it is likely to be both.

Seeing that the more you beat, the more Yao Yao did not take the shot, the shadow of the heart is not happy, said that together with the coffers? As a result, teammates have been on the edge of the OB for so long, the more he wants to be unhappy, the faint retreat in his heart.

At this moment, Zhao Yao flashed abruptly and had already passed through the dimension and appeared in the battlefield.

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