Am I A God? Chapter 106

Behind the snow-capped mountains, more than a dozen apostles stood up, one mouth, and a lot of poisonous gas rushed toward the wheat.

Looking at the raging gas, the wheat face changed, and the whole person suddenly disappeared into the air. It has already launched consciousness and wants to leave by the dimension of shuttle consciousness.

But in the next moment, the dissipated figure was like being photographed back, and the slamming sound fell to the ground, and a wow vomited a blood.

Mai Mai looked at Snow Mountain incredulously: “Dimensional blockade?”

Snow Mountain smiled slightly. Behind him, a man said coldly: “How can we not prevent you from escaping?”

“Ah!” Mai Mai screamed, and her consciousness came out and turned into dozens of blue dragons, which swept away toward Xueshan and others.

Consciousness skills – Frost Dragon.

Seeing this scene, Xueshan subconsciously took a step back. This is the silver skill mastered by Mai Mai. It is second only to the black and gray levels above. It can directly freeze the enemy’s consciousness, and even completely freeze the thinking of others, reduce or even stop. The speed of thinking of others.

However, just as the snow-capped mountains receded, a silver-haired youth stood out from the back of the snow-capped mountains, waving a hand, and there was a layer of consciousness rushing out, turning into a black barrier in front of the frost dragon. .

Mai Mai was surprised: ‘Silver skills black obstacles? ‘

boom! The frost dragon hit the black barrier, and the barrier trembled fiercely. The black barrier created by consciousness was frozen like a layer of frost, but it broke in the next moment and dissipated with the frost dragon. In the air.

Seeing that his skills were blocked, Mai Mai still wanted to move, and there was a strong stun in the flesh, and her whole person still fainted.

Looking at the girl who fell to the ground, the snow-capped mountains showed the excitement: “Ideology is omnipotent, but the fragility of the body is still your biggest weakness. Black Cloud, the rest will bother you.”

The silver-haired youth who had just used the black obstacles went up, and between the hands danced, a long silver needle appeared in the void.

Seeing the long needle made up of this root consciousness, the eyes of the snow mountain flashed the color of fear.

This is the black skill above the silver skill, second only to the strongest gray skill.

Snow Mountain heart secretly: ‘Black skill seals the needle, can completely block the other’s consciousness, even the black skills that are second only to the gray skills, the power of the Cat Hunting Group has developed to this point. I am afraid that among the short-haired sons, one of them is controlled by them. ‘

Then I saw a long needle slamming into the body of Mai Mai. After twenty-one shots, the original stunned wheat smacked openly and made a scream of screams.

The black sand dune on the side saw this scene, and his face showed a sad color: “McMai!” He roared at the snow mountain: “Are you crazy? Snowy mountain? The church will not let you go.”

Snow Mountain sneered: “After waiting for a distorted consciousness, you will not think so.”

“Less speak!” The silver-haired youth, the black cloud, snorted and stepped on the back of the head of the wheat, and then stunned the latter, then hugged the wheat and hung it on his shoulder: “McMai I have already gotten it, I will take him back first, and you will stay here to control all the cat slaves under McMade.”

At this moment, with the sound of the footsteps of the cockroaches, the brows of the people slightly wrinkled and looked at the corridor of the palace.

Then I saw a dark corridor, and Zhao Yao slowly came out.

“Take my cat without consent…” Zhao Yao looked at the girl in the other hand and thought about changing her name: “Take my girl away, your courage is really big.”

While talking, Zhao Yao’s eyes swept over the heads of the crowd, and finally stopped on the head of the silver-haired youth.

‘lv29? ‘Zhao Yao frowned and released the maiden lv28’s ability through the cat prince’s dress: ‘The apostle of lv29, is the apostle of Yaxing? Consciousness can’t make him, and if you fight it, you can only destroy his body first. ‘

If the super-cat or the apostle is hit hard or even obliterated, then the consciousness will be greatly weakened and even die slowly.

It can be said that the body is the biggest weakness of many super-cats and cat slaves of short-haired, and consciousness cannot survive in the material world for a long time. Therefore, Tom and Gig are directly using the dimension of consciousness to descend to the earth cat and earth. The body and the body are well protected in their own homes.

On the other side of the black sand dunes that fell to the ground, Zhao Yao, who came out to see it, was angry and anxious: ‘This guy, what a handsome! Hurry and escape to report! Hey, now that you are within the scope of the dimensional blockade, you can’t escape without losing. ‘

“Light feather?” Snow Mountain saw the sudden appearance of Zhao Yao, some strangely frowned: “You are not poisoned?”

With the ability of the poisonous apostle, at the moment, the entire Mai Mai’s palace was filled with a lot of paralyzing gas, and the cat slaves who borrowed the wheat-only ability were turned to the ground one by one, and it was difficult to play with a single ability. It is.

Looking at the black cloud of Mai Mai, I looked at Zhao Yao with interest and felt the consciousness of the other person’s body. “You are the apostle of Mai Mai’s new collection, Guang Yu? You are very good, there are Qualification, do you want to join us?”

Zhao Yao also looked at Black Cloud with curiosity and asked: “Well, I feel that your qualifications are also very good. Do you want to work for me? Five insurance and one gold.”

The black cloud frowned. Although he couldn’t understand what the other party said last, the scorn in the other’s speech was actually felt in the field.

“Looking for death.” Black cloud cold and cold: “After you brainwash your brain, you will be embarrassed.”

In an instant, a majestic consciousness rises.

However, Zhao Yao, who had been prepared for a long time, did not give the opportunity to show up to the black cloud. The time was suspended. Zhao Yao’s step had already appeared in front of the black cloud, and the palm of his hand slammed through the other’s body and brought a piece of blood. .

Then he took away the wheat Maid, and then Zhao Yao took another step and stepped into the Space Gate.

Just Zhao Yao talking to the other party is not nothing to look for, he is switching the ability to borrow the time to talk, set up the Space Gate.

This is a battleable retreat, coupled with the rebirth of the stability of the life, in line with Zhao Yao’s tactical style.

After Space Gate, Zhao Yao stopped and paused and turned to look at the black cloud attacked by him.

After seeing the time flow again, the black cloud pierced by Zhao Yao was poured into the pool of blood, and the consciousness of his body continued to flow.

Zhao Yao, who saw this scene, immediately responded: “This body is not his body? Is he attached to it?”

The ontology is the biggest weakness of the short-haired super-cat and the cat slave. Once the body of the body is obliterated, the consciousness will be weakened as the rootless, and finally dissipated between the heavens and the earth.

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