Am I A God? Chapter 1060

Suddenly changing air pressure, sharply rising temperature, and the harsh fighting environment constantly ruined Zhao Yao’s body, and he just looked at the blood god, and the palm of his hand pointed at the position of the blood god shouted: “Dragon breaks! ”

The mechs worn by Blood God monitor the situation of the entire battlefield almost anytime and anywhere, and reminded the blood god in the first time when Zhao Yao appeared.

“The dimension of consciousness shuttles? The cat slave of the short Maozong?” The blood god brows wrinkled. The first time I thought was to kill each other and manipulate a few plasma guns to rush toward each other.

“It’s finally here.” The other side of the film was also relieved, and his muscles broke out, and he planned to kill the blood with Zhao Yao.

But in the next moment, with the smashing of Zhao Yao, the whole world is in a state of quiescence.

“Fortunately, Laozi sometimes stops, otherwise I will fight with these guys, and my dress will be burned to gray.”

Zhao Yao walked under the blood god and stood on the other’s shoulder with a slam, and looked at the broken armor of the other side and nodded.

The reason why he waited for so long was that he wanted to wait for the opponent’s mech to be smashed. After all, he had not played with such an enemy before. If he went up and stopped, he found that it was not a smash.

Looking at the armor on the other side, Zhao Yao touched his chin. He now has two possibilities on the cat prince dress, which are the time and the LV60’s ability.

Now, when the cat prince dress is on, it stops, and the body is switched to Bridget’s stomach bag.

Then he saw that he reached out and a Space Gate had appeared beside him.

Then, along with his thoughts, the shape of the Space Gate began to change, from the original door panel shape to a long strip shape, and then carefully controlled by Zhao Yao, cut away toward the blood god’s chest.

Zhao Yao squatted on the other’s head and used the Space Gate to saw the other’s mech a little bit. The heart said: “It’s not bad. It seems that I care too much. Space Gate can still cut their mechs.” “”

After cutting the opponent’s mech, Zhao Yao opened his mouth and took up the dragon knife. Then the body stopped. The prince’s dress showed the consciousness of LV60 attached to the dragon knife, facing each other. The chest is pierced with hundreds of knives in succession.

Zhao Yao does not intend to expose his destructive power in the material world, nor does he intend to use LV60’s consciousness to fight with each other for a long time.

He still intends to use the Dragon Slayer to pretend to be an conscious skill attack and quickly resolve the battle.

So when time passed again, he had already returned to his original position and shouted at the shadow: “He has been controlled by me, you fight hard.”

Looking at the place where the squatting, the motionless blood god, the shadow first attacked the ground with a tentative attack, and then rushed up like a mad dog, grasping the flesh of the blood god is a ton of output.

Looking back at the situation where I had just been slid for a long time, these fists went down, and the shadow was so comfortable.

In the rumbling sound of the rumble, a large piece of metal fragments was constantly bombarded from the blood god by the shadow, but the blood god that was beaten was a stunned face, and there was no power to fight back.

After the film defeated the blood god, it rushed into the Star Harbor, driving all the way, with the leader’s troops leveling the pieces of the soul resistance.

Along with the resilience of the soul, the short-term squadrons of the short-haired squadron drove straight in, and soon there were large, large-scale warriors who were controlled, and the overall battlefield was fixed.

After Zhao Yao controlled the blood shadow, he disappeared again on the battlefield, jumping through the ideology in the body of a famous Mao Zong warrior, looking for the trace of the other side of the smart cat.


On the back of Star Harbor, in the position of an escape boat, four super dogs stumbled toward the cockpit.

A long-haired white cat ran while pursuing: “The blood god, the useless guy, was so defeated by such a simple! All blame him!”

“When we go back, we will write a report together and put the black pot on him, hehe.”

Another old cat shouted: “Hey, this time I have to go back and get a bunch of powerful cat slaves, come back and teach these original cats.”

After they landed on the spacecraft, they accelerated slightly and entered the transitional state, fleeing the battlefield without knowing it.

“Call!” The white cat who took the lead sighed with relief and comfortably squatted on the bristles of the cockpit. He stretched his limbs hard and said with relief: “This is safe, oh, this group still lives. The stupid cats of the Stone Age are not even eaten by our exhausts.”

The other kitten worried: “What to do, we lost here. If you go back, you will be punished.”

An old cat said with an old fritter: “What are you afraid of, the poorest is to have a meal, and you will eventually die, and we will say it first, and we will weld the pot to the head of the blood god, not to mention that we have problems. “”

“The merits of the cat slave are the merits of the master. The fault of the master is the fault of the cat slave. This is the way for the cat.”

Just as a few cats chatted, Zhao Yao’s head slowly stretched out from the shadow behind the door.

“The experience value of 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, 40,000, and 40,000 times.”

Carefully observed the environment around the four, after confirming that there was no problem, Zhao Yao stopped silently.

With the pause and passage of time, the world has returned to normal again.

Hey, after four consecutive resounds, the four long-haired super-characters that have just been chatting and farting have been stunned to the ground, four feet in the air and their tails twitching.

Then Zhao Yao skillfully opened the Space Gate and shouted at the door: “I have shipped it out.”

Ares came out with the super-cats like Fengshen and Rakshasa, and the alien cat who fainted on the ground slammed into his mouth and moved toward the Space Gate.

Looking at the average of four alien cats LV30 to LV40, Zhao Yao carefully said: “Take them into the entertainment cabin I prepared before, remember to wear them to the game console, Diana in the seal world will be optimistic about them. of.”

“Know it.” Ares looked at Zhao Yao, and he was puzzled. After all, he couldn’t help but ask: “Zhao Yao, you specially ran for thousands of light years and caught the four cats, just to send them. play games?”

Zhao Yao nodded and looked at the task panel on the BOOK. He then nodded and said, “What do you know? Fight less, play more games, and the whole universe is peaceful. Pull all the alien cats to play games. The only way to save this universe.”

Ares: “…” Ares always feels that this idea is a bit abnormal.

On the other side, Zhao Yao looked at the BOOK with the start of four super-powered cats. The experience of 40000*2 came to the hand, and the face opened with a smile.

Then he turned on the phone again: “Dolls, there are alien spaceships here, you have time to come over and analyze and see if you can learn the technology of others. And their mechs, you should study it…”

Doll: “I said I won’t help you make it up…”

Zhao Yao: “Ha ha ha ha, you cat… love to fight will win, do not try anything to know the result, maybe humanoid robot is particularly suitable for combat.”

On the other hand, the short disappearance of Zhao Yao on the battlefield did not attract anyone’s attention. When he returned to the command room on the comet cat, the entire battlefield had already entered the final stage.

The convex convex looked at Zhao Yao and said: “Light feather, you have done a great job! It is a cat slave of the gray and gray, I will report the situation here to the adults.”

Aside the shadow, Zhao Yao also smiled and gestured, thinking about whether to pull the other side to do a few more votes, this has control and output, playing more than the previous 瞎 乱 chaos chasing more fun.

Just as everyone cheered for the victory of the war, a bad news came soon.

On the frontal battlefield of the Delin Stars, which was responsible for the gray ash, the short Maozong and the Maoist were defeated. The Cat’s cat suffered heavy losses, and the ash was seriously injured. The entire regiment had to shrink its defense, even the Zhao Yao’s newly occupied The Sykes planet was also abandoned again.

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