Am I A God? Chapter 1061

Zhao Yao returned to the short-haired sect at the headquarters of the Delin Stars, Green Star Akanid.

He looked up and immediately saw the sky dense, with hundreds of comet cats floating back and forth, arching inside and outside the atmosphere.

Some even landed directly on the planet and began to devour minerals to heal the wounds.

At the same time, various steel fortresses were built on the earth, and the cat slaves without hairs entered and exited.

Looking at the endless military camp, Zhao Yao secretly estimated that there would be millions of troops.

The apostles without Maoist were mostly in the gray-dream city of dreams, and rarely came to the material world.

With both hands on his chest, Zhao Yao recalls the latest information.

On the frontal battlefield of the Delin Star Cluster, with the ash being seriously injured, the short Maozong and the Maoist sect completely fell into the wind in the confrontation of high-end forces.

โ€œThe ash is actually hurt? How is it hurt?โ€ Zhao Yao turned to look at the wheat Mai, a look of doubt.

Gray ash is the big cat of LV72, the intensity of consciousness can even directly press the soul resistor overload and scrap.

If such a big cat wants to go and rely on the conscious shuttle, Zhao Yao can’t think of anything to stop.

So he found Mai Mai, the other party is a gray family, and should be able to ask for information.

Mai Mai was on the ground, holding a small face and said with dissatisfaction: “I heard that it is a cat slave of Chang Maozong. It seems to be very powerful.”

Zhao Yao was surprised: “Cat slave? Cat slave is so powerful?” In his impression, the strongest of the three should be cats.

Mai Mai looked at Zhao Yao and said pitifully: “Light feather, tell me a story.”

Zhao Yao nodded and said, “Well, I am telling you today that a gourd baby can’t be such a cute story…”

Mai Mai listened carefully to the story Zhao Yao said, and suddenly patted his head and said, “Touch my head!”

โ€œAh?โ€ Zhao Yao said: โ€œAre you not touching it?โ€

“I am not happy today, you can touch me quickly.”

Zhao Yao licked his mouth and pressed the palm of his hand on the head of Mai Mai. The skill of the servant broke out at this moment for many years. All the way from the head to the back, the wheat Mai immediately softened.

โ€œItโ€™s so comfortable.โ€ Mai Mai said: โ€œAlthough I can feel it myself when I become a person, I am still most comfortable when I am touched by others!โ€

Mai Mai smiled happily with his eyes open and shook his head and said, “Zhao Yao, let me know, and when I become a person, I canโ€™t always be there!”

โ€œAh?โ€ Zhao Yao stunned for a moment, looking at the back of Mai Mai, his head caught in a fierce ideological struggle.

“Oh! Is there such a good opportunity not to hurry? I just broke her waist!”

“You can’t be swearing Zhao Yao! You are a celebrity! How can you do this kind of thing!”

“Why can’t you do it? Isn’t it a normal and reasonable thing for a man to marry another woman?”

“It’s not reasonable at all! The cats are screaming at each other! How can people swear each other?”

“Hehehehe, you are too young to see humans.”

โ€œGive me shut up.โ€ Zhao Yao turned his head and looked at the Space Gate behind him. The heart sounded toward Mocha and Bridget at the door: โ€œWho asked you to peek at me?โ€

Mocha and Bridget also scared off the hair of the place. Mocha said with great courage: “Ares let us tell you that the cats are arranged.”

Zhao Yao nodded. “Let Diana look at them and 24 is not allowed to go offline.”

When the Space Gate was turned off and Zhao Yao looked at the wheat in front of him, the red day responsible for protecting Mai Mai suddenly appeared beside them, looking suspiciously at them: “McMai, Feifei adults let you go trip.”

“Hey, that light feather will continue to tell me stories tomorrow.”

Looking at Mai Mai, Zhao Yao touched his chin and thought about the information provided by the other party: “The apostle of Chang Maozong has broken the gray? If it is an apostle, there will be a second, third… …but the short-haired sect is also a kind of secret weapon that is planned to be active. I don’t know what will happen.”

Zhao Yao walked along the grassland for a while. A female cat slave suddenly leaned over. The woman looked glamorous and with a cold color, and looked at Zhao Yao’s eyes full of scrutiny.

Zhao Yao glanced at the eight packs on the other’s stomach and said, “No hair? What’s the matter?”

“White Moonlight let me contact you.” The other side carefully looked around and said: “Come with me.”

Zhao Yao looks tight: ‘Is it a cat leather club? ‘

He followed the other side all the way, and the people who were far away from the race ran faster and faster. Both of them were very strong in physical fitness. After they ran away, they immediately crossed the sound barrier and came to an unmanned canyon with a scream.

Before the woman walked to a rock wall, she extended her hands and slammed her fist.

Zhao Yao looks at the woman in front of her face. The height of the other person is almost as high as that of him. The muscles on the body are not thick, but they are distinct and very contoured, giving a feeling of being fit and slender, and not ugly. .

Looked at each other’s head.

“LV55, that is also the backbone.”

After a while, the woman hit a cave in front of the mountain wall. After Zhao Yao walked in with her, she collapsed the cave to the entrance.

Looking at the closed cave, the woman slowly said: “This is a little safe. My name is Liu Yue, you are Zhao Yao? Bai Yueguang new recruit?”

When he heard the other personโ€™s real name, Zhao Yao nodded and said, โ€œWhat are you doing?โ€

In the darkness, the woman looked at Zhao Yaoโ€™s direction and listened to the otherโ€™s breathing and heartbeat. He said slowly: โ€œThis time in three wars, the Maoโ€™s soul-resisting device was very restrained and short-haired, their clone There is also a great breakthrough in human technology, and the average strength of the troops is much stronger than in previous years.

Especially the gray-stained guy who was injured this time, her name is Tianzhu.

It was a girl who seemed to be only in her teens, but at least XZOX was used for contraindications in the battle. Her body is likely to condense the latest achievements of Chang Maozong. โ€

Zhao Yao: “tabooability?”

Liu Yue explained: “The long hair is a multi-ability race. Each cat will awaken different super-abilitys randomly, but there is also a certain degree of repetition. It is said that they can awaken the super-ability, a total of 138,000.

And the ten most dangerous, most subversive, and most horrific, are called tabooability. Among the generations of the long hairs, the known tabooability holds cats, and there are five. โ€

Zhao Yao said: “You should not want to play this little girl’s idea?” Since the other party can reinvent the gray, there is any taboo capability, then he does not want to face each other now, at least he must wait for his super If the cat is more advanced and the equipment is more luxurious, it will consider dealing with this bear child.

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