Am I A God? Chapter 1062

When I heard the question of Zhao Yao, Liu Yue shook his head: “Don’t fight, then listen to me.”

“Chang Maozong now has a big advantage. The most troublesome thing is that they may have many ways to show them. According to the news from Comrade Mao Maozong, they are already preparing for a new round of war.

Although there are similar players in the short-haired and non-hairy sects, we are still not optimistic about them. ”

Liu Yue said: “In the three cases, any one of them has the upper hand for a long time, and even the winner is not what we hope. This time, we must find ways to weaken the advantage of Chang Maozong.”

“So we decided to unite with the comrades of Chang Maozong, and they will send out intelligence. We cooperate with them to attack the cat slaves of Chang Maozong, even cats.”

“You are a gray apostle. In the aftermath of the war, you will be reused. We will give you some information about the long hairs, so that you can easily kill them. This will also help you improve your position on the gray. status.”

Zhao Yao’s eyes are bright, this is a good thing, can help him complete the task of catching cats more efficiently.

Zhao Yao quickly asked: “When did it start?”

Liu Yue said: “I don’t know, but it should be faster. There are more than ten days at most. I am afraid that there will be a big attack on Chang Maozong.”

Said, she is also a punch at the exit of the landslide: “When we will come to you, during this time you try to find a way to gain the trust of gray, it is best to learn a few more skills.”

Looking at the moon that left the cave, Zhao Yao confirmed that there was no one around, and then opened the Space Gate and went back.

Instead of waiting for the alien to wait for the big battle to start, he might as well come back to hang up, take experience, point some skills or strengthen it.

As soon as he walked into the Space Gate, Zhao Yao saw Mocha lying in front of the door. When he saw Zhao Yao coming in, he immediately rolled over to Zhao Yao’s feet and touched his head with his claws. “Touch! Zhao Yao, you touch. My head.”

“Go away.” kicked Mocha off, and Zhao Yao thought about how his experience was used.

Mocha climbed up unhappy and looked at the cat who came over and said: “Zhao Yao, this guy is getting more and more out of my mind, and I don’t want to think about where his time is.”

The old cat said on the phone: “Joe, Fishball called us over and it will start.”

Mocha snorted and said as he walked: “There is nothing good about this kind of thing. Laozi now has the most cats and the most sites. I am the boss!”

Mocha and Egg Bo jumped down the road and returned to the cat school’s rooftop. They saw that there were already several super-powered cats such as Fishball, Latte, Cannon, Lightning, etc., and half of them were not even Zhao Yao’s cats. .

When I saw the cats, Mocha nodded and said, “Everyone, everyone who wants to come today may know. Everyone is a class leader, and there are still several grades of grades, and next week our school will I have to choose five bars.”

Fishball said on the side: “This time, everyone is coming over, just want everyone to support Mocha to do five bars. I don’t know what you think?”

“Fishball, you are the last five bars. Now you have to graduate. No one will influence you.” The two-year squad Lightning hesitated: “But I heard that Ares wants to choose, I I am afraid that we have chosen Mocha and you are being retaliated by him.”

Cannon, the second-year squad leader, said: “The cat on the side of Ares is the best to play, and the shot is awkward. Now I heard that he is supporting him throughout the fourth grade.

It is said that a teacher asked them to stand in the penalty station last week. When they turned back, they bite the bicycle tires of others and use their teeth to leak the tires. Who have heard of them? ”

The five-year-old squad leader cat is impatient and impatient: “Which age is still awkward, you want the tires to leak, when you are a tiger?”

Now is the choice of five bars, not the animal world. I tell you, Ares is so embarrassed, he has not had a good life since he became a member of us.

How does the tea brother still use me to say? Which of the brothers is difficult, the tea brother is the first to contribute money, which one of the classes at each level has an accident is not the first out of the tea brother? ”

He glared at Cannon and said, “Cannon, you forgot that you didn’t call the parents in your last homework. Who helped you thunder?”

“Cat old ~ ~ loyalty is good, but loyalty can not be eaten.” Four-year squad leader Cheese said: “I heard that Bridget sister also wants to choose five bars, she is now doing the right business, money I earn the most, and many people want to follow her.”

“There is a lot of money.” The cat said: “Whoever has money and who is the boss, what else do we want? Let them be more than anyone.”

“I chose YuanYuan.” One-year squad leader Latte raised his paw and said: “YuanYuan is very capable, and he is dedicated to doing things for everyone. He said that if he is on the five-bar, he will ask the teacher to arrange it every day. The homework is no more than an hour, and there is no homework during the winter vacation.”

Mocha smiled and said: “I don’t have homework during the winter vacation? If you don’t have it, don’t you know, how many years is this rule? Do you believe this? Then I said that I want to blow up the school.”

Mocha glared at the latte and chatted with his heart sound: ‘Bad boy, tear your dad’s desk? ‘

‘Old beans, what is the use of the five bars? Still not a student? The teacher can tear your cards in one sentence. Let YuanYuan be on the fight, we will add fuel at the back. ‘Latte back.

Mocha: ‘What class leader did you choose? ‘

Latte: ‘I have no place to copy my homework. I have no choice but to choose this squad leader. Old beans, everyone is happy to copy homework, what is wrong with cheating on the exam, why do you want to choose this five-bar. ‘

‘There is no chance to take power, you just don’t come out and mix. ‘Mocha said: ‘All in all, this time you support me to do five bars, the lower bounds fully hold you to do five bars, when you don’t say copying homework, you can change your exams. ‘

Latte was shocked: ‘The five-bar can test the score? ! ‘

Mocha: ‘Of course. ‘

Latte shouted: “I support Mocha as a five-bar, Mocha is a public, a big deal, and the most sites. He is a five-bar, and we all will be better in the future.”

Said, the latte raised the cat’s claws.

The cat on the side also raised a cat’s claw and then typed and said: “I also support the tea brother to make five bars. I am not for the sake of benefit. The tea brother is fair for the cat, and is loyal. When it is time to pay. The first one to pay, the first to contribute when you want to contribute, not choose who he chooses?”

Fishball also raised the cat’s claw and said: “I also voted for Mocha. To be honest, I sit on the five-bar position. Mocha sits and the next few brothers can take turns to sit.

The time after the whole school was finished, we all had the final say. ”

After a while, the super cats one after another slowly lifted their claws.

At the entrance of the rooftop, YuanYuan… or X quietly listened to the conversations of several cats, and then the body moved slightly, and passed through a blocked wall to the principal’s room at the lower level of the school.

I saw milk tea standing docilely in the center of the office. He was sitting in front of the North Elvis and other dozen cats. They were the power of the school.

The milk tea went up and sent the prepared Cat City VIP diamond card to the front of several cats.

“This time, thank you uncles and uncles for supporting me to make five bars.”

Northern Cat King silently took away the diamond card, and then looked at the milk tea and said: “Coffee tea, you don’t think we support you for what you send.

Ares is too much work, Mocha has Zhao Yao support, the least like to talk about rules, Bridget will not say, if she let her sell the goods into the school, I do not know how to explain.

We choose you because you are the most sensible. The school wants balance. Today, the fifth grade is in the fourth grade. Tomorrow is the second grade, and the third grade is the last day. Then everyone should not study. In short, you have become a five-bar, peace, don’t accident, then Everything is fine. ”

X listened to the conversations of several cats and shook his head: ‘YuanYuan, it seems that your dream of being a five-bar is not easy to achieve. ‘

Then he walked through the wall and came to the alley outside the school, only to find that Kunwu had already waited there, watching him say: “Are you X or YuanYuan now?”

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