Am I A God? Chapter 1064

Zhao Yao looks at these two skills and is more and more like it. I don’t know how to die.

It is really the most suitable combat style for him.

Zhao Yao suddenly grabbed his chest and kept telling himself: “Don’t swell, don’t swell Zhao Yao, alien cats still have a lot of powerful characters, you have to be modest.”

After appeasing his inner heart, Zhao Yao looked at Pharaoh’s skill tree again and quickly took the skills according to his previous plans.

The first is the physical toughness of LV7, which once again improves the effectiveness of Pharaoh’s exerciseability. Followed by the blood transformation of LV8, the effect of exercise can transform blood, further improve the effect of eating and exercising, and even eating can make the body stronger.

In the final LV10, Zhao Yao used the last extra skill point and put both skills on.

They are the body of steel, and the body will be passively exercised all the time. The harsher the environment, the more it can enhance the effect of exercise.

The other is the super-energy exemption – high-order: with the repeated exercise, the physical body is more and more resistant to super-ability, not only by the chance to exempt the super-ability attack, but also to reflect the super-effect, the highest probability Increase to n (number of levels) * 1%.

“To force, Pharaoh’s two capabilities are too powerful.”

Zhao Yao is more satisfied with the two skills of the last LV10. One is to improve the physical quality while lying down, and the other is the more powerful super-exemption ability.

‘The stronger the consciousness, the more super-ability can be waived. If you add Pharaoh’s super-exemption, it will be immune. ‘

The more I want to be more satisfied, Zhao Yao even wants to try this ability quickly. As for the side effects of Pharaoh’s ability, Zhao Yao has a way to change with sexual orientation.

That is to rely on the conscious awareness of LV60 given by the gray ash to capture this effect.

Pharaoh is only LV10 after all, even after upgrading to LV25, LV60’s consciousness should be able to withstand his super special effects.

Thinking of this, he nodded secretly in his heart, and looked at the lottery interface by resisting the idea of โ€‹โ€‹experimentability immediately.

“62 is ten times in a row, and after the pumping is finished, it can be enhanced.”

As a regular draw, there are 620 draws, and Zhao Yao is very skilled at starting the draw, and the 620 draw is taken out in one go.

This round of draws gave Zhao Yao more than 10,000 experience points. With the previous remnants, the current BOOK experience reached BOOK: Lv8 (55817/100000).

The number of strengthened stones is up to 77.

The debris of the emperor’s cat armor reached (139/240).

Secondly, there are also spicy strips that can’t be used.

Zhao Yao looked at the 77 fortified stone, and the thoughts that he wanted to strengthen in his heart burned.

โ€œStrengthen? Or wait a minute? Then accumulate?โ€

Zhao Yao thought about it. He is the most worthy of strengthening now. One is +12’s Dragon Slayer and the other is +7’s Cat Prince dress.

But no matter which one, it is already a creation of +7 or above. If you continue to strengthen it, there will be a risk of breakage. You need a reinforced hammer with ten diamonds to ensure that it will not break.

Zhao Yao looked at his current number of diamonds.

During this time, relying on daily tasks for daily, Zhao Yao’s diamonds were saved to 31.

Plus 50,000 points of experience to redeem 5 diamonds, that is 36.

“Three strengthened hammers can be strengthened three times…”

“Fuck, what use is there so many fortified stones?”

Zhao Yao said in the heart: “The cat prince’s dress should be strengthened, mainly to absorb the above LV60’s ability, but at least it must be strengthened several times before it can have a new special effect. It may not be a level of increase in absorbability. Upper limit.”

“In the case of the Dragon Sword, every enhancement can increase the power.”

“The next big battle can be very dangerous. In the face of high-ranking apostles and super-powered cats, I also lack a stronger attack method…”

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao still intends to strengthen the Dragon Slayer.

He did not spend the experience to exchange diamonds, directly spent 30 diamonds, exchanged 3 fortified hammers, and then shot on the Dragon Slayer.

The first reinforcement failed…

The second reinforcement failed…

The third reinforcement finally succeeded.

Looking at the +13’s Dragon Slayer, Zhao Yao breathed a sigh of relief, and the success was successful. The difficulty of the Dragon Slayer’s check became 13 times, which means that the attacking effect of the Dragon Slayer is stronger.

Then Zhao Yao thought about it and told Lucifer and Pharaoh about the new upgradeability, and then he planned to experiment with the new capability.

Then he saw that his body instantly disappeared into the material world, and when it appeared again, it had already reached the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

โ€œDo you want to try the regeneration ability first?โ€

Zhao Yao thought about it, opened the Space Gate, and then directly pressed his two hands up to remove it, then simply pressed one leg up and removed it.

Next, Yao Yao tested the newly upgraded Quick Regeneration ability with a sullen look, feeling the power and understanding his limits.

“Ordinary physical attacks, as long as there is no way to smash me into slag, it is almost impossible to kill me.”

“And even if I really kill me once, there are still rebirths, and there are times to stop.”

“Oh, I am getting more and more stunned now.”

“The next step is the ability to exercise…”

Zhao Yao looked at the reborn body, his body jerked, and he jumped into the sea, then slammed all the way to the bottom of the sea, and waved waves along the way.

Feeling the constant pressure from the sea, Zhao Yao felt a slight discomfort from head to toe on his body.

But soon this discomfort began to weaken, and even disappeared.

He dive all the way to the depths of the sea of โ€‹โ€‹several kilometers, and with the continuous increase of water pressure, he can gradually feel the strange changes in the body.

Just as there was a burst of warmth flowing from his body, Zhao Yao could feel that under the pressure of the sea, his body seemed to be stronger, little by little, but the speed was very slow, definitely better than no. Take the initiative to exercise.

“The more bad the environment, the more powerful it can stimulate the body…”

Zhao Yao thought about it and ran to let Lucifer lend the ultra-fast ability to the cat prince dress.

+7’s cat prince dress can switch between three kinds of capabilities, now Zhao Yao has time to stop, LV60’s grayishability, and Quick Regeneration.

Then he jumped into the dimension of consciousness and ran all the way to the void in the earth’s atmosphere, and came into the outer space of near vacuum.

At the same time, he switched his ability to Pharaoh’s workout and switched the cat prince dress to Quick Regeneration.

Zhao Yao said in the heart: “Quick Regeneration to match the exerciseability, plus the harsh environment, the effect should be good?”

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