Am I A God? Chapter 1065

In the vacuum of the universe, Zhao Yao can feel the heat of the whole body passing by, and is surrounded, attacked and destroyed by an icy atmosphere.

At the same time, the air inside the body quickly spreads around and flows into the dark universe.

Even with his strong body, it is impossible to ignore the destruction of the body in the vacuum of the universe. The heat and gas are inevitable. His body is changing direction in the direction of freezing the corpse, but only ordinary people. It’s much slower.

However, Zhao Yao can feel that his body is constantly fighting against this damage while exercising super-ability, and constantly adapt to the environment of the universe.

At the same time, Quick Regeneration continues to assist in this situation. When the cells in the body begin to die a lot due to the heat and oxygen, they will be replaced by new regenerative cells. Zhao Yao is dying. And rebirth.

In this case of constant death and rebirth, the speed of exercising super-ability is stimulated by the environment of the universe vacuum, constantly increasing the strength of the body, in order to reduce the damage suffered by the body in space, changing some structures of the body against the universe. surroundings.

Even under the special effect of adapting to the environment and exercising the ultra-ability of the ‘steel body’, the light is placed in a harsh environment, and Zhao Yao feels that his physical strength is getting stronger.

Exercise and regeneration, the two kinds of abilities complement each other, allowing Zhao Yao to continue to improve as he lie in space.

‘It’s really a BUG. You said that the body is going to adapt to the environment, and you can continue to improve your physical fitness and strengthen your body. ‘Zhao Yao said in the heart: ‘It can only be said that it is super-ability, and it does not make sense at all. ‘

Then Zhao Yao soaked the bubble magma, went deep into the ground, found the 10,000 meters trench, went to the South Pole, the North Pole turned… Finally, he exercised for half an hour.

The harsh environment was experimented, and the purpose of Zhao Yao was to compare the efficiency and compare the effects of the ‘steel body’ effect.

Compared with his own half an hour of exercise, there is a cosmic vacuum among the seabed and hot magma below 10,000 meters. The body’s ascension is relatively high, and even more effective than simple exercise.

“Not bad, this is called lying upgrade. But you shouldn’t really stay in such a far place, not even a signal.”

“And the environment, maybe artificial can be a bit harsher.”

After the experiment completed the new ability, Zhao Yao thought about it, returned to the stomach pocket, and then returned to Cat Island, where he would prepare an environment where he could hang up.

“Doll, give me a smart steelmaking furnace, to adjust the temperature, the minimum of five Baidu, the highest no limit, the higher the better …”

One robot cat appeared on the cat island and began to carry materials to build a steelmaking furnace.

It took a long time to build a steel-making furnace, and immediately caused a lot of super-powered cats to watch.

“Ah! Why do you have to change the layout!”

“How can I put such a large steelmaking furnace here! The entire cat island pattern has been destroyed!”

“Zhao Yao, this guy knows all the time! It’s awful, I want to go and smell the smell of the steel furnace.”

“Come on to inform Elizabeth! Make a steel stove at home! Let her see you soon!”

Most of the super cats are full of dissatisfaction with the small changes in the environment, but they are full of curiosity about the new steelmaking furnace.

However, with Zhao Yao present, there are more and more super-capable cats on the scene, but no one dares to hinder the steel-making furnace.

But look at the look of the robot cats, all of them are a look of weakness and a decadent look.

Zhao Yao frowned, and this work was too slow.

He asked: “What’s the doll? Are you in a bad mood?”

The doll looked up and looked at Zhao Yao, and lowered his head and said, “Nothing.”

‘You have a bad heart when you look at it. ‘Zhao Yao secretly vomits in the heart: ‘I just wrote it on my head and asked me. ‘

With a sigh, Zhao Yao could only help but go up and said: “Dolls, is there something wrong? Say it, I can point you out.”

Seeing the look of the doll, Zhao Yao knew that the other person hesitated and quickly said: “You have to know that there is no one in the world who knows cats better than me.”

As he said, he looked at the cats who were watching the steel-making furnace. They pointed to the Bridget in the crowd and hooked their fingers and said, “Bridget, come over.”

Bridget walked over unhappy, and the heart sounded privately with Zhao Yao: “Zhao Yao! I told you many times, give me more face in front of so many cats, don’t yell at me. How do you do this in the future?”

Zhao Yao, regardless of Bridget, said to the doll: “Look at Bridget, it was originally a gangster cat on the street. Under my cultivation, I became a world-famous big grasshopper. I have a cat. I heard that this year’s top ten in the country. Touched the cat, also chose you Bridget?”

Zhao Yao touched Bridget’s head and said, “Okay, go back.”

The doll also felt that Zhao Yao was quite a cat, so he thought about it and said: “Kunwu has not ignored me recently, and she is always with YuanYuan.”

Zhao Yao said: “I am always with YuanYuan? It turns out that Kunwu is good at this.”

“Impossible!” said the doll: “Kunwu said that she hates fat most!”

“Then what are you worried about?” Zhao Yao said: “And worry about what is the use? Like Kunwu, go to marry her, just touch her, go ride her! Don’t let the ambush her with ability, to imprison her How can there be so much time for cats to play for you?”

Doll: “Ah?”

Zhao Yao took out the mobile phone and flipped a few cat pieces out to show the doll: “You are not human. Do you know that your cat is born to like strong X? You can see how many other cats are…”

The doll looked at the screaming female cat in the video and hesitated: “No, Zhao Yao, why can you pull out the cat at any time on your mobile phone…”

“It’s not for you to look at these cats at any time.” Zhao Yao pointed to the video and said: “Look, learn more. Basically, all the love of your cats starts with a strong X.

Cats are to be direct, strong X is your nature, want to go up, do the most free cat in the sea. ”

Zhao Yao’s words sound like a thunder in the mind of the doll, instantly shocking his body’s program like 100% of memory.

“It turned out to be like this!” The doll shouted: “I understand.”

β€œI don’t know how to go to work.” Zhao Yao pointed to the steelmaking furnace and said, β€œHurry up and make me the steelmaking furnace. What do you want to do afterwards.”

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