Am I A God? Chapter 1066

In the hot molten steel, like the liquid flame, Zhao Yao’s body is burning, melting and regenerated.

I saw Zhao Yao lying in the steelmaking furnace at the moment, accompanied by hot molten steel, with a happy expression on his face.

‘Hey… I didn’t think of this game before…’Zhao Yao is soaked in molten steel, feeling that his body is regenerating almost every moment, and a wave of pleasure is constantly in every cell. explosion.

Even with his body, there is no way to let the thousands of degrees of molten steel wash away without paying attention.

However, with the melting of flesh and blood and bones, his regenerative speed will increase with the damage of the body, and it will always reach a dynamic balance between destruction and regeneration, so that he can enjoy lying in it without actually dying. .

Under such circumstances, the special effects of the steel body have been stimulated to an unprecedented degree by this extremely harsh environment. Zhao Yao feels that his body is getting faster and faster, and the efficiency is ten times that of ordinary exercise.

‘After all, this is enough to kill my environment. If there is no Quick Regeneration, in this environment, I may be dead for up to two or three minutes. ‘

Zhao Yao twisted his neck and sighed comfortably again, feeling that he could lie in his life for a lifetime.

‘Let’s lie and enjoy, you can upgrade, this is the real cultivation. ‘

On the platform outside the steel-making furnace, Lucifer stood on the top and looked at Zhao Yao with a look of envy. He stood here, and the heat flow from the face was scalded and he felt a wave of refreshing.

‘Or humans will play, I usually start to burn XX at most, which is so big. ‘

Lucifer eagerly said, “Zhao Yao Zhao Yao! Can I come in for a shower?”

β€œNo.” Zhao Yao said: β€œYou are too small, and your physical strength is much worse than mine. If you jump in, you may die without regenerating.”

Lucifer instantly became disappointed.

Zhao Yao’s mind is secretly thinking: β€œThe reliability, size and strength of Quick Regeneration is quite critical. If I have ten meters, one hundred meters or even one kilometer, then I will cooperate with this Quick Regeneration ability. It’s a few hundred times and thousands of times higher.”

“In the universe, the volume is actually very useful. If it is big enough, it can give play to the advantages of physical fitness and regeneration.”

“When it comes to getting bigger, the super-ability of the lion’s head is big or small…”

Zhao Yao thought of the first time she met a lion head at Jianghai University.

“The ability to become bigger and smaller is less attractive in the previous super-powerful battles, but if you combine the super-physical strength of training and the Quick Regeneration ability, the power will change qualitatively, and it will also be on the battlefield.” Especially easy to use.”

Zhao Yao rubbed his chin and secretly judged the superiority of the ability: “The super cat on the BOOK, I have all upgraded to the point where it is impossible to upgrade with experience. Then it is time to consider the BOOK upgrade and sign the next cat. Things, the lion head may be able to think about it.”

“But Cheese’s Flight, Ricecake’s vibration, and YuanYuan with X, the mechanization of the doll…”Zhao Yao has some difficulty in choosing: “There is too much usability to choose.”

“And in addition to upgrading cats and BOOKs, reinforcement requires a lot of experience…”

“Hey, experience…experience…experience…after all, the experience is not enough.”

With so many powerful capabilities and powerful equipment waiting for the infusion and enhancement of experience, Zhao Yao is looking forward to more and more experience at this moment.

“I can only expect to catch more alien cats in the next war.”

Every time you catch an alien cat, you can get the experience value of 10000*2. This is Zhao Yao’s fastest time to get the experience value task.

And the super-cats caught can also be locked into the world of seals, allowing them to provide evolution for their super-cat upgrades.

This makes Zhao Yao more and more looking forward to the next battle.

But now, Zhao Yao can only continue to do the task to upgrade.

So the body continues to hang up in the steelmaking furnace, Zhao Yao has closed his eyes, and consciousness has entered the world of seals.

Next he will enter the world of seals to collect evolution, so that Pharaoh and Lucifer will quickly upgrade to LV25.

‘With the efficiency of sealing the world’s 100 million online users now, they should be upgraded to LV25 soon. ‘

‘At the same time, it does not affect me to brush the experience value…’

Zhao Yao quickly flicked in the world of seals, and soon saw a team of super-powered cats being leveled, but the exclamation mark on the other’s head did not obviously need help.

“No need to help? Too cold.”

Then Zhao Yao waved his hand and the meteors fell from the sky and slammed directly toward each other.

A moment later, Zhao Yao looked at the cats with their golden exclamation marks on their heads.

“This is right. If you encounter difficulties, you should learn to ask for help. Don’t do anything with your own cat.”

As he said, he had already flown in front of a few super-powered cats that turned over. He said with enthusiasm: “Several people, do you want a few new resurrection coins?”

In the next few days, Zhao Yao hangs on the body while the super cat hangs up, and he constantly works overtime in the world of seals to enhance his experience.


Another week passed.

After this week’s efforts, Zhao Yao directly linked Pharaoh and Lucifer to LV25.

‘Lucifer’s regeneration speed is greatly improved, so let alone tell him. ‘

Zhao Yao looked at Pharaoh’s skills and said: “The super-exemption to LV25 has a chance of 25% being exempted, and there is even a chance to be reflected.”

The odds of 25% are very low, and with the upgrade of Pharaoh, this chance can continue to improve, which is the most useful super-ability of the current level bonus to Zhao Yao.

So after upgrading all the cats on BOOK to LV25, Zhao Yao continued to choose to upgrade Pharaoh.

On this day, Zhao Yao took another time to return to the short-haired sect’s stronghold, and planned to show up, and then inquired about the information and went back.

But not long after he appeared, he found that the moon from the cat leather meeting had already arrived on his side.

“Get ready, it’s almost ready.”

After that, Liu Yue nodded to Zhao Yao and left.

Zhao Yao was shocked: “Would you like to start?”

So this day he did not immediately go back, but entered the gray-conscious country of consciousness, the city of dreams, waiting for the news on the battlefield here.

About two hours later, the call of gray and gray echoed the entire country of consciousness, and in reality the resounding of the minds of countless apostles and super-powered cats.

Then the countless super cats who commanded the battle took action, and then the cat slaves started to act.

Millions of superpowers are running like a complex machine, starting to gather, prepare, and assemble.

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