Am I A God? Chapter 1067

The short-haired and long-haired sects of the Delin Star Cluster began to gather and prepare for battle. Countless soldiers were assigned to different units and then boarded the comet cats, as if the locusts had jumped into the void of the universe.

Zhao Yao and Fei Fei, the gray ash, stayed together in a giant cat far larger than the ordinary comet cat.

This giant cat is the strong cat that Mao Zong has come to support the gray ash. It is one of the eight giant cat gods in the hairless ancestry, which is second only to the white dwarf star. It is called the neutron star of the invincible body.

Before Zhao Yao enters the body of the neutron star, he can see the number on the other’s head – LV75.

“The gray ash is LV72, the neutron star is LV75. If the two cats join hands, the long Mao sect of the Delin Star group should be under great pressure.” Zhao Yao thought of it.

The location where he is now is a huge space in the neutron star. All around are all SN55 cat slaves, and there are Mao Zong and short Mao Zong, plus more than 300 people.

In front of them is a powerful super cat headed by gray ash, the weakest one is above LV60, there are nearly twenty.

However, Zhao Yao carefully observed that these super-powered cats are more hairless, all of them are strong and strong, and the atmosphere is very long, and most of the aliens are very different from ordinary cats. Star creature.

Just by the naked eye, Zhao Yao can feel that these super-powered cats should be specialized in different physical strengthening directions.

Only the gray ash and the two cats beside the body look normal, it should be a strong cat of short hair.

Zhao Yao said in the heart: “I feel that the number of LV60 to LV70 is much higher than that of short hair. I don’t know why.”

Compared with the other millions of cat slaves, the neutron star’s inner cat and super cats are the strongest force in this battle.

The gray ash looked at the troops at the foot, did not speak, but the consciousness and the neutron star were connected, planning the next battle. As for the specific plan, of course, it will not be told by the cat slaves at the moment. They just need to listen to the orders of the gray on the battlefield.

Zhao Yao is frowning: “With such a big movement, how do you feel that you have to fight directly, so I am not very good at catching a lot of cats. It is really troublesome.”

Next, you can see countless comet cats in the void with a support force, like a locust swept the planets of the Delin Star Cluster.

After the last decisive battle, the power of the short Maozong was weakened in the Delin Star Cluster. A large number of planets were taken up by Chang Maozong, which is a comprehensive downturn.

However, because it is necessary to guard a large number of planets and can transmit over long distances, the star gates that are always supported are not built so fast, so the strength of Chang Maozong is scattered at this moment.

It is also to seize this opportunity, at this moment, the comet cats began to break through with a large number of troops, with superior forces to the planets guarded by Chang Maozong.

In just 12 hours, more than 20 planets were swept away by the Short Maozong, and the fleet of Chang Maozong began to move, sending a support to support each battlefield.

The gray ash stands inside the neutron star, and the consciousness communicates with the city of dreams, in which there are many super-powered cats and apostles connecting the various units.

Listening to the news of the battlefield, the gray ash frowned. “It’s a bit wrong, it’s too smooth.”

The sound of the neutron star sounded: “The scorpions of Chang Maozong are estimated to guess what we are going to do.”

Gray and sneer, said: “Forget it, anyway, it is a step by step, continue.”

Next, the cosmic forces of both sides are like hide and seek. Under the command of the gray, the comet cats lead the troops, just like a storm sweeping one planet after another.

The troops of Chang Maozong continued to support and crossed the Star Gate in an attempt to encircle the Star Cat.

But the energy of the comet cat is not endless. Every time a long-distance leap needs to consume the energy in their body, with the escape and attack again and again, their folding interval is longer and longer. It is easier to catch up with Chang Maozong.

It seems that it is the idea to annihilate these comet cats. The fleet of Chang Maozong is almost out of the nest, and with the help of the Star Gate, he has bitten the comet cat.

In the city of dreams, the gray ash accepted the information transmitted by other super-powered cats and whispered: “The little scorpions of Chang Maozong really chased them out.”

The neutron star grinned and said: “Let’s go.”

In the next moment, you will see the universe’s void. The neutron star moves like a mountainous body. It has already leaped into space and spanned countless distances.

He made a hundred-year-old leap, and the required power-saving time was almost negligible compared to the ordinary comet cat.

And after his several folds, the huge body has appeared in front of a steel planet.

“It’s here.” Gray and gray looked at the huge steel heart in front of him. It was the super-major war weapon that Chang Maozong created with Supreme Technology, a completely cat-made metal planet, and also a long Maozong. The true headquarters of the Delin Star Cluster.

“Chaotic fortress, gathered the most core technology of Chang Maozong, the rarest resources, the most precious super-ability to create the ultimate war weapon.” Gray ash explained to everyone: “Even with the strength of Chang Maozong, a total of Only nine chaotic fortresses have been built.”

At this moment, the chaotic fortress is suspended in the void, and no other fleets can be seen around.

In the core command room of the Chaos Fortress, the Delin Star Cluster, the chief commander of the Chang Maozong army, the white cat Maggie smiled and looked at the huge screen in front of him. The screen shows the optical image of the giant cat god neutron star.

“What about the giant cat god? It is no wonder that you want to take the troops away and go straight to the Huanglong. Was there a giant cat god to support it? I don’t know which one of the eight giant cats.”

The gray ash looked at the empty chaotic fortress in front of him, and the heart said: “Do you know that my plan also wants to eat my troops?”

The gray ash wants to attract the other party’s troops to leave, and squats with Huanglong, the self and the neutron star, and the strength of the elite troops, sighing until Huanglong, destroying the other’s commander, and damaging or even destroying the chaotic fortress.

Otherwise, the war will continue, and the other side will be unable to bear the loss by the endless clones and mechanized troops.

Especially the apostle who defeated him.

In the gray heart, the dark road: ‘Scorpio… must kill her, this human threat is too great. ‘

On the other side of the chaos fortress, the commander of the regiment, Mai Siqi, has already guessed the plan of the gray, but he follows the plan of the other party, eats the other’s troops, and defeats the other’s strong.

Both sides are obviously very confident about their high-end strength, and the rest is the military confrontation.

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