Am I A God? Chapter 1068

I saw the sky China is like a huge neutron star on the side of the mountain, open mouth, a silent roar, the whole cat has already rushed toward the chaos.

In an instant, the chaotic fortress flashed hundreds of millions of rays, and countless photon guns rushed toward the neutron star. This concentrated heat generated was enough to turn the earth into a burning hell, killing billions of people in an instant.

But the neutron star that was hit was a happy smile, staring at the hundreds of millions of rays, and the bang slammed into the chaotic fortress, and the layer of armor deformation directly squeezed into the claws of the hill, fixed itself on it.

Seeing this scene, Mai Siqi changed his face and said: “It is a neutron star. His skin can absorb heat, stop the light cannon attack… attack him with kinetic weapons!”

On the outside of the chaotic fortress, a large number of machines began to operate, a large number of kinetic weapons were launched, and numerous super-alloy shells rushed toward the neutron star at tens of thousands of meters per second.

The attacked neutron star screamed and violently slammed with his body, and the gravity around him began to change.

Volume and quality to the extent of the neutron star, he can even directly change the gravity of his body.

Along with the change of gravity, the alloy armor pressure at the foot of the neutron star shattered, just like the earthquake, which gave birth to a huge rift.

All the missiles near him were decelerated, deflected, and reflected, and the surface of tens of thousands of bungalows was torn by the raft.

At the same time, a battle robot controlled by the AI โ€‹โ€‹vacated and flew toward the neutron star, slanting his gun to his body.

The neutron star screamed, and the hot plasma was spit out of his mouth, like Sunshine’s fire snake, which evaporates a large number of mechanized units. This is the heat he just absorbed and stored.

But more mechanical forces came together, like ants in droves, biting the body of the neutron star.

In the command room, Zhao Yao frowned and watched the battle.

‘The lack of Mao Zongโ€™s combat power is terrible. If I can say that the twelve sons may have a performance win, then the giant cat god, I canโ€™t fight it completely, itโ€™s too big. ‘

Pure volume and quality have reached the level of the giant cat god, and Zhao Yao does not even have any effective means of attack to deal with each other.

‘I want to be able to restrain the giant cat god and even the white dwarf star. ‘

‘If you can catch one and bring it back, itโ€™s just too powerful. ‘

At the same time, more and more mechanical forces have gathered, but the neutron star is only relying on its own gravity field and huge body to resist attacks. The hill-like claws are constantly tearing the surface of the chaos fortress, facing the depth of the fortress. Dig the past.

The gray and gray eyes in the neutron star are numerous, and the violent consciousness emerges and moves toward the chaotic fortress.

“No…no…no…” His face became more and more gloomy. The chaotic fortress in front of him had almost no life. What appeared in front of them was a dense group of mechanical corps, all manipulated by the AI โ€‹โ€‹of Chaos Fortress.

Obviously, in order to deal with the ashes, Mai Siqi had already retired the ninety-nine troops in the Chaos Fortress.

However, if this continues, there is a lack of checks and balances of ultra-ability. It is impossible to block the neutron star by simply relying on the chaotic fortress’s own mechanized units.

In particular, the neutron star can also retreat at any time.

Gray and sneer: “Stupid big, they don’t come, so I will dismantle the entire chaos fortress, I see how they play next.”

Roar! The majority of the neutron star has been dug into the interior of the Chaos Fortress. If this continues, he will probably be able to dig through the entire fortress.

But very quickly, a human being emerged from the inside of the Chaos Fortress and rushed toward the neutron star.

It was a little girl who seemed to be only in her teens. The little girl had a short white hair, a little sparkling staring in her eyes, and a cold face on her cheeks, like a man-made puppet.

Seeing the giant neutron star falling from the sky, the little girl has no change in expression, just reaching out and pointing in the direction of the neutron star.

This action looks so ridiculous. After all, a child is aiming at the mountain that descends from the sky. Everyone will only think that the little girl will be smashed into a meat, and the speed of the neutron star will not even be reduced.

However, in reality, the situation is completely opposite. Only in the loud rumbling of the rumble, the neutron star slammed down and stared at the small figure in front of him.

In front of the figure, the neutron star can see a mad wide space gap that splits with the action of the other party. If he just rushed down like this, I am afraid it will be cut directly by the space gap.

Although he does not die, it is not necessary. After all, meat is his own, and there is a reason to take the initiative to cut it down.

Neutron star: “Gray, is this guy?”

The gray ash eyes are full of cold: “Be careful! This person is very weird, there are several taboos.”

The neutron star laughed, and the palms brought up the twisted ripples. They had already smashed toward the little girl. When they passed, the space gap was directly merged with the space gap.

Seeing the giant palm photographed, the girl was motionless, until the giant palm hit the girl’s body, but it was like a stroke, no effort, even the girl’s body could not push.

It was like a bus that was moving at full speed and was blocked by a piece of dust.

“The kinetic energy is absorbed…” The neutron star took a sigh of coolness, knowing that the ordinary physical blow was ineffective for the little girl.

“I am coming!” The gray body suddenly disappeared, turning into a dark shadow, slamming the dimension and plunging into the little girl’s head.

At the same time, the neutron star spit out, and has already sent out the apostles and super-powered cats in the body, and then pressed the palms to control the force field to squeeze the little girl.

In the minds of Zhao Yao and others who were thrown out, the sound of gray was also heard.

“Full attack! Kill this human girl at all costs!”

Hundreds of the most elite apostles immediately attacked, and Zhao Yao retired a little later, releasing a few frost dragons.

‘Trouble, on this battlefield, I can’t get any benefit at all, maybe it will be used as cannon fodder. ‘

Zhao Yao’s eyes are watching the direction of the battlefield, and they are swallowed up by countless attacks in an instant, but it seems that they are still not dead. One person is attacked by hundreds of superpowers present, and even Zhao Yao feels from the other side. A strong sense of threat.

“Itโ€™s too intense. Instead of participating in this kind of battle, itโ€™s better to look for it and see if there are any other benefits…โ€

Just then, there was a sudden call from Zhao Yaoโ€™s mind: โ€œZhao Yao!โ€

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