Am I A God? Chapter 1069

Zhao Yao, who heard the sound, gave a slight glimpse. The next moment the voice came again: “I am the cater in the Mao Mao Zong, you can call me snow, I am now through the spiritual link of super long distance and you dialogue.”

Zhao Yao blinked a little and asked: “Do you have any plans? Now the battlefield is too confusing, and the gray and neutron stars are there. I can’t do anything at all.”

“I know.” Snow continued: “On the battlefield, 1003 is only used by Long Maozong to attract firepower. When it consumes enough short hair and no hair, they will send ambush elite troops. Do the lore…”

“Wait, 1003…” Zhao Yao looked at the little girl covered by countless attacks and asked: “1003 won’t say this little girl?”

“She is a man-made weapon of Chang Maozong. It is not a human being at all. Scorpio is her code name. 1003 is her internal number.” Snow continued: “You have to be careful, the ambushing elite troops may be dispatched at any time, and their strength is far. Super your imagination…”

Zhao Yao said: “Why don’t you tell the ash to the intelligence? In this way, I am ambushing. I know what it is for?”

Snow sighed: “We have already passed the information to the gray through the channel, but obviously, he did not fully believe in us, or he has confidence to reach his tactical goal under ambush.”

“I know that the ambush is still coming?” Zhao Yao’s brow slightly wrinkled, and suddenly thought of the source plan, obviously there is no backhand on the gray side.

At the thought of this, Zhao Yao did not want to intervene in the main battlefield.

Snow continued: “The main battlefield does not allow us to interfere, but you can steal the information about 1003.”

“1003’s information? Is that little girl?” Zhao Yao said: “How do I steal?”

β€œChaotic Fortress is one of the safest and most secret places of Chang Maozong. As far as I know, the laboratory and related materials about 1003 are likely to be blocked in the core area of ​​the Chaos Fortress. It is a secret that we have been inaccessible. District, except for cats, no humans have ever been in.”

Snow said: “There is a chance to defeat, control and even create 1003 secrets. It is now the weakest defense of Chaos Fortress, the best chance to steal 1003 data in the past.”

“Hey, this is too difficult.” Zhao Yao said: “I am alone? I am too dangerous to meet the troops of Chang Maozong alone?”

“This is the best opportunity.” Snow said: “This time, Chang Maozong has gathered more than 50’s powerful super-powered cats, hundreds of top fighters, all of them are preparing to ambush ash and neutron stars, and Chaos Fortress In order to weaken the power of ash-consciousness, there are no other cats and people. You only have to face the chaotic fortress’s own mechanical defense system.”

“50 only?” Zhao Yao’s eyes were shocked and happy, but 50 is only an alien cat. If you grab it all, it is 100 experience.

What battlefield, danger, and exposure were instantly thrown away by Zhao Yao.

Just kidding, as long as you catch this 50 alien cat, Zhao Yao is not afraid even if exposed.

That is a million experience points, and how many things can be done. And if you put this 50 alien cat into the world of seals, then Pharaoh’s upgrade speed can be up to ten times faster.

“Don’t say, where are they ambushing?”

Zhao Yao’s eyes flashed sharply and he was more serious than ever before.

The snow lingered, and quickly said: “What’s wrong with you? Don’t go to face this unit yourself, it is to deal with the strong team of the gray and neutron star organization, you must run away immediately.”

“I understand.” Zhao Yao knows that if he wants to catch the cat with the other party now, the other party will definitely not tell him the information, so he pretends to cooperate: “I am very clear about my strength, how can it be a People go to the heads-up group. You are right, now is a good opportunity to steal 1003 information, where is this information?”

The other party immediately sent a large wave of data to Zhao Yao’s mind, which is a map of the Chaos Fortress, as well as the location of the core area, the approximate location of the 1003 lab.

Zhao Yao looked and said: “I probably know the direction, but did you tell me the information of the ambush team? At least tell me their position, or I will accidentally hit them if I run.” Isn’t it dead?”

Zhao Yao continued to pretend to be afraid and said: “I have a small strength. When I meet one or two super cats, I can run away. If I slam into their encirclement, is it dead? I told you, I am the most afraid of death. If you don’t tell me their layout, I won’t help.”

Xue thought for a moment, feeling that the other party sounded very sincere, so he said: “Okay, I will pass the information to you.”

Zhao Yao felt that a piece of information was transmitted to her own consciousness. He chose to accept it and immediately found a small red dot on the map of Chaos Fortress.

Snow: “They are there, they can launch assaults at any time. You have to wait for them to start the attack and find a way to leave the battlefield and steal 1003 related information.”

Zhao Yao said in the heart: ‘Even this can be known, is it that there is a cat leather meeting in this army of Chang Maozong? ‘

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao did not go deep into it, but looked up and looked at the battlefield at the moment.

Then I saw that the little girl floated in the same place, and looked at the soldiers around. The countless superability fell toward her position, the emptiness of the sky, the collapse of everything, and the dozens of super-ability attacks. Kneeling on her body, a wave of attacks seems to have to penetrate the entire space.

After this wave of attacks, it is the giant palm of the neutron star, and the twisted ripples before the giant palm. It is the gravity field of the neutron star, the alloy armor plate within a radius of 10,000 meters, various mechanical fighters, Combat weapons, everything is smashed under the squeeze of the gravity field, becoming the cosmic dust.

‘Where, if this trick hits the earth, I am afraid it will trigger an unprecedented earthquake and tsunami. ‘

‘I have to think of a way to slip away, can’t stay here to make cannon fodder. ‘

But the next moment, Zhao Yao slammed his eyes.

Then I saw the super-reverse, the neutron star retreated, everything was like the inverted video, and everything went back to the moment when everyone shot.

“Contraindications, time goes by.” The neutron star took a deep breath and slammed out the Sunshine’s core hot flame: “Don’t stop, even if there is a limit to the time, it will blow him up.”

All the super cats and the apostles shot again, and the gray voice was passed to Zhao Yao’s mind.

“Light feather, what are you still licking? Hurry up.”

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