Am I A God? Chapter 1070

Upon hearing the gray-sounding message, Zhao Yao’s eyes slammed and rushed out: β€œKnow it!”

So in the eyes of everyone’s surprise, I saw a figure quickly drawn a black line, like a Lightning like a little girl.

A slender cat with a slender figure, like a half man and a half cat, said: “I rely, who is this, so fight?!”

The gray ash also shouted: “Light feather! Don’t be awkward! This little devil is very strong!”

Zhao Yao didn’t even hear it, regardless of the rushing to the little girl’s face, the double fists like a thunder whistling on the girl’s face.

However, the moment of the hit, immediately passive absorption, turned into a state of speed 0, can not cause any harm to the girl.

However, Zhao Yao did not stop, and the backhand hugged the other side. The consciousness of LV60 emerged wildly, turning into hundreds of frost dragons to blow up toward the little girl, and then shouted to everyone: “Don’t worry about me! I fired!”

Seeing this scene, all the cats were shocked, and there are still such a cat slave? Does this guy not want to die? This is how the spirit of self-denial is a cat.

The next moment, I saw the hot white light erupted from the little girl’s body, and then the power of terror, like the power of a star impact, rose from the position of Zhao Yao and the little girl.

The kinetic energy that was previously absorbed from the neutron star was released at this moment.

Zhao Yao, which is purely carnal, was almost torn into pieces in an instant.

Everyone watched Zhao Yao turn into a smash, and it floated like dust.

The gray ash was also shocked: ‘Guang Yu, this guy is so loyal to us? This guy is so brave? That is… too stupid. ‘

The Tian Yao, who killed Zhao Yao, turned his head and looked at a super-powered cat with only the size of a palm. The thick plasma rays swept through her eyes and hit the target.

However, the mini cat’s figure flashed, and it has avoided the other’s gaze, directly turned into a shape smaller than the dust, and slammed into the little girl’s ear.

“Hey, look at me to destroy you in your body!”

But in the next moment, the invisible shock was transmitted from the little girl’s body, and once again, the kinetic energy was released, and the mini cat was directly killed on the spot.

Looking at the scorpion and killing one person and one cat, the gray anger reached the extreme, shouting: “Don’t be close to her! She has the kinetic energy to absorb, don’t get close to her body!”

“For short hair!”

“For the sake of no hair!”

With Zhao Yao’s ‘sacrifice’, the other cat was killed, and the soldiers present were also mobilized and rushed to Scorpio.

At this moment of intense fighting, Zhao Yao stood in the Space Gate at a distance of dozens of kilometers from the battlefield to observe the battle in the distance.

Just as the ash was so gray that he didn’t draw water, looking at the distant sky, Zhao Yao thought of a way.

That is to temporarily avoid the battlefield through suspended animation, ambushing on the side to prepare for the leak.

He had just stopped and Quick Regeneration, and when he was killed by a little girl, he stopped running out of the battlefield when he was born again, and he got into the stomach pocket.

Zhao Yao controls the size of the Space Gate, turning it into a big eye, trying to make people feel that there is no space anomaly here, and they can always watch the battlefield.

“This scorpio… it’s too powerful. I wanted to be seriously injured by her, and I fled to death, and then I used Quick Regeneration to recover. I thought I would be born again.”

Zhao Yao’s mind recalls the number he saw from the other’s head after he approached Scorpio: ‘LV?’

What does the question mark mean? Is it that the level is so high that I can’t see it? Not very likely, is it because her strength BOOK is also difficult to assess the level? ‘

He looked at the little girl and even beaten hundreds of strong people. Once he was hit hard, he was back in time and recovered again. Not only did he have nothing to do, but he also killed more than a dozen opponents. Zhao Yao The more you look, the more you are scared.

“It’s too abnormal. Why is this little girl so strong? Is it that Mao Zedong has found a way to let humans have multiple kinds of capabilities at the same time.”

Originally, Zhao Yao still thought about the suspended animation, and then went to the fifty cats of the long-haired Mao, but now that a move is reborn, the 50 can only have tabooability in the cat. The child hesitated.

In addition to the more curious about the so-called 1003 information, Zhao Yao thought: “Don’t fight hard, just wait for both sides to fight, I will first flip through the 1003 information, then go back to the battlefield, look for Opportunity to steal… Oh no, it’s a few cats.”

Just then, the sound of snow rang again in Zhao Yao’s mind: “Zhao Yao ?Zhao Yao Are you still there?”


Snow: “What happened? Just why did I lose contact with you?”

Zhao Yao said in her heart: “She didn’t see the situation that I sacrificed on the battlefield? Well, it seems that she just maintained the spiritual communication with me and could not see the situation on the battlefield. Also, the current battlefield is gusty. Heavy rain, confusion, and mentality to watch the battle is simply looking for death.

And she may also be among the elite teams in the ambush. As human beings, it is very likely that they will not get first-hand information. ”

Some thoughts swept through Zhao Yao’s mind, but he said without hesitation: “Well, I have fooled everyone, and now I will steal the information after they fight.”

“That’s best. After a while, I may not be able to keep in touch with you. You have to use 1003’s information as your primary goal. As long as you grab the information, even if you reveal your identity, this is our hope of defeating the super cat.” “”


Zhao Yao looked at the battlefield and licked his cheeks. His bones and facial muscles began to change under the special manipulation, and slowly turned into another appearance.

At the same time, the situation on the battlefield became more and more fierce. Scorpio was struck by the almost immortal body. All the materials that she touched and rubbed were directly crushed, and all the kinetic energy strikes were completely ineffective against her.

The neutron star constantly exerts a force field to distort the opponent, but it is also unable to kill the Scorpio.

The gray ash led the players to constantly fight against each other in the field of consciousness.

The result of the fight, Zhao Yao can not see, but it seems that it has not been able to achieve effective killing.

Zhao Yao said: ‘Looking like this little girl, in addition to the current hot line of sight, time back, kinetic energy absorption, space cracks, there should be a capability to fight against consciousness. ‘

‘According to the gray ash they said, this time back is taboo, I don’t know if she has any other taboos. ‘

At the thought of this taboo, Zhao Yao frowned. If other taboos are as tricky as time back, the true strength of this little girl is not at all.

‘But… if there are other taboos, why don’t she use it now? ‘

Zhao Yao frowned and thought about it: ‘And if I have such a card in my hand, I will never passively defend it… The more I think I have a problem. ‘

At this moment, the form of battle on the battlefield changed, and only a few hundred figures were swept by the space to the battlefield, killing them in all directions.

‘Started? Then I also… ‘Zhao Yao’s heart has moved, and the Space Gate has been controlled to drift deep into the Chaos Fortress.

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