Am I A God? Chapter 1071

Zhao Yao manipulated the eye-sized Space Gate to penetrate the layered deck and quickly moved away from the battlefield behind him. He changed his direction while comparing the map and rushed toward the target’s core laboratory.

But staying in the Space Gate, Zhao Yao feels that the speed of this road is too slow.

Although Space Gate’s moving speed is already fast, it is certainly not comparable to his own.

In the huge space of the planetary scale of Chaos Fortress, it is obviously too slow and too slow to drive at such a speed.

Then Zhao Yao called Bridget and let her manipulate the Space Gate to continue straight ahead. She came to Cat Island and grabbed YuanYuan.

Zhao Yao pinched YuanYuan’s back neck and shook the other side and said: “X! You have let YuanYuan’s ability evolve? Now it’s not just optical Stealth, it can penetrate the material right?”

X was shocked and immediately said: “What X, I don’t know, I am YuanYuan, Zhao Yao, don’t say anything.”

“Oh.” Zhao Yao is too lazy to talk to the other side. Anyway, the other party has been under his own surveillance. He said directly: “Anyway, you will launch the ability and sneak into the base of the alien cat with me.”

“Can you not go? I have a stomachache today.” X looked bitter, but felt the power of the back neck, but had to compromise, bitterly nodded and said: “I know.”

So Zhao Yao took the X and rushed out of the Space Gate directly, and turned into a shadowless invisible presence. He penetrated a fan deck and rushed toward the core area.

Zhao Yao said in the heart: ‘This ability is really convenient. The intangible ability of the key YuanYuan is not only invisible, but an invisible force field. It can put all his intangible things in a certain range. Become invisible, and…’


Zhao Yao slammed on the wall and the whole person went out like Lightning.

‘The tangible and intangible, all in one mind, can pass through various obstacles invisibly and invisibly, and can catch YuanYuan, foot on the ground, used to steal… Oh no, itโ€™s so good to use things. ‘

Zhao Yao is moving at full speed at the moment. It is much faster than moving the Space Gate before, especially if the body is invisible. Without considering the air resistance, he is almost constantly accelerating, no speed limit, the whole person. Faster and faster, approaching the core experimental area.

‘Can’t accelerate any more, it has reached the limit of my reaction. At this speed… it will take a few minutes around the earth. ‘

After a while, Zhao Yao had opened a portal between his thoughts and slammed into the portal with the X in his hand and slammed into the stomach pocket.

Then his head appeared in the Space Gate position, carefully looking outside.

Because of the proximity to the core area, Zhao Yao himself entered the Space Gate. He was afraid that if he stepped on the place, if he touched the place, he would be discovered.

So when he got close, he hid behind the Space Gate and slowly approached the lab.

After a while, he could see a steel gate appearing in front of him, and various monitoring and defensive measures were crossed by Zhao Yao with the Space Gate.

Then a huge space appeared in front of Zhao Yao.

Artificial daylight, huge lawns, simulated coastlines, and a patchwork building.

If the core test area in front of you is not without the sky, it will let Zhao Yao think that he is in the resort area.

Zhao Yao’s gaze swept through the buildings and finally looked at the tallest building that looked like a mage tower.

The tower is about a thousand meters high and the width is more than 500 meters. The tower is shimmering with the blue pattern. It is like a mysterious imprint. The tower is surrounded by small buildings floating around.

“Really, don’t tell me where to look for it… then you are, it’s very important to see this tower.”

Zhao Yao also knows that I am afraid that this is a very confidential area of โ€‹โ€‹the long-haired people. It is not for ordinary people. The people of the Cat Leather Society have not been here. It is normal to know nothing about the information here.

Zhao Yao stood behind the Space Gate and approached the tower in the distance little by little.

But just a hundred meters ahead, I saw that the entire underground space began to glow with red light and alarm.

Zhao Yao’s face changed: “I rely, isn’t it? Can the system here find space fluctuations?”

Now I think it’s too late to think about it. Zhao Yao simply grabs X and turns on the invisible state. He pulls out the Space Gate and flies away to the distant tower.

With a burst of acceleration, Zhao Yao saw countless Guanghua lights up from the tower, various sound waves, electromagnetic, space, heat, quality, gravity…Zhao Yao did not understand and did not understand the detection mechanism, the defense system is fully open The giant tower was completely shrouded.

On the ground, the densely mechanized units seemed to rise like clouds, scattered throughout the huge space.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Yao said nothing, picking up X and throwing X away.

X roared: “The trough!!”

However, he immediately responded. It is troublesome if Zhao Yao is dead, but if he is dead, he can be resurrected by Zhao Yao with the door of eternal life.

Even though I thought so, X was still uncomfortable. She could only look at her own defense and break through the layers of defense and investigation. The last one crashed into the inside of the tower.

Zhao Yao followed closely, looking at the complex honeycomb-like structure in the tower, and his brow wrinkled.

At the same time, his ears shook a little, and he could hear a lot of vibrations and impacts coming close to him.

‘Can you detect it now in such a state of invisibility? No way, even if there is no shadow and invisible state, but whether it is exchange of gas, heat, magnetic field, photon or force change with the outside world, although I don’t know which one, but after all, the defense system here is so strict…

Zhao Yao said in the heart: ‘That can only hurry, I can’t work with the defensive forces here…’

After thinking about it, Zhao Yaoโ€™s soles were slightly hard, and they immediately rose to the sky. With the invisible body, they directly crossed the barriers of countless eyes.

Along the way, I saw something like a file cabinet or a computer. All of them were sucked up by his mouth and swallowed into the stomach pocket.

He just smashed things all the way, looking for a place that seemed to be more valuable along the way. Because of the alarm, he didn’t have time to check too carefully, and he could only go all the way up.

However, suddenly it was dark, and Zhao Yao looked up and saw the shocked color.

Then they saw a densely populated cabinet like a hive appearing in front of him. They were neatly arranged in front of Zhao Yao, all the way up, as if hundreds of coffins were constantly stacking up, almost no end.

่€Œๅœจ่ฟ™ไบ›ๆฃบๆไธ€ๆ ท็š„ๆŸœๅญ้‡Œ๏ผŒๅ…จ้ƒฝๆ˜ฏๅ’Œๅคฉๆฎ‡้•ฟๅพ—ไธ€ๆจกไธ€ๆ ท็š„ๅฐๅฅณๅญฉใ€‚

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