Am I A God? Chapter 1072

Zhao Yao was shocked to see this scene in front of him. Countless little girls who were exactly the same as Scorpio were placed in jars full of solution, floating in their eyes with their eyes closed, as if they were stacked in a toy store.

“What is this doing?” Zhao Yao grabbed his head and said: “Don’t Mao Zedong have cloned a bunch of Scorpio? If every one is so powerful, then it’s still a hair…”

X panicked: “Hey, Zhao Yao…”

Zhao Yao: “Don’t bother me.”

X: “No, Zhao Yao…”

Zhao Yao: “Don’t bother me, don’t look at me thinking.”

X: “But they are all blinking.”

Zhao Yao: “Well?”

At this moment, it seems that invisible fluctuations are transmitted in the air. Zhao Yao looked up and looked at the girls. He immediately saw thousands of cabinets. All the girls didn’t know when they had opened. Eyes, all looking straight at Zhao Yao’s location.

Zhao Yao swallowed and swallowed, and never felt that being watched by so many people was such a stressful thing.

“They can see me? Impossible. I have opened the ultra-ability now. In theory, the optical vision is that I can’t see me…”

Zhao Yao tried to move her body and found that all the little girls’ eyes were slightly rotated, apparently staring at her.

At the thought of Tianzhu alone with hundreds of strong fighters fighting, Zhao Yao’s breathing was suddenly tense.

X on the side said: “Zhao Yao, these guys don’t seem to be too hostile to us.” After watching for a while, X calmed down and tried to analyze: “Maybe the situation is not so bad…”

“Yeah.” Zhao Yao nodded and said: “If the little girls here are as strong as the Scorpio, then the long Maozong just sent them out, they didn’t play big, so obviously impossible……”

The X eyes on the side picked up and looked at the little girl not far away. Suddenly, the eyes said, “Zhao Yao, look at the girl’s ass, it’s a bit strange.”

Zhao Yao’s eyes also looked over, and then he whispered a little: “Tail?”

I saw the end of the little girl’s vertebrae, and a fluffy tail grew out like a cat’s tail.

Zhao Yao frowned. “Is it a combination of super cats and human genes… these cats are really…”

Just as Zhao Yao and X analyzed the situation in front of them, just a few seconds away from them, the red-hot flash moment illuminates throughout the space, accompanied by a loud alarm, the liquid is still there. The little girls who watched Zhao Yao all lifted their heads and looked at the space of warning.

“Have you found me?” Zhao Yao looked heavy and just wanted to move, and immediately saw a cabinet filled with liquid and little girl with a glaring red light.

At the same time, the import and export around the four sides opened, a large number of machine soldiers rushed in, aiming at the position of Zhao Yao is a burst of high-energy rays.

In the heat waves and explosions, Zhao Yao ran through the attack and continued to fly upwards.

Various attacks penetrate Zhao Yao’s body, but they never really work.

But then in the sight of Zhao Yao’s surprise, the little girl who was in the liquid one after another was directly broken down into bubbles, disappearing like an illusory image…


Chang Maozong’s general commander of the Delin Star Cluster, the white cat Maggie looked at the picture in the surveillance and slowly said: “Start the self-destruction device and break down all the experimental bodies.”

The adjutant on the side was taken aback and hesitated: “Sir, these experiments are produced by us with great energy and time, and 1002 is also inside, and now we will deal with it…”

“If the person who was short-haired has got the experimental body, how serious is the effect?” Maggie said: “I can bear the loss, but once the technology is taken away by the other party, how much is it? Not coming back.”

The adjutant hesitated: “We can try other methods. Since the gravitational wave can detect the position of the other party, if you change a batch of other weapons, or call a few soldiers with special gravity ability…”

Because of the existence of gray ash, and also want to eat the troops sent by the other side to attract firepower, so at the chaos of the moment, in addition to the ambush of the elite troops, Faith Qi never left other troops.

“It’s too late, no time to experiment again. And the frontal battlefield has also reached the key things, the gray and neutron stars I have decided, can not draw troops at this time.” Faith Qi shook his head: “Immediately destroy all experiments material.”

“War is not doing business. Loss and benefits are secondary. The most important thing is victory. The most important thing about weapon technology is not cost, but advancement! Once we have a technical gap with Short Maozong and Chang Maozong. Being caught up, how much money can’t make up.”

As he spoke, Maggie had already manipulated the panel in front of her eyes and decomposed all the experimental bodies into bio-liquids into the waste pool.

“The next step in detonating the entire core test area will not allow them to get a piece of information.”

The adjutant on the side shook: “This… this must be done at a higher level…”

“I am the highest level on the Chaos Fortress now.”


In a still world, Zhao Yao, who was stopped, continued to fly over the tower.

Along the way, you can see that there is only a light red liquid in one of the jars.

With the more and more jars he saw, Zhao Yao’s face became more and more gloomy.

Just when Zhao Yao thought that all the girls had disappeared, the top of the tower was in the same position as a crystal coffin, and a little girl like the Scorpio floated in it.

The little girl’s hands and feet have been completely melted, the head is shining, the hair has disappeared, the rest of the arms are raised, the brows are slightly picked up, and a painful look emerges.

“Fortunately, this is not dead yet…” Zhao Yao stopped the Space Gate directly, then slammed the open life device, and loaded the girl with the hands, feet and hair into the Space. Among the gates.

Then Zhao Yao put the nearby machines into the Space Gate and left.

‘There is no time to find it again. How much can it be stuffed?’Zhao Yao is counting the time while calculating the time: ‘You can’t run out of time, so the cooling time is too long…’

After taking down half of the time and stoppage time, Zhao Yao stopped directly when he lifted it, slammed into the sky, crossed the layer of armor, and then broke into the Space Gate.

Behind him, the space in the entire experimental area has been covered by tens of thousands of degrees of high temperature, and everything has evaporated and disappeared in the flame.

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